As You Focus So You Become by the Arcturians

Greetings beloved beings of light, we are the Arcturians.
Greetings beloved beings of light, we are the Arcturians. We come forth as a collective consciousness with our love, our peace, our understanding of the Creator, and in truth, all that we are. We are overjoyed and delighted to be able to communicate with you and to be of service. Today we wish to share with you a statement and also explain it further so that you may focus upon it, contemplate it and hopefully integrate it into your own reality.
As you focus, so you become.
It is immensely important in the ascension shifts that are taking place now on the earth and the inner planes, that your focus is clear even if there is some confusion or chaos within your mind or even reality. We wish for you to take some time to create a focus that serves you in this moment and the current or continuing moments of ascension.
In order to encourage you to realise what it means to focus, we wish for you to look to your vibration. Your body – your energy system – is vibrating all the time. It is in constant movement and momentum. As it vibrates, it’s emanating and, you might say, is giving off a charge of energy. Within this charge there is a focus, there is a quality, there is an understanding. For example, if you are feeling low, or angry, or depressed, your being or parts of your being may vibrate these qualities/energies/feelings out from your being and into your auric field and surroundings, and that is perfectly fine if it is a process that you’re moving through.
We, the Arcturians, wish for you to focus upon your vibration or simply understand that you are vibrating, and to ask within…within your soul or your heart space…for the most appropriate quality or focus that would serve you now. It doesn’t have to be something that you are already embodying. It can be something that you wish to embody. You might wish for more peace within your being and your reality. You might even wish for more clarity. You might wish for love. It can be a spiritual love or even a physical love or relationship love. Whatever you feel drawn to, to radiate and to vibrate as, in this moment. We, the Arcturians, invite you to do so because as you vibrate…and your entire being will vibrate automatically…so you become that vibration, that focus.
Now another way of achieving this is in your ascension process – in your spiritual journey. You can sit in meditation and focus upon your spiritual journey. You can ask yourself, how do you feel about your spiritual journey at this moment? You may feel content, you may feel happy and you can enjoy radiating and pulsating as contentment and happiness. This will boost those feelings and encourage a greater depth of understanding, experience and vibration.
If you find that you’re confused or frustrated, then you can ask yourself what is needed. What do you wish to focus upon? What do you wish to vibrate into your ascension process? What do you wish to become in your ascension process? You can imagine, acknowledge, ask, hold the intention or visualise until you begin to feel/ sense or acknowledge yourself vibrating as your focus.
You can achieve the same meditation for your life in general – your reality. When you sit and think about your life – your reality – or even one aspect of it, what do you feel? What are you experiencing? If it is positive and fulfilling then simply exist in that and allow it to grow. Feel it pulsating and vibrating throughout your being. If there are aspects of your life, your reality, which you’re struggling with, then what do you wish to focus upon and become instead? You can begin to focus upon that which you wish to experience instead. Allow it to vibrate, to pulsate, to radiate from your entire being. Let this radiate until it fills your reality.
We, the Arcturians, wish to encourage you to recognise that where you place your focus is immensely important and that you become your focus. We ask you to bridge that gap between your focus and who you are, because they are the same. Your focus creates who you are. In the world, the reality, the inner planes, at this time, what you choose to focus upon is immensely powerful and you will become that which you focus upon.
It is now time to take responsibility for where you place your focus and make those connections that you embody. You become your focus. If you embody and become your focus, so does the world around you. The world around you is impacted by your focus. In this moment, your focus holds immense value and immense power.
We will leave this with you to contemplate and to explore. We love you dearly.

We are the Arcturians, thank you.

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