Feeling Into the Unknown by Melchior

Greetings beloved beings of light, I am the Galactic Logos Melchior.
Greetings beloved beings of light, I am the Galactic Logos Melchior, which means that I oversee the Universe of the Creator at a vibration known as the galactic level. I share these galactic waves of frequencies with the solar level, the planetary level and the earth.
Today I wish to speak of the unknown and feeling into the unknown. The purest way to achieve this is to call upon the Creator to surround you. Ask for the purest vibration of the Creator to embrace you and to flow through your entire being.
Allow yourself to breathe deeply. Imagine that your breath is almost like fingers and these fingers are moving outwards, each time you exhale, and they’re feeling into the unknown energies of the Creator.
Each time you inhale, it’s almost like these fingers are feeling into the unknown vibrations/energies within your being.
I, Melchior, invite you to practice this. Yes, you are connecting with the Creator and yes, you are connecting with yourself however, you are holding an intention of connecting with the unknown energies of the Creator and yourself.
It is important to realise that, when we begin to connect with the unknown, there may be two reactions that occur within your being. The first might be fear. You might feel that, maybe connecting with the unknown, you are connecting with the darkness or the darkened energies within your being. Another reaction is excitement, an adventure – connecting with an energy that you’ve never connected to before – like exploring a new world. It is appropriate to recognise which reaction do you mostly experience when connecting with the unknown, even the unknown energies of the Creator and yourself. With this understanding you recognise the imprints that you are already placing upon the unknown. You are creating your experience and your automatic reaction of the unknown.
It is important to allow yourself to acknowledge the way that you react to the unknown, to accept that it has come forth from other experiences – maybe in this lifetime or other lifetimes. If you are willing I, Melchior, would invite you to ask the unknown Creator energies and unknown energies within your being to bring forth healing. Allow yourself to breathe into these energies. Let them flow throughout your being and observe the impact that they create.
It is also important to realise that the unknown energies of the Creator and the unknown energies of your own being are only unknown to your mind, so it is only your mind that does not know these aspects of yourself and the Creator therefore these energies are immensely familiar to you. They are as familiar as your body, as your being. They are a part of you – they are who you are – and it is safe for you to connect with the unknown energies of the Creator and your own being because they are familiar. They are a part of your being.
It is also safe and appropriate that your mind does not know everything because you have an inner knowingness, within your being, and this inner knowingness understands everything, even if it cannot put it into words, visions or understanding for you.
With my support as you call me, Melchior, to surround you, I encourage you to explore the unknown of the Creator and yourself and to even invite this unknown energy to support and heal you in a way that is appropriate and positive and uplifting for you. And let yourself understand that there is no need for the mind to acknowledge everything. What is most important is the knowingness within your being – the knowingness of feeling safe and secure, loved and supported.

I, Melchior, am here to support you. I thank you.

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  1. Thankyou Melchior and Natalie, I was just wondering if Melchior worked ethereally with J.R.R Tolkien? as he named one of the gods in his fiction universe the same name. Again thankyou for your works Natalie, longtime lurker here and i have appreciated many of your posts in the past, Namaste!

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