Rewriting Initiation by the Arcturians

Greetings and love, we are the Arcturians.
We come forth with our light, love and truth to gift to you and remind you of the Divine Creator existing within your being. Your natural abilities are of creation, you can create anything you wish, especially when aligned with all that is the Creator. You have the ability to create your reality, to create your thoughts, to create your reactions and your actions. You have an ability to create the world around you and even transform your physical and energetic body. It is important that you remember this power, skill and ability even if you are unaware of it or do not know how to use it. It is important to hold the intention and the belief that you do know how to create because creation for you is as natural as breathing.
When you pass over into the inner planes leaving behind your physical body, known as death on the Earth. You have time to contemplate your journey upon the Earth, and from the inner planes you have time, if you wish, to rewrite the journey you experienced on the Earth. This means that you do not experience it physically as you rewrite it, but energetically. You have the choice to return to the Earth understanding what needs to be rewritten, the experiences that you had and created that need to be transformed or advanced. You have the option to return to the Earth to rewrite those experiences in another lifetime, thus experiencing it physically. This is a very important aspect of your journey. It is a time of contemplation where you gain greater understanding of the purpose of your soul and the reason for your existence within the ascension journey of the Earth. It is important to realise that you are in a process of rewriting your journey and your experiences on the Earth now. In this lifetime you are rewriting experiences that you had in a previous or simultaneous lifetime. This requires some contemplation.
Can you imagine or understand what it is that your soul is choosing to rewrite, to transform and advance or learn from in this current reality. Before you came to this lifetime you were in that state of contemplation, reviewing the previous or simultaneous lifetime, understanding what needed to transform, what needed to be embodied, grounded, understood and brought into fruition now. You are enacting it in this lifetime and therefore, it is so important to recognise your power of creation, how you can create what you want, and what you desire and dream of?
It is important to recognise where you experience blockages, stagnant energy, challenges, chaos, and sabotage, realising that these areas are immensely valuable, and they can be rewritten.
At this time in the ascension process for all beings there is an initiation coming forth where the energies expressed by the Creator support your rewriting of your current reality. Higher vibrations, powerful frequencies and codes are flowing forth into your being to support you in achieving this initiation. It is an initiation where you rewrite aspects of your reality that you have already experienced in this lifetime. It is almost as if you are passing over onto the inner planes and yet you are remaining in your physical body. You have that time, that option to rewrite your reality. Therefore, you can bring that which you understand and acknowledge into your present and future experiences.
Let us share with you how to rewrite certain areas of your reality.
First, there is a need to acknowledge an area that is causing chaos, challenges, pain, wounds, or anything that creates disharmony. When you have chosen an experience, contemplate it, sit with it, think about it. What does it feel like? What does it activate within your being? What does it make you think?
Sit with this energy for as long as possible until it transforms, and we say as long as possible because it may become overwhelming. If it does, then you know, it is about to transform. Often when you have this intention, the transformation occurs very quickly. It will transform into something else, maybe the energy of bliss, love, or truth. In the moments of transformation, you ask for your soul to activate, expressing, radiating and emanating the most appropriate and divinely guided codes and frequencies to secure the rewriting of this experience.
You may find that you visualise a different experience that will replace the experience or you simply connect with vibrations or qualities of the Creator. Let the power flow from your being. You may find you need to move your body in order to bring forth the movement to lock in the rewriting. It will be a very creative process as if you are painting or making a masterpiece. You may be guided to bring forth different qualities, energies, thoughts, or visions. Please follow your guidance and when the process is complete, we the Arcturians invite you to feel the floor beneath you, to be aware of the floor, the ground, Mother Earth beneath you. Thus, grounding and anchoring your energies into your being, reality, and the Earth. This is a very simple process of rewriting.
The most important aspect of this communication is that the Creator is supporting the rewriting of your past, of this lifetime. Thus, you in this moment blossom into a transformed advanced being because your past becomes very different transforming your present reality.
We the Arcturians will be present to support you through this process, should you wish to experience it. It is not essential.
We love you eternally and we thank you,

We are the Arcturians

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