Your Inner Jewel by Lord Buddha

Greetings beloved beings of light, I am Lord Buddha. I oversee the planetary level of the Universe of the Creator. It is my purpose to oversee the ascension of all beings – especially upon the earth – and to bring forth wisdom, knowledge, understanding and remembrance to aid ascension – to aid a greater connection with the Creator, thus supporting embodiment and expression of the Creator.
Everything that you discover within your being, from the light, the source, the essence of your being, requires to be radiated into all areas of your being and your reality. It is the purpose of the light or remembrance that you discover.
Today I, Lord Buddha, wish to speak of the jewel within. First I wish to ask of you, What are you seeking? What do you feel/sense or acknowledge is not present in your being or your reality?
Now you may be able to recognise this on many levels of your being. Your mind might share something that it is seeking and that it feels it has lost or has been unable to discover. Your emotions might feel that they are seeking something that they have yet to embody. Your physical body might feel as if it is seeking something that it has yet to embody. There is also your soul – your spirit, your essence – which is also seeking something that it feels/senses or acknowledges it has not yet discovered, it has not yet accessed or connected with.
You might find when you connect with each level of your being, that each level has different dreams, desires, wants and needs. There might also be an overall want or need, maybe the manifestation of a dream or a desire, an aspiration. Now the dream, the aspiration, may be what you are actually seeking or it may be almost like a by-product of what you are truly seeking within your being.
One way to discover this is to ask yourself, what do you feel you are missing, seeking or not able to obtain or embody, and to allow yourself to answer this truthfully.
Then to ask yourself, what do you feel you need in order to experience fulfilment, completeness, wholeness?
The answers to these questions may be the same or they may be different. When you begin to understand what your entire being, as individual aspects and as a whole, is seeking – that it is actively searching for – you begin to see why certain circumstances, experiences, thoughts, even actions and reactions, manifest in your daily reality. It is almost like an unknown energy or an energy that you are unaware of that is actively creating in your being and your reality. When we are seeking something, whatever it may be – it may be minerals or vitamins for the physical body – it could be a deeper connection with the Creator – a feeling of being grounded – a wish for beauty around you, there are so many things it could be but sometimes, when you are seeking these things, you actually manifest the opposite. You might manifest and draw, for example, beauty into your reality because you’re seeking for it, but also might manifest and draw energies that are not beautiful or people that do not act in a beautiful way. The seeking within you really does have an impact on your being, your reality, the way you act and react – and what you manifest.
I, Lord Buddha, wish to share about the jewel within. Within the very centre of your soul, especially, there is a light which appears as a jewel. It is connected to your essence, your truth, your purity, and sometimes it can be that the desire – the seeking – comes from that light, but also the answer, the energy, the vibration of what you are seeking is held within that jewel of light within you. When you begin to recognise that what you are seeking is actually within your being, or the vibration or frequency of it is actually within your being, this can change your perspective and it can become a sanctuary, a space where you experience what you are seeking.
We can imagine the jewel inside as a light sanctuary that is almost like an experimental ground. For example, if you are seeking beauty in your life, as you take your focus into the jewel – the sanctuary within you created from your soul light – you may experience profound vibrations, frequencies, energies, colours, sounds, visions of beauty, and this will create. It will begin a journey of fulfilment, of allowing that seeking to dissolve, and then you begin to radiate it into your being and your reality. What happens is that the seeking of the beauty, or whatever it may be, transforms into the vibration and frequency of beauty emanating from your being and it fills your entire being and reality. And then you create, you manifest, you attract everything into your reality that is connected to beauty, and things that are far greater than you could possibly imagine.
This can be the same with…maybe you’re seeking a home or a space to live and your being is constantly seeking this. The vibration of that home and that place to live is already within that jewel – within your soul – and you can enter into that space even if you don’t know what it looks like or where on the earth it is. You bathe in the vibration of that space – the qualities that it holds – so much so that it emanates from your being and you practice emanating it. Then, that seeking dissolves because you’re no longer seeking. The seeking has finished. It is completed and the manifestation has begun of what you wished for and, in this example, a home, or a certain space to live upon the earth.
When you begin to work in your reality in this way…recognising that which you seek…recognising that what you seek is held within a jewel, within your being, and ensuring that you enter into that space with your awareness wherever it might be in your body – you might find it in your heart or your Soul Star Chakra above your head, or it might simply be a connection, a sensation…you become that energy. You create a complete transformation within your being.
While the seeking is important and offers direction, if the seeking and the longing carries on for too long, it can be harmful for your being. You almost begin to exist outside of yourself, when actually, there is a need to exist within first, and then allow this energy to flow. I, Lord Buddha, invite you to contemplate this – the seeking – the fact that, that which you seek is within your being and when you recognise it, a transformation takes place – a completion – and then it flows into your entire being and manifests. Sometimes a new seeking develops and as you follow those seekings, you gain more and more access to the jewel within your being, become more and more comfortable with its presence, and more able to create completions, transformations and manifest that which you wish, in your reality.
My love is with you always.

I am Lord Buddha. I thank you.