Your Purpose of Peace by Master Kuthumi

Greetings, beloved beacons of light, I am Master Kuthumi.

Greetings, beloved beacons of light, I am Master Kuthumi. It is an honour to be in your presence today, I radiate my light of love and wisdom into your being, to serve you in a way that is most appropriate and essential for you at your current stage of ascension.

I wish to offer some insights and invite you to contemplate, in order to further your ascension process, as well as to increase and quicken the vibration of the Earth and humanity. When one being shifts their perspective, this allows the mind to open and accept a higher vibration of light from within their being. This creates a ripple effect throughout the entire world, and even the Universe of the Creator. It is important for you to realise that your thinking, your perspective and the way that you perceive yourself, others and the world really does have an impact upon the vibration of the world around you. Therefore, you have power, and you have a purpose. It is essential to remind yourself of this that you can create transformation for yourself and the world around you. This transformation only needs to occur within your being, small awakenings, new insights, understanding, enlightenment, they all create a rippling effect and allow others to awaken.
I wish to address you about the purpose of peace. I first wish to ask you: Do you believe or have in your mind that you have a purpose of peace upon the Earth?
Do you seek peace? Do you wish to create peace? Do you wish to create peace for others or the world around you? I invite you to contemplate these questions very carefully.
It is important to realise that peace is not quietness, and it is not even stillness, you can experience peace, even in the most chaotic environment or the noisiest environment. Peace comes from within your being. It is a form of contentment, harmony, balance and tranquillity. Peace is where you are not battling with yourself or others. You are open, you are expansive, you are grounded and centred. Peace is more of a sensation, a feeling or an understanding within your own being. Peace does not have to be in your outer reality for you to experience peace within your being.

I invite you as a challenge to discover the peace within your being. You might wish to breathe deeply. You might find that to go to a tranquil quiet place or to have soothing music will help you into that space of peace. Begin to explore what peace is for you, what it feels like, what its colour is. You can even give it a quality so that you know what peace is for you.
Once you feel able to experience that and to access your peace, I challenge you to enter into an environment that is the opposite of peace, maybe there is loud music, maybe lots of people talking. It doesn’t need to be a negative space, simply a space where one might perceive that there is no peace and, in that space, invite yourself to find, to discover the peace within your own being.
It may be challenging to begin with, or you might find it easy to slip into that space of peace. You might find that it is fleeting, it comes and it goes. Be aware of your frustrations. Are you becoming frustrated with the people talking or the loud music, or whatever is occurring in your environment? Maybe it’s noisy cars? Accept your frustration and then return to your peace. Continue to bring yourself back to your own inner peace, until you feel as if you are able to remain in that space.
This challenge is so powerful because if you can achieve this, then in truth, you can achieve anything and everything. You are accessing your power; you are taking control of your being. You are no longer allowing others to influence the way that you feel to influence your mood or your mindset. You are choosing the way that you wish to be in your reality, and it means that whatever is occurring in your outside world, you have the option to access peace. It also means that whatever is occurring in your inside world, maybe emotional turmoil, or despair, you have the choice to access peace.
This energy will become like a sanctuary for you. It is a very powerful place and space to exist within because it also means that you can protect your own energy vibration and energy field, you can heighten your energy vibration whenever you need to. It is also a purpose because not only does it bring fulfilment for you, it creates a rippling effect. As you achieve my challenge for you to enter into an environment that seems the opposite of peace, what you may discover is that, as you are in that space of peace within you, your outer reality will begin to transform, maybe someone will turn the music down, maybe people will talk with a quieter voice, maybe the atmosphere between people will transform as well.
I do not wish for you to place yourself in any danger at all, but simply find a space where you can achieve peace. A space where you thought originally it would be impossible to experience peace. You may discover that by connecting with your own inner peace that this becomes so fulfilling and so nurturing that you wish to achieve it more often. Then you will be embarking upon your purpose of peace, bringing yourself to your centre, your connection with the Creator while supporting others in doing so and creating transformational ripples throughout the world, throughout the Universe of the Creator. You will find that those emanating peace will be attracted to you and so the emanation of peace becomes more powerful as you connect with more beings who are emanating peace.
You may wish to ask yourself, what is the greatest deepest purpose of peace upon the Earth? In truth, it is a personal question, only you can answer that question.
My love and wisdom are with you always,

 I am Master Kuthumi, I thank you. 

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