OmNa Sanctuary

Have you been on a spiritual path for a while, yet want to advance your spiritual journey?

Do you wish you had a deep knowingness about your direction that never sways?

Have you communicated with your Guides, Ascended Masters, Angels, and the Creator, yet wanted a deeper connection?

OmNa Sanctuary Natalie Glasson
Most of us need additional guidance and wisdom, whether you are beginning your spiritual journey, have been exploring for years or are verging on guru status!

My name is Natalie Glasson and I support people whose inner beauty is shining but who need guidance on their spiritual path to bliss so they can contribute their transformation to the world. Both of my parents channeled and by the time I was 17, I was communicating with Archangel Michael and many other spiritual entities. For the last 20 years I have been channeling professionally bringing in messages from the sacred Light Beings, Ascended Masters, Angels, and Star Beings who have a wealth of wisdom and support they wish to share with you. Learn more about me here.

Everyone has their unique and personal pathway to ascension and to living the blissful life they desire. My purpose is to share the tools, enlightenment, love and support you need so you can walk the pathway that makes your soul sing with joy.

Throughout the year I offer 4-week channeled masterclasses on various topics that my guides have indicated are relevant, timely, and in alignment with the ascension of the Earth. You can learn more and register for the next class HERE.

How to Connect More Powerfully with Your Sacred Direction and Truth

OmNa Sanctuary How to Connect

Each week I channel a message that is relevant to the time and will help you on your spiritual journey. If you would like to receive these messages by email, please sign up below. As a special bonus for you subscribing to my weekly message, I have created a guided meditation for you to awaken and unfold your Soul’s sacred knowingness and help you on your ascension path. Channeled from the inner planes OmNa Family, a special community of Archangels, Ascended Masters and Star Beings, you will experience the deep support, love and wisdom they wish to share with you to transform your connection with yourself and life.

The Bliss Experience

OmNa Sanctuary Bliss Experience

Join and share in a unique online gathering where together with other ascension seekers and sacred family, I will guide you to explore and implement a bliss-filled path for yourself on the Earth. I only run this exciting 5-week spiritual exploration twice a year. Make sure you are there to realise what bliss is to you and how to embody and create it in your life.

Awaken Your Channel

OmNa Sanctuary Awaken Your Channel

My empowering 6 Week Intensive Live Group Experience is designed to offer you a comprehensive introduction to channeling, creating a sacred foundation of alignment, remembrance and trust to explore yourself as a blossoming channel and to put you on the path to mastery. The Awaken Your Channel Experience only happens once a year and each time is channeled newly with a different Ascended Master guiding you.

Want My Help Privately?

Most of my clients have been on a spiritual path for a while and need someone they can relate to and speak with who understands that higher level they are going for… someone who gets them and the spiritual goals they seek to embody. Typically, my clients desire access to the Guides, Ascended Masters and Angels I bring through because they cannot quite connect themselves, or they want to advance their connection.
To a select few I offer the opportunity to be mentored personally by me and the guides I channel to reach your ultimate ascension goals or to become a professional channel.