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To channel is to enter into a deep state of awareness where you are still aware of your being but are able to connect and link into the energy of the Creator bringing the energy through your body. When an Ascended Master or Archangel is channelling through Natalie, she is connecting with the consciousness of the light being and merging her own energy with the light being. she then simply asks the light being to send their energy and thoughts through her being. Natalie receives a sentence in her mind which she says out loud, the wisdom then continues to flow from Natalie. She is aware of the words entering into her mind but also hears herself saying the same words simultaneously. Natalie feels the tremendous energy when she channels. To channel is to simply bring forward the energy, consciousness and wisdom of the Creator. Everyone can channel, there is only a need for building your connection with the Creator and practising receiving energies.
This is a common question put to me as many people believe that someone else is able to tell them their purpose in life, but this discovery is such a sacred process of growth that can only be achieved by the individual. For another to tell you your purpose is to give your power away and to deprive you of a valuable experience of self-realisation. You will discover your purpose on the Earth at the most appropriate time for you and this information will unfold due to your persistent connection with your soul or the Creator. . Many people feel that to discover their purpose now would help them achieve their spiritual growth and develop their reality on the Earth, but it is the process and path that leads you to your purpose that is of most importance, even more important than the purpose itself. To exist as love and to emanate love at every moment of your day is your current purpose. If you achieve this then your true purpose will become known to you with ease.

Feeling stuck usually indicates that there are blockages that need to be cleared, you may be ignoring the path before you due to fear or you may be limiting yourself due to the past experiencing. When a feeling of being stuck is experienced then time must be spend cleansing your energies, chakras and aura in order to dissolve all stagnant energy. The energy of the Creator must be anchored into the body, aura and surroundings in order to allow light to circulate with ease. Attention must also be placed on anchoring the will of the Creator into your being. You may find the Om Na Cleansing Course beneficial.

You may call wish to use this invocation to call upon a cleansing process. This invocation can also be used for healing of the emotions and body.

I send out a request of complete and absolute healing to the universe for myself, (Name), I am open and receptive to the healing vibrations of the Creator and ask that the sacred love of the Creator from the soul of the Creator is anchored deep into my being, body, aura and realities on the Earth. Please help me to accept with ease and security the love of the Creator. Help me to share my love with confidence and courage knowing that I am always safe and protected.

I ask that the positive energy of the Creator penetrates my body, aura and chakras now and dissolves all negativity, blockages, limitations and emotions from my past and present that may be building within and around me so that I may exist as a beacon of love and health on the Earth.

I now call on the sacred, positive, loving and healing vibrations of the Creator, the I am presence, Mahatma, Lord Melchizedek, the Archangels especially Archangel Raphael, Archangel Mary, Archangel Gabriel, Archangel Hope, Archangel Jeremiel and Archangel Josephine. I ask that Archangel Michael and Archangel Faith ensure my protection at all times ensuring that only light of the highest vibration is allowed to filter into my being. I invoke the entire Angelic Healing Team, the Unicorn Healing Team, the Universal, Galactic, Solar and Planetary Medical Healing Team and the Healing Team of Commander Ashtar the airborne Ascended Masters to heal and cleanse my physical body, past and emotions. I invoke the assistance and guidance of Master El Morya, Master Kuthumi, Lady Nada, Lady Portia, Lady Quan Yin, Lady Pallas Athena, Master Hilarion, Master Djwhal Khul, Master Serapis Bey, Master Joshua, Master Lanto, Saint Germain and Lord Buddha. Please send your healing and transformational energies into my realities to aid my healing and cleansing and to create a positive transformation in my life so that I may exist as love and experience the love of the Creator in my reality.

Assist me in overcoming my physical and spiritual lessons and courageously walking along the correct path for me.

Finally, I invoke the violet flame of transformation to dissolve all negativity and fear, the Christ consciousness to anchor love of the purest vibration, the will of the Creator to guide me forward and the violet ray of light to bring forth new beginnings and to heal my physical body, spiritual body and emotional body.

Let it be, Thank you.

Yes, Natalie is available to achieve channelled communications on Skype.
There are many ways to meditate but I would advise you to practice sitting still with your eyes closed and focus on your breathing, feel the breath flow in and out of you and let this be your only focus. Imagine that this is your special time and so all thoughts simply flow away. Practice this until you are able to achieve it for 10-15mins.

Again meditation is helpful as it allows you to enter into a state of peace where your senses are heightened. I would then advise you to ask out loud for Archangel Michael to protect you and to ensure that only vibrations of love are able to connect with you.

Then simply ask out loud again for your beloved community of guides to surround you in a circle and pour their light from their hearts into your being. We all have a community of guides who watch over us. Practice accepting and experiencing this energy.

With dedication you may find that the appropriate guide naturally steps forward to connect with you and if not you can ask for an appropriate guide to step forward and make themselves known to you. Remember that you will connect with your guides with divine timing and you cannot force a connection to occur.

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All email’s are sent as an HTML document so if your browser is set up to only accept text or reject HTML then this block format is what will be viewed. You can change the settings in your browser to accept HTML.

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There are a variety of downloads to choose from, but it is most important that you follow your own guidance and intuition, as only you know what is best for you. Just take a few moments to relax and breath deeply and ask your intuition and the Creator to guide you to the most appropriate download or meditation for you. Go with what feels best to you.
Sometimes our email with your download can take 24 hours to reach you, however in most cases they are instantly received. If you have not received your download purchase please first check your spam and trash folders and then email Natalie and the download will be sent to you as soon as possible.
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