Love’s Triumph by Lady Quan Yin 

Greetings to you divine beings of light, I am Lady Quan Yin.
Greetings to you divine beings of light, I am Lady Quan Yin. I come forth with compassion, with love and with a tenderness that I embrace you in. It is like a healing vibration born from the essence of love, especially for you – a love awakening, a love healing and a love remembrance. It is for you to receive, absorb and hold within your being, to serve you at this time of your ascension.
Imagine for a moment the entire Universe of the Creator filled with numerous dimensions, kingdoms, stars and planets, numerous realities and so many beings – each being an expression of the Creator and, upon creation, each being was filled with limitless, infinite, unconditional love. This meant that the Creator wished for the soul being created as an expression of the Creator, to explore – to experiment its expression, its alignment and its remembrance of the Creator. Each soul is filled with such powerful, impactful, tender and infinite love.
Every soul throughout the entire Universe of the Creator and every being – every existence – holds the same volume of unconditional, infinite love from the Creator. It is as if every being is overflowing with love and has more than enough love for themselves and to share in fact, with the entire Universe of the Creator.
As a being upon the Earth, your soul holds the same volume of love – an unconditional, infinite love that is more than enough for you and that allows you to fill the entire Universe of the Creator with love. The love that your soul holds is abundant and ever-flowing. Imagine this for a moment, because it begins to change your perspective. Your physical body is an embodiment or an expression – a vessel of your soul – therefore, your physical body has access to this abundant love that can never be taken away from you. This means as you are present with me, you have a love that is infinite, abundant and ever over-flowing – a love that is more than for yourself and the entire Universe of the Creator.
I, Lady Quan Yin, invite you to sit in meditation with this perspective. Begin to realise that the people around you have the same gift, even the people that you dislike in the world or those labelled as bad or chaotic or destructive – that they hold the same gift as well, in fact, every being upon the Earth. And you have a beautiful additional gift because you realise this – you realise the love that is within your being. With this abundance of love, love is triumphant. It is successful. It can achieve anything. It is ever-present. It is manifested. It is flowing. You are aligned to love – it is your tool, it is your gift, it is that which you have to express and it is a space, a sanctuary for you to exist within.
Love is triumphant and will always be because it is the original seed that you were created with, that all beings were created with. As you access this energy of love, this original seed, so it encourages other to do the same around you. So you begin to see reflections, have experiences and really feel that infinite and abundant love manifesting – how the love can resolve, heal, connect, transform energies within your being and your reality. It is infinite therefore its expression, its purpose, its abilities are infinite as well.
As you recognise that love is triumphant within your being, and in truth, across the entire Universe of the Creator, you can begin to connect to it within and let it serve you. Let it be an expression over and through your being. Let it be a focus and a flowing vibration and allow it to guide you because remember that love is triumphant. Even in the spaces of darkness, there is always love as well. There is simply a need to recognise it, and the first recognition is always within your being.
I, Lady Quan Yin, invite you to contemplate this, contemplate this new perspective. Adopt it within your being and watch how it influences your reality – inspires new thoughts, new actions, and new processes of healing and transformation.

I am Lady Quan Yin. I thank you.

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