Into the Light by Archangel Metatron

Greetings beloved Beings of Light, I am Archangel Metatron.
I invite you to contemplate my words as I refer to you as Beings of Light. You may recognise yourself as having a physical body. Do you recognise yourself as having a light body? That every part of your physical body and energetic systems or field is filled with and created by light? Every part of your being holds a light frequency and vibration and yet it is something that you may not recognise in your daily reality. It is easy to recognise your physical body, and it can be easy to recognise your emotional and mental bodies as you are aware of how you feel and your thoughts.
How do you recognise the light that you are?
If your sensitivity and your awakening skills do not allow you to recognise the light that you are, then it can be challenging to realise yourself, as a Light Being. The more you try to recognise yourself and remind yourself, that you are a Light Being, the more you begin to interact with that aspect of yourself. For example, in your quiet time you may invite or create a meeting with your Light Being Self. Inviting your Light Being Self to step forward either from within you, or you can imagine it as another aspect of you allows you to begin to talk to your Light Being Self. The aspect of yourself that is light, that integrates and weaves its vibration throughout all that is the Creator. You are in every dimension, your Light Being Self can fill the entire Universe of the Creator, as well as filling your physical body and energy fields. If you invite and create a meeting with your Light Being Self, you may understand the colours of light that your Light Being Self expresses or resonates with. You may feel the information or an impact of your light as it flows into and through your being. Thus, offering you a greater understanding of who you are as a Light Being.
You may wish to send energy from your heart chakra to your Light Being Self. Your Light Being Self exists within all that you are, this practice denotes a connection, it promotes and allows you to understand a deeper connection with your Light Being Self. You can ask your Light Being Self to Over Light you, which is to enhance the energy of your Light Being Self experiencing the flow over and through your being for a certain time with greater intensity. Thus, making it easier to recognise your Light Being Self. When you are focused upon engaging with, connecting, and remembering your light being self, you will allow yourself to walk in the light and to walk into the light meaning that you recognise everything around you, your reality and inner reality as light. Then you will be walking into and existing in light dimensions.
When you walk into the light, you exist in the light, you are connected to and focused upon the light, you open yourself up to receive more light. You open yourself up to receive information, knowledge, healing energies, and assistance. You flood yourself and your light body with greater volumes of light. Therefore, you enter the flow of the Creator. You become immensely expansive. You realise that everything is created from light and is light. Therefore, there are no blockages, limitations, or boundaries. Light, even if it manifests as a block, or a limitation can be transformed, redirected, and shifted into something else. Your reality and your inner world become very malleable, and you find yourself existing in the flow. This does not mean that you flow along as if on a river, what it means is that you experience the connection of the Creator and with the Creator, and you put this connection into expression, action, and your reactions.
If you are existing in the flow of the Creator, and are being guided by the Creator, your perceptions, your sensitivity, your ability to acknowledge and recognise become heightened. You work in co-creation with every aspect of your being, including your Creator aspect. Any thought is charged with light, any communication with the Creator supports your expression of light. Everything is interlinked, connected and is a co-creation. You are existing in the light, you are working in the light and your awareness continues to expand as it may be doing right now, as you connect with my energy. Limitations and boundaries fall away, and you continue (continue is a very important word) to see yourself anew and a fresh. To enlighten yourself fully feels like you are constantly going into the light. As you enter into the light, the light expands and then you enter further into the light and that expands, and you enter further into the light. You are connecting on a deeper and deeper level with yourself with all that you are, as your Light Being Self and all that is the Creator.
This is something that we wish to plant as a seed of memory and remembrance into your being, when you look into the light, when you connect into the light, when you step into the light, the light expands and therefore you step, look or sense deeper. This is a continuous experience of expansion, connection and remembrance. It can be a continuous experience of creation. Imagine you create something knowing and understanding that it is light, then you enter into the light of that creation, and it expands, and you gain a deeper connection with the creation and deeper understanding. You enter into the light of that creation once more, and so it expands and you gain a deeper connection, and a deeper understanding, and so forth. It is a continuous experience and therefore this creation evolves, you evolve with the creation as does the Creator.
As we speak of into the light, we are speaking of a continuous connection with the light that allows for expansion, connection and understanding.
This is something that we encourage you to look out for in your ascension at this time, to put into action, to bring into your thought pattern and encourage yourself to place your attention into the light, whether it is into the light of your own being and your light being, into the light of creation, or into the light of your reality. Acknowledge the continuous expansion, connection, and understanding your own light, the divine flow of the Creator, and the light of the Creator. You will find your ascension quickening and you will notice you blossom into the beauty that you are, as does your reality and creations.
We leave you with this thought, with this presence and way of being.
I am Archangel Metatron, with the entire community of Angelic Beings, we are supporting you now.
I thank you,

I am Archangel Metatron

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