Truth of Awakening by Lord Melchizedek

Greetings beloved beings of light, I am Lord Melchizedek.
Greetings beloved beings of light, I am Lord Melchizedek. I bring forth my energy of ascension, of clarity, of upliftment and love, to support you in this moment. I wish to come forth and speak of the truth of awakening, and there is a very specific reason and purpose for me choosing this subject matter, at this time of ascension.
As the energy of the Creator comes forth in ascension now, you are being invited to evaluate and contemplate everything – especially the thoughts that you create and knowing that the thoughts you create, and the beliefs you create, impact the reality that you experience.
It is a time of deep contemplation within your being. Asking yourself why you believe certain things. Asking yourself why certain circumstances have manifested or not manifested. Allowing yourself to access the very core, not only of thoughts/perspectives/actions/reactions/experiences or lack of experience, but in fact, accessing the very core of your being. Evaluating, contemplating your values -what you truly believe in – the truth of your being – the qualities that you emanate – the perspectives that are born from your truth – the purpose of your truth, and that which is coming forth from the essence of your being.
It is a time of noticing. Noticing what your body is saying to you. Noticing what your soul or your divine essence is sharing with you, guiding you. Noticing what the world around you is describing to you and also noticing what the Creator is sharing with you.
I, Lord Melchizedek, do encourage you to contemplate within, in many ways, to ask why – why is this occurring – why has that manifested – why do I have this belief – so that you can connect with the very core of your being. You begin to understand the patterns that you create – maybe patterns of illusion – maybe patterns of truth, and that you are, in many ways, responsible. You can take control. You can transform these patterns. You can download new energies. You can create new perspectives. You can begin to navigate and build a reality for yourself that serves you as well as a perspective of yourself that serves you as well.
As this energy comes forth – of contemplation, of evaluating, of exploring within, asking why – there are immense opportunities for new learning/understanding/remembrance/healing/transformation and a deeper connection within your being. And so, with this energy in mind I, Lord Melchizedek, encourage you to contemplate the awakening process and the truth that is the awakening process.
You may have an understanding of what awakening is spiritually. You may also have an understanding of how you could or you should awaken, and what this would look like and feel like. Maybe you believe that awakening – a spiritual awakening – only occurs in deep meditation or healing. Maybe you believe that deep awakening occurs when within nature or connecting with others.
I, Lord Melchizedek, invite you to contemplate what do you believe about awakening, specifically your personal awakening? Do you feel that you have accessed a level of awakening already and what did that look like and how did you experience that? Was it challenging? Was it easy? Are you still unsure whether it actually happened? Did it fill you with confidence? I also invite you to evaluate and examine your expectations of awakening in the coming days, months and years.
It’s wonderful to explore your expectations. They often manifest in the way that you judge yourself – judging yourself for not doing something, for not achieving a potential, for not acting in the way that you wished. These all offer access to the expectations that you have and even the beliefs that you have around your spiritual awakening and ascension.
What we wish to uncover is the truth of your awakening because you may have so many ideas, stories, expectations about how you should awaken and the speed, the length, the timing that this should take place. Remember that you are creating the ‘shoulds’ in your ascension and spiritual growth.
I, Lord Melchizedek, invite you to enter into the truth of your being. Whether you discover your truths within the sanctuary of your soul, within you or your Soul Star Chakra above you, within your heart space or whether you simply request and connect with your inner truth – the purest vibration and essence of your being.
I, Lord Melchizedek, invite you to ask that truth, what does my pathway of awakening look like, feel like? What would my truth like me to focus upon in my pathway of awakening? Allow your inner truth to guide you. You may have inspirations straight away, you may not. It may come through a book or something that someone says, or it may come in a few days’ time. It may come as an awareness that you don’t understand. Whatever you receive, even if it’s a subtle vibration, allow yourself to be accepting and continue to practice this process so that you can begin to build, within your mind, a new perspective of your spiritual awakening and ascension that serves you, that in truth, is actually obtainable because it is not created from expectations. It is created from your truth – from what is actually possible for you in this reality, as a pathway of awakening.
The subjects that you can focus upon: the areas that require healing and transformation; the outcomes; the impacts that will be created; the areas that require further manifestation. You will begin to create a perspective of awakening that is born from your truth, that is also flexible and valuable and changes and shifts as you explore and develop and access your truth further – and achieve awakenings that fulfils you, that stir your soul, and allow you…or propel you forward for further awakening.
In this time of deep contemplation I, Lord Melchizedek, invite you to re-create your awakening process, aligned with your soul and your essence – to reform it within your mind as opportunities that are possible for you to access and achieve.
My love is with you always.

I am Lord Melchizedek and I thank you.

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