OmNa Sanctuary Bliss Experience

Your Sacred Path to Bliss

Do you yearn to flow with the universe, living your purpose effortlessly?
Do you wish your everyday reality was blissful resulting in you easily obtaining spiritual mastery?
Do you crave to understand the magic of bliss, how it can bring forth healing and transform your life?
OmNa Sanctuary Bliss Experience
You can achieve bliss in this lifetime! The Bliss Experience creates a sacred space where you can be yourself, connect with your pure essence and heal. You are supported to discover your ability to manifest and experience the most exquisite bliss-filled spiritual reality for yourself.
Bliss is the ultimate truth, it is a higher evolution of love, a journey and awakening of self mastery.

I am offering a unique 5 week live group experience, guiding you through my channeling ability to explore your own journey to bliss. The Bliss Experience only happens twice a year and each time is channelled newly to be in perfect alignment with your needs. I will channel the Celestial White Beings who are my soul group, with other Angels, Ascended Masters and Light Beings who feel guided to join us. We will create a community during our sessions through the channeled wisdom, practices and meditations I bring forth, as well as feedback and sharing. You will be invited to join our Bliss Experience OmNa Chat Group to share your experience and be inspired by other bliss seekers.

Our weekly focus and exploration will consist of:

  • Week 1: Finding Clarity in Bliss
  • Week 2: Connection to Self and Your Experience of Bliss
  • Week 3: Bliss in Action and Your Divine Connection
  • Week 4: Living the Bliss Experience
  • Week 5: Recap, Enlightenment through Sharing and What’s Next on Your Bliss Journey
Join me for this incredible experience to further develop your spiritual evolution, inner transformation and live a life born from love, peace and your sacred truth.
If you have already journeyed the Bliss Experience then I encourage you to sign up again, no two experiences are the same and your bliss journey will only deepen with new understandings and awakenings.

Let’s manifest a blissful planet for all!

How it Works:

  • This is a Live and Interactive Experience.
  • Each Monday at 3.30pm – 5.30pm UK Time, beginning 20th February 2023 – 20th March 2023, we will gather on Zoom with Natalie Glasson channeling the Celestial White Beings and any other beings inspired to join us.
  • Natalie will offer a short presentation followed by channeled wisdom, meditations and practices. There is time for inner exploration, followed by an open sharing and Q & A period.
  • Once you have enrolled you will receive an email containing your joining link and any other information you may require. You will receive a link to join the Bliss Experience Facebook Group. Joining the group is encouraged as it will support your experience and allow you to inspire each other. After each session you will receive a recording link to listen back. The recordings of the Bliss Experience will only be available to those attending and will not be available to purchase after the live sessions.
  • Make sure you don’t miss this wonderful opportunity as booking opens on the 30th January 2023 and closes on 13th February 2023. The live event begins on 20th February 2023.

Booking for Bliss Experience February 2023 has now closed.

The Bliss Experience will run again in 2024.

Join to waiting list to keep You updated.