Awakening Harmony in Your Reality by Sanat Kumara

Greetings beloved ones, I am Sanat Kumara.
Greetings beloved ones, I am Sanat Kumara. I come forth through the dimensions to connect with your energy and bring forth into your awareness and awakening, a remembrance, and an activation. The energies coming forth at this time, as you know are all connected to power, encouraging your power, allowing, and supporting you to live powerfully in your reality. 
This week, we are experiencing a calm harmonious energy, coming forth from the Creator. This energy of calmness, harmony and peace support the grounding of your power into your being. As you focus upon the vibrations of the Creator of harmony, calmness, and peace, you will allow naturally and automatically the energies of power that you have activated within your being or received from the Creator to really embed into your being. This will support a deep and absolute grounding in order to manifest your power. You can allow yourself to experience this, knowing that as you connect with these three energies, you are embodying your power at a physical level. Therefore, it will be easier for you to manifest your power. 
There are many opportunities that can be experienced in this moment with the vibration of harmony, vibrating and pulsating throughout the entire Universe of the Creator, introduced throughout the Earth and your being in this moment. You can achieve harmony within your entire being, your inner reality, and your outer reality. The energy of harmony can penetrate your brain, your mind, your mental body, and begin to awaken these areas with its light and frequency, so that you can access aspects of your spiritual skills, abilities and knowledge that you have been unable to access previously. This vibration of harmony will link your mind, brain and mental body with your spiritual self, your spiritual systems, and your higher chakras. Thus, your brain, your mind, your mental body will be able to download more light, more wisdom, spiritual truths and vibrations. This will mean that your reality will expand and develop, and feel limitless. As your mind develops and is supported to hold more light, to access and understand more light, this will then influence your entire being. All of your chakra systems will be able to work with great expansion, your energy fields, and your ability to manifest will be enhanced, magnified and supported. Your mind, your brain, your mental body, they are all so integral to your existence upon the Earth in the physical body. Therefore, if we begin to allow energies of harmony from the Creator to penetrate your brain, your mind, your mental body, and all those areas, we experience a deep activation. As we have said, more light will be anchored, areas of your brain will spark and activate. 
Blockages between your mind and your spiritual being, and your mind and your physical reality or physical experience will also be dissolved. Allowing a greater flow of light, thus light floods into your reality, your physical being, your spiritual abilities and skills drawing them closer, creating a harmony and a unity. It is similar to aspects of your being joining together and are more able to be understood by your mind. This joining together will feel like an awakening, an inspirational moment or many moments of freedom and expansion. Allowing you to deal with your reality and your spiritual growth with greater ease. Your mind will be upgraded to support you in your reality and your spiritual goals. Harmony will be created; thus your mind will be able to work in harmony with your soul, your essence, more able to bring forth these vibrations into your being and your reality. This, of course, supports you in your power. If you experience harmony within your being and with your outside reality, then you are more able to be in your power. You are calmer, more peaceful, more able to be in your power. 
How can you achieve this activation? 
You may wish to invite myself Sanat Kumara forward, I will place my energetic hands upon your head. 
I wish to call forward the Great White Brotherhood and Sisterhood of Ascended Masters to surround you, those who are working with the activation of harmony. They will place their energetic hands on your shoulders, on your back, on your chest and some will place their energetic hands upon your neck, and around your head. 
We invite Mother Earth to reach out her loving nurturing hands, and to hold on to your feet as a symbol of grounding you and drawing in the energy of harmony. 
We will all channel the Creator’s vibration of harmony into your being. You may allow yourself to receive this. 
We invite you to place your attention into your higher heart chakra, above your heart chakra. To seek the vibration of harmony, your own personal vibration of harmony. Your divine sacred vibration of harmony. You have inbuilt within your being a special personal vibration of harmony that you can access whenever you wish, that will fill your entire being and reality when you invite it too. Focus upon this vibration of harmony, trust it, trust it to flow and be embodied within your entire being, and when you are ready, send this vibration of harmony up your spine into your brain, your mind, and your mental body. As you do this, we will send the energy of harmony into your brain, especially into your mind and mental body. 
We invite you to sit with us in this process for as long as is appropriate and feels necessary. When the process is complete, we will lift our hands away and you can send energy, the harmony energy, down your spine, down your chakra column, down your legs into your feet and into the hands of Mother Earth. You may feel the need to experience this many times or maybe just once. All the activations that I spoke of will take place. There is a need for you to allow the most appropriate time to experience it. 
I thank you for being present with me today,

I am Sanat Kumara

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