Heart Chakra Implodes/Explodes by Archangel Michael

Greetings and love extend from my being to you, I am Archangel Michael.
It is a joy to be in your presence, this is such a tender and sensitive time of your ascension. It is a time where immense love, unconditional and self-love is required. Therefore, we the Angelic Kingdom surround you and embrace you in pure love. We invite you as often as you can to call upon us, the Angelic Kingdom to surround, embrace and bathe you in love. We invite you to inhale love and exhale love into your being, inhale love from outside of you, from the Angelic Kingdom, from your guides, inhale love from your soul within you, from the love of the Creator that is within you and exhale it into your being. Imagine that you are filling your entire being, your body, auric field and so forth with love.
Every aspect of your being is now craving love, love is the vitamins, the minerals that are required in this moment to aid your ascension. There is a reason for the need for love at this time because the heart chakra and higher heart chakra above, are going through an immense transformation, upgrade, and healing process. The heart chakra is so expansive, it is filled with love. It supports you in acting in and as the space of love. The heart chakra holds memories and wounds, some that serve you and some that need or require to be resolved. Your heart chakra is about to transform into the powerhouse that you are. Into the powerful love vibration that is your soul and your essence. The higher heart chakra supports the integration of the love of the soul, and the wisdom of the soul, and the Creator. Therefore, it is a time when wounds will be transformed and released. The heart chakra will be empowered. Love within your being and self-love will be empowered and thus, the heart will bring forth its wisdom into your awareness to support your actions and your reactions in and from a space of love.
The heart chakra is at the core of your spiritual growth and your reality; thus, its transformation will be magnificent, major, and may even be earth-shaking. This is why I have entitled this transformation, the heart chakra implodes and explodes, because it may feel as if the heart chakra is doing both. It is shattering, it is falling to pieces, it is caving in. It may also be as if your heart chakra is exploding with the power that you recognise as your love, yourself love, your unconditional love, your pure love and your love in action.
The power of your love is dawning, and it will feel as if it is an explosion, like your heart chakra is expanding, radiating outwards its power, and its presence. Your heart chakra will become grounded, far more grounded than ever before into your spiritual evolution, and even into your physical reality, which will mean that you will recognise the power of love. When you express your love, it will be powerful for you and others, and it will have an impact. You will be more sensitive to love, and maybe even the wounds of love. You will feel the love of others more deeply and you may even feel the rejection of others with greater pain, you may even notice how thought forms empower your heart chakra or crush it.
The simple things that you do, say or think have an impact on the love that you express, the expansive powerful nature of your being and how you allow its freedom and liberation.
In this moment where the heart chakra implodes and explodes, it is a time of nursing old wounds, and taking care of yourself, your heart, your love, and your power while realising and recognising how you act and react to others in your reality. You may be able to empathise with others or yourself with greater depth, you may feel as if you are crying for the entire world due to the pain and suffering that is being experienced. The sensitivity of your heart chakra as it expands, and steps into your power can leave you feeling burdened by the wounds, the pains, the suffering of others in the world and maybe yourself. You will become accustomed to the sensitivity; it will evolve, and you will not feel it in the same way as you may at the beginning. When the heart chakra implodes, explodes and transforms that is when you will feel the sensitivity the most. You will be sensitive to the world around you and within you as this transformation takes place, the sensitivity will lessen because your power will come into play. You may feel inspired to radiate your powerful love, to share it with others, to put it into actions, to put it into thoughts, and to express the power of your love. This will support the transformation because as the heart chakra implodes and explodes wounds will be healed, thus rebuilding the heart chakra.
The higher heart chakra aligns with your truth, your soul, the Creator and everything that is the destiny of your spiritual journey, and so, you will experience your heart chakra being rebuilt with power, with the power of your love. Your heart chakra will be more resilient. You will be more able to deal with the wounds that are created by experiences in your reality. You will be able to empathise with others, and yet still remain in your power. You will be able to bring healing when it is necessary and needed to yourself and others.

What can you do in the meantime?

I Archangel Michael, invite you, if you can, in your home or wherever, even if it is in your mind to create a space of love, a space where you can sit or be, that you know emanates love. Let this space remind you to love yourself, to draw upon the love of the Universe of the Creator, to draw upon the love of the Creator filling yourself with love and taking time each day to recognise that you are bathing in love, and that love is your power.
You may experience tenderness within your heart chakra. If this is the case, sit with it, acknowledge it, breathe deeply as you observe it. If old wounds come up to be released again, breathe deeply, sit with them, and observe them. You may wish to ask the wounds for their message, what they wish for you to understand or resolve, or what action is required? You may find yourself feeling incredibly sensitive to the world around you, and if this is the case, let it be so. Let yourself cry or feel vulnerable while you sit in that space of love, knowing that you are supported by pillars of love, the Angelic Kingdom love, the Creator’s love, and your own love. You might experience sensations in your heart chakra, again sit with these and observe them. Know you are supported with and as the love, just before you finish the process imagine, sense, acknowledge your heart chakra and new upgraded filled with the power of your love, unconditional love, self-love, and active love. These practices will support you in moving through this stage of ascension and transformation.
It is a time to be very loving with yourself, very delicate, very supportive, very gentle and we will do the same.
We love you unconditionally.
I thank you,

I am Archangel Michael

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