Your Magnificent Self by Sanat Kumara

Greetings, beloved beings of light, I am Sanat Kumara.

Greetings, beloved beings of light, I am Sanat Kumara. I come forth through the dimensions, gifting you my wisdom, and my energy to support you in your ascension at this time. Of course, it is not my energy to give, more so I embody the energy of the Creator, allowing it to flow through my being into your being. I act as a filter you might say of the Creator’s energy. As the energy flows through my being, my intentions and purposes create and activate certain vibrations of the Creator, as if giving a focus to the Creator’s energy. It is the same for all beings, including yourself, you can imagine yourself as a filter of the Creator’s light. 

Today, I wish to come forth to speak with you about your own magnificent self. It is true within your being, you have the magnificence of the Creator, and we can recognise this as a filter.  The Creator’s energy pours into your being you have a purpose, you have a mission, you have intentions for this reality and so that attracts like a magnet, the energies of the Creator that are most appropriate and that will serve you. These energies, we can recognise as your magnificent self for this reality. You might name this aspect, your soul, your essence, your divine self, your higher self, they are all labels. We are connecting with the energy of truth within your being. It is important to understand that your belief system also acts as a filter for the Creator’s energy and light. Your belief system can act as a magnifier and as a block for certain energies of the Creator.  Therefore, you hold within your being the magnificence of the Creator, the intentions, the purpose, the mission for this lifetime, and all the Creator wishes to give you to support this manifestation. Then you have your belief system, some beliefs are magnifying aspects of the Creator’s energy while others are hiding aspects of the Creator’s energy from you so that you do not recognise them. If you allow your belief system to alter and shift and to be aligned with your magnificent self, then there is only an open door. The magnificence of the Creator flows with ease, with perfection, naturally and you are able to experience and express it. 
I, Sanat-Kumara, invite you to imagine that you have a belief system that is aligned with your magnificent self. Allow yourself to take a few moments, you might wish to affirm. 
I am my magnificent self. 

I, Sanat Kumara, invite you to explore what this means.

What does it mean to be your magnificent self? 

It means that you are the Creator in manifestation or an aspect of the Creator in manifestation, and when we acknowledge the Creator, we acknowledge that the Creator is, in fact nameless, formless, limitless and yet powerful and deeply loving. We feel safe at home in the energy of the Creator, in that life force vibration. It is important to acknowledge that once we give a label to the Creator, we are not necessarily accessing the entire truth of the Creator. However, words are our main aspect or main tool of creation and manifestation when in existence upon the Earth and so words are needed, not only for understanding, but for manifestation. 

Can you imagine yourself as formless, label less, limitless, deeply loving, deeply powerful, and content, or at peace? In a reality where you are experiencing the physical dimensions, everything is deeply impactful. Therefore, it can seem challenging to remain balanced and centred. However, the impacts encourage you to return to your centre. While it does feel like the world around you and maybe even the world within you is focused upon disconnection, and that everything you experience seems to disconnect you from the Creator, it can be hard to notice connections that are always there. Each moment does point you in the direction of connection, and so in this moment and in the coming days, I invite you to contemplate:

Who would you be if you were formless, label less, limitless, deeply loving, deeply, powerful, and content?

This may seem an impossible task, even a small amount of contemplation will support transitions in your belief system, allowing you to recognise the magnificent self within your being and to recognise the beliefs that block your magnificent self. It is important to say that a belief, a thought, a statement that you believe to be true can be released very easily. However, an aspect of your being will hold on to the belief as if it is a safety blanket or something that rescues you from danger. The belief does not have importance and can easily be released, and a new belief that serves you is adopted. 
I, Sanat Kumara, am trying to say that when in human form you place great importance upon certain beliefs but if you are willing to let this importance go and open your mind and your being to connect with a new belief that serves you or a new way of thinking, a new perspective and a new outlook can be obtained. This can remove the boundary or blockage, allowing you to excel forward in your divine energy. 
In the coming days, I Sanat Kumara invite you to meditate and contemplate on all that is the Creator, label less, formless, limitless, deeply loving, deeply, powerful, and deeply content. Those last three are more accessible and so you can always begin with those and then begin to contemplate formless, limitless, and then label less. As you do so, you are encouraged to connect with your magnificent self within.  Simply hold the intention of connecting with your magnificent self. Although as you contemplate all that is the Creator, your magnificent self will naturally flow forth into your attention. 
You can ask your magnificent self to make you aware of the beliefs that are hindering or blocking your magnificent self. They might be fears, doubts, judgments, or anything in truth. Let whatever needs to come into your awareness be present, then think of what you wish for instead. 
What belief would you like to embody? What is more aligned with the Creator? 
Once you have that belief, that word, that statement, that knowingness, then you can ask your magnificent self to transform the old belief into the new belief. Not only are you beginning to transform your reality, but you are releasing the blocks that you have placed in order to hinder the magnificence of your magnificent self, your divine self, your essence, your truth, whatever you wish to label it. Thus, everything will flow with greater ease, your reality, your spiritual growth, your skills, your abilities, all that is the Divine Creator will be magnified and express through you. 
It is time to be your magnificent self, free from boundaries and limitations, able to flow and express with ease. 
I thank you for being present with me. 

I am Sanat Kumara

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