Mother Earth’s Treasure by Quan Yin

Greetings, beloved Beings of Light, I am Lady Quan Yin.

Greetings, beloved Beings of Light, I am Lady Quan Yin. It is an honour to be in your presence. I enjoy the exchange of energy and light between us. I share with you the vibrations of peace, tranquillity and love. I invite you to receive the energies that I share knowing that this will draw me closer into your energy field, to be of service in your ascension pathway, and the integration of your soul and the Creator more fully with your current embodiment upon the Earth.

In this moment, I Lady Quan Yin, wish to share with you information about Mother Earth’s treasure. It is so often as a spiritual being on an ascension pathway, that you direct your attention to the inner planes, to the Universe of the Creator, downloading light, love and truth. You also direct your attention into your being, into your heart centre, into your essence and your truth within you. Both these practices serve you well. They bring higher vibrations of truth into your being allowing you to embodiment them and to express them into your reality and to other beings upon the earth. Another focus during your ascension process is often to ground yourself into Mother Earth, to support you in experiencing balance, being more centred and more present in your reality or your ascension process. However, there is a need to acknowledge that in the same way the Universe of the Creator holds treasures of light, activations, downloads, boosts of energy and wisdom, so does Mother Earth. We could recognise Mother Earth as an equal to the Universe of the Creator. When we begin to change our perspective, around Mother Earth, we begin to recognise that Mother Earth is generous, bountiful and holds numerous blessings, light activations, boosts, awakening, and wisdom for every being to receive and embody. We begin to recognise that as a physical being you have been placed upon the earth and while it is important to connect with the inner planes and within your being, there is a very important relationship that requires to be nurtured and explored thoroughly. This relationship is with Mother Earth.
Yes, you can continue to ground yourself into Mother Earth, she will continue to support you in the same way as she has always done. However, she has so much more to give and to share with you. She can assist your ascension process, she can increase the light vibration within your being, she can share wisdom, knowledge, and truth that maybe you have not recognised before. She can support you in navigating through the earthly reality in harmony with yourself and in harmony with Mother Earth, the true nature and essence of Mother Earth.
Take a moment to imagine or contemplate all the blessings that Mother Earth has to share with you and how maybe you have been ignoring these or maybe you have not been aware that they are available for you to accept. Mother Earth’s wisdom, light and knowledge is not only about the Earth, and the nature kingdoms, she has great knowledge about the transitions of ascension, about the Universe of the Creator as well. She has knowledge about healing and transformation. Sometimes it is easier to connect with Mother Earth and to receive her blessings, her treasures, her activations and wisdom because she is physical, and you are physical. This makes the interaction, the relationship and the communication between you easier because your experiences are similar and essentially, you are not trying to connect with a different dimension within the Universe of the Creator, because you are connected to the dimensions of Mother Earth already. Everything is available and waiting to unfold.
I, Lady Quan Yin, wish to offer to you a very simple practice in order to connect more fully with Mother Earth.
Simply allow yourself to feel, sense or to acknowledge the floor, the earth, the ground beneath you.
On your next inhalation, breathe in deeply. On your exhalation, breathe down to your feet and even out through your feet. Inhale deeply, exhale down to your feet and out through your feet knowing that you are connecting with Mother Earth. Allow yourself to experience this until you feel, sense, acknowledge or simply know there is a response from Mother Earth.
Then you may say something in your own words asking to enhance your relationship with Mother Earth and to receive the blessings, the light activations the wisdom of Mother Earth.  
After you have created your intention, inhale breathing up from the ground from Mother Earth up through your feet, your legs into your entire body all the way up to your head. As you inhale in one breath and exhale, simply allowing the energy to settle within you, achieve this practice until you feel, sense, acknowledge or know the energy of Mother Earth is with you.
Allow yourself to enter into your heart space, as if you are sitting with Mother Earth, and be aware or conscious of the energies she has provided, or any light or wisdom she wishes you to understand.  
You can have a conversation with Mother Earth if you wish. She is present to be of service but also to be a companion. As you begin to open yourself up to Mother Earth realising the treasures of ascension that she holds, so, you will experience your ascension process accelerating in a greater understanding of your own existence upon the earth.

My love is with you always. I am Quan Yin, I thank you

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