How To Reawaken Clarity by the Arcturians

Greetings to you beloved beings of light upon the earth, we are the Arcturians.
Greetings to you beloved beings of light upon the earth, we are the Arcturians. We come forth as a collective vibration and civilisation, sharing our energy, our wisdom and our support with you now. We are here to share with you clarity and ways in which you can develop your own inner clarity. We are speaking especially concerning the way that you perceive yourself and your outer reality.
You may believe that you have a clear perspective of who you are and the reality and existence around you. You may believe that there is only truth and the truth is present and you are able to recognise it clearly. We wish to share that there are many aspects of your being that impact the way that you perceive yourself and the reality around you. These different aspects of your being create certain pictures, visions, beliefs and understandings that seem immensely real and true to you.
An example of this is that your beliefs impact what you create and what you see through your physical eyes. Your beliefs are held within your being, within your cells and especially within the cells of your eyes, as well as your Third Eye Chakra connected to your eyes. Imagine all the beliefs that you hold. Some you may be aware of, some you may not. Some may be positive and encouraging, others may not. These beliefs impact your Third Eye Chakra and your physical eyes, and in truth, everything else connected with these areas. It’s as if your belief system is held within your Third Eye Chakra and your physical eyes. These beliefs impact what you choose to manifest through your Third Eye Chakra and what you choose to see through your physical eyes.
If you believe that the world is a chaotic place then you will create it through your Third Eye Chakra, and in truth, your entire being. You will also see it with your physical eyes. It might almost be that you make invisible the good in the world and the peace that is present. Your eyes and of course your awareness and your mind… everything is connected…draw you to the chaos, so that everything else is blocked out and you see only the chaos in the world and the chaos in other people. Because you are seeing it physically, you have confirmation that it is the truth and so it seems true and absolute to you.
If your belief system is changed – that there is only good in the world and only good things happen to you – then you’ll begin to create with your mind and of course your Third Eye Chakra, and in truth, your entire being, that this is the case. You will attract these experiences into your reality. Your eyes – your physical eyes – will draw you to circumstances and experiences where you recognise that the world around you is good. You have confirmation and it becomes your truth.
This explanation is immensely simple. There are many more intricate and detailed aspects to this process. We, the Arcturians, wish for you to understand that you choose to see/sense and acknowledge an experience – what you wish to see in the world. All of this comes through your being, your mind, your belief systems, your Third Eye and even your physical eyes support this process. We enter into a space where we realise that maybe the way that you recognise yourself and the world around you is not necessarily the truth. However it is your truth, at that moment, because of the belief systems, the wounds, the baggage, the transformation and the enlightenment that you have gained to date.
The way that you perceive the world, may not necessarily be the truth, but it is the truth of your own being, in that moment. Therefore we understand that your perspective of yourself and the world around you will shift and alter as you grow. As you release wounds and healing takes place, new beliefs are anchored into your being and new understandings realised. You and the world around you will never be the same again because you will never be the same again. You are only who you are, in the moment.
We recognise that there is an immense flow and flexibility within your being and also the reality around you. Many of you may be asking that you do not wish to see the chaos or the trauma or the pain in the world. Maybe you’re focusing upon the positive and yet it still seems to be present. Remember that we are working on a collective vibration so shifts that you make influence the collective energy of humanity and gradually shifts will take place. It can take a wealth of energy to enter into the physical vibration and to impact and transform the physical vibration. Sometime it can feel like there is a disconnect between energy and physicality just because it takes longer to influence and impact the physical reality.
It is also important to realise that there may be beliefs within your being that you have not yet recognised – fears, wounds, trauma – and these you can recognise by the way that you react to certain pains or suffering in the world, and recognising what you are creating and how it is linked to your belief system. Gaining clarity, in your reality and your being, and even your spiritual growth as well, actually comes from a space where you realise that you are creating and choosing everything – creating and choosing even the lack of clarity, the confusion, the misunderstanding, whatever you may be experiencing.
Within your being, within your soul, your essence…and you can enter into your soul and essence through your heart space – your Heart Chakra and Higher Heart Chakra…there is the energy of clarity. You can begin to imprint this energy of clarity into your Third Eye Chakra, into your mind, into your belief systems and of course, into your physical eyes. Imagine if your physical eyes – the cells of your eyes – held the vibration of clarity – clear seeing, clear vision, clear thinking, everything that you associate with clarity. This would impact the physical way that you see the earth and yourself in a very dramatic way.

We, the Arcturians, invite you to experiment with this – connecting with that energy of inner clarity – letting it radiate out, letting it enter into your Third Eye Chakra, your mind, your being systems and your physical eyes so that these areas are dowsed in your inner truthful energy of clarity. Allow yourself to experience this daily and notice any shifts that take place in the way that you perceive yourself, others, and in the world around you, and the clarity that you adopt.

We thank you. We are the Arcturians.

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