Balancing the Past by Quan Yin

Greetings, beloved beings of light, I am Lady Quan Yin, it is an honour to be in your presence today.
I bring forth the energy of embodiment, of peace, and of soul integration. It is my purpose today to guide you in a special technique that allows you to bring balance to your past, or simultaneous lifetimes, as well as your experiences upon the Earth in the past, present and future. Your past, whether it is your past or simultaneous lifetime or the past of your current reality, impacts your present moment and the future that you create for yourself. It may be impacted in a positive and loving way, or it may create challenges, chaos, disturbance, fear or anxiety. 
Often, we do not realise or can’t even comprehend when a past life or simultaneous life or the past of our current reality is impacting our existence, because everything feels as if it is coming from you, that it is your normal and natural self. You may not be completely aware of your ability to manifest and how you use past experiences to manifest your current reality. As well as dictating the way that you act and react. There is an area of unknown, and yet there’s an area that you do not know is impacting your belief system, is impacting your actions and your reactions and everything that you create. 
I, Lady Quan Yin wish to offer to you a technique to bring balance to all that you have experienced and all that is impacting your reality, bringing it into balance with your soul, and the essence of your being, therefore, healing aspects of your past or experiences to support you in impacting your current reality with the vibration of balance. Imagine if balance was the energy from which you created, it would mean that you would feel safe and secure in your reality, in your body and your being. Your experiences would come from a space of balance. They would allow you to experience balance but also promote and magnify balance within your reality. Thus, encouraging you to explore balance as a sacred quality of the Creator. 
Your spine holds energetically a map of your entire journey, from the moment that you separated from the Creator and came into form, to this moment. The map holds the route that you have taken, all the lifetimes, past simultaneous lifetimes that you have experienced, all the lessons learned, all the lessons that have yet to be learned, the connections made, and the goals of your soul. Everything about your journey up until now and even into the future is energetically held in your spine. Each lifetime you experience is downloaded into your spine and you carry it with you. You carry this map with you so that you can have access to other lifetimes, to your goals, to the skills and abilities. This means that we have an opportunity to bring balance to your entire journey by working energetically with the energy of your spine, it is almost like the auric field of your spine. 
You can call forth me Lady Quan Yin during meditation, and your guides to surround you. I will begin at the base of your spine, placing my energetic hands at the front and the back, and I will begin to send the energy of balance, peace, embodiment and soul integration of a pink and peach orange colour into your spine and the energy of your spine. 
Allow me to move up your spine, slowly. Allow me to move at a speed that is appropriate and allow yourself to simply observe. Breathe deeply and know that I’m working with the energy of your spine and the map of your journey. 
It is your purpose to be aware of anything that comes into your mind, and your awareness, whether it is a colour, a symbol, a word, a memory, a vision, a feeling, I invite you to observe it and honour it. We are creating balance within the energy of your spine and your journey. You may experience snapshots of things that are required for you to acknowledge with your conscious mind.  Who would you be if you were formless, label less, limitless, deeply loving, deeply, powerful, and content?
As I reach the top of your spine, I will also enter into your skull sending the energy into your skull. You will experience this in a unique way for you. 
I will then step back and place the same energy into your entire auric field and into your heart space. 
I will place a gift of balance, you may allow yourself to recognise this gift. It symbolises your balance. 
Stay in this space for as long as you wish, and you can practice this process as many times as you wish. It is also a technique that you can use when sadness comes into your awareness, anger, fear, any emotion that allows you to feel disconnected from yourself or from the Creator.  Although we are working with the energy of the spine and your journey, the sadness or the anger may come from lower down in your spine, meaning at the very beginning of your journey or further up in your spine, meaning in this lifetime. 
I am always present to be of service when you feel that the process is complete, you can imagine sense, acknowledge Mother Earth grasping hold of your feet with her energetic hands to ground, centre and balance your being. 

Sometimes there is no need to know what is being healed or balanced. Allow yourself to simply receive.  

Thank you for allowing me to work with you today. This balance will have a powerful impact upon your being. 

I am Lady Quan Yin. I thank you.

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  1. It is so amazing how in synch we can be with the UNiverse, and how the Creator is provinding all what we need. Thank you for this channeled message.

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