Accessing Your Inner Knowing by Lord Buddha

Greetings beloved ones, I am Lord Buddha. I
Greetings beloved ones, I am Lord Buddha. I bring forth my love and truth to flow throughout your being, awakening clarity, clear thinking and peace within the mind. I wish to speak of accessing your inner knowing.
Within your being there is a remembrance. This is within your soul however it cascades and pulsates throughout your cells, your organs, your entire being. Your inner knowingness is like a remembrance of the Creator and all that is the Creator. It has access to the library of knowledge and wisdom throughout the entire Universe of the Creator, as well as all the information your soul has connected through numerous incarnations and journeys.
Your knowingness or remembrance can be accessed from any level or dimension of your being, not only at the physical level. This makes it sometimes challenging to understand your knowingness because it’s as if it is speaking the universal language – the language of the Universe of the Creator. Even at a higher vibration or dimension, you can access your inner knowingness or remembrance and be able to understand it. You can also access it while you are on the earth. It is your source of guidance. It offers to you understanding. It also offers to you confirmation of direction or achievements.
However, it can be challenging sometimes to understand the language that your inner knowingness is speaking. There is a need to tune into inner knowingness and take time to understand the way that your inner knowingness communicates with you. To take time sitting in the presence of your inner knowingness, even if you don’t understand any information or guidance that is coming forth. I, Lord Buddha, invite you in your meditation or quiet time, to invite the inner knowingness and remembrance of your soul to flow throughout your being and to embrace you in the most loving and nurturing hold. It is like having a hug from your soul’s inner knowingness and remembrance.
As you begin to experience this and simply acknowledge the love, the embrace, the support, you may begin to recognise how your inner knowingness and remembrance is flowing throughout your being. Where do you feel it in your body? How do you sense or acknowledge it? Do you recognise a smell, a colour, a sound, a word? Celebrate that this is the way that your soul and your inner knowingness and remembrance, is choosing to communicate with you.
As you build this relationship, you will find that your inner knowingness flows through you with greater strength, and your ability to recognise the presence of your inner knowingness also strengthens, thus allowing the relationship to build – for a bond to take place between yourself and your inner knowingness. Thus, you will find, the more that you practice this, maybe even without asking, information, knowledge, knowingness, guidance and inspiration will begin to flow throughout your being into your awareness, into your consciousness, into your understanding. Then you can begin to ask questions, ask for guidance, ask for understanding – even ask for help for your current reality. Thus, you will be accessing your inner knowingness with a very powerful conscious awareness. Thus you will also feel, at certain times in your reality, almost like your inner knowingness nudging you, encouraging you to say something, to act in a certain way, integrating fully into your reality.
It is important to be open and receptive to the presence of your inner knowingness and the treasure, the wisdom, the immense abundance of knowledge that it holds and it can share with you now – that words instantly release chaos, conflict, confusion, allowing your inner presence to come forth.
I, Lord Buddha, invite you to practice allowing your inner knowingness and remembrance to embrace you.
I, Lord Buddha, will be present to support you. You only need to call upon my name and I will be with you.

I thank you. I am Lord Buddha