OmNa Sanctuary What is Channeling

What Is Channeling?

Everyone has a connection to the Creator/Divine/God, whatever label you wish to use. The Creator exists within all things, people, situations and experiences, there is no place where the Creator is not. This means the Creator also exists within you and every person in the world, whatever attitude they seem to emanate. The energy of the Creator reminds us that we are all connected as one consciousness and one energy even though we seem individual and separate. Thus, we have the ability to communicate directly with the Creator and the many aspects of the Creator, as the Creator exists within all. Every person on the Earth is worthy of communicating directly with the Creator, feeling, sensing and acknowledging the Creator as well as receiving the guidance of the Creator.

The Earth and reality you exist within is an illusion, it is a perspective projected from your mind for you to experience daily. Your reality is determined by the thoughts and emotions you choose to focus upon as well as the divine plan of your soul. Beyond your perspective is a reality labelled the inner planes/spirit world/heavens, these are dimensions or levels of energy inhabited by other souls and beings. Many of these souls have been named Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, Star Beings and so forth. They are the same as you, they simply exist on another level of energy with a purpose of being of service in supporting every soul in remembering the truth within them. They want to help all beings remember the consciousness, energy and love of the Creator that exists within, waiting to be experienced and expressed.

With the above in mind, Channeling is a process of accessing your natural ability and divine right to communicate with the Creator. Channeling is to access the consciousness, energy and love of the Creator allowing it to pour through your being. The energy can then be expressed in numerous ways such as divine guidance through voice or writing, song or music, art or painting or healing vibrations. These are all divinely inspired and achieved with very little effort or input from the person receiving the energy. This state of union with the Creator can be experienced as a trance or meditative state. It is most common that a being beyond the earthly reality such as an Angel or Ascended Master speaks through the person as they surrender to receive the light. Wisdom or healing can be brought through to support self or others. To channel requires a focused and peaceful mind, a faith and trust in the Creator and your connection with the divine, as well as the erasing of doubts and negativity.

Channeling is a natural process; it is not something that is weird or spooky. Even a person who is not spiritually or religiously inclined may channel automatically in their everyday life through inspired thoughts like light bulb moments, offering guidance or assistance to others and not being sure where the guidance came from. They might experience moments of bliss or love without a reason or an unexplained feeling of connection with another person, this is also channeling.

The purity of the channel is determined by their personal perspective, devotion to the Creator, thoughts, their ability to focus and the purpose they have chosen for their channeling ability. For example, a person channeling who is interested in worldly issues and news will bring forth wisdom or insights aligned to their interest. A person who channels and is passionate about healing will bring forth messages of healing. A person who channels and focuses on fear in their everyday life may channel messages of fear, pain, and suffering. Likewise, a person who focuses on love and simply wishes to be of service will bring forth messages of a high vibration, clarity, and purity. The mind of the channel is the primary interference to the sacred wisdom pouring through them. When the mind is mastered, the purity of the Creator radiates potently and beautifully, touching the hearts of many.

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