Your Divinity in Action by Archangel Metatron

Greetings, beloved beings of light, I am Archangel Metatron.
Greetings, beloved beings of light, I am Archangel Metatron. I bring forth the joy, the laughter, the sweetness of the Angelic Kingdom to surround and embrace you in this moment. To invite you and carry you forth into the joy, the laughter and the sweetness within your own being. There are many labels that we can give to divinity. The Creator’s essence and expression within your being and within the entire Universe of the Creator.
Divinity manifests in numerous ways, it can manifest as laughter, joy and sweetness. It can manifest as peace, tranquillity and calmness, balance, truth, illumination, inspiration and enlightenment. Divinity can manifest as a momentum, such as transformation moving from one phase to another. Recognising something that has been long forgotten. We can liken Divinity to meditation. However, there is a need to recognise Divinity not only in your meditations, but within your entire being and your entire reality, we can recognise that Divinity is a quality of the Creator. It is also a momentum such as a transformation or an action, and Divinity is an embodiment. Meaning that it is actively living on the Earth and the Inner Planes. It can also mean a grounded energy of the Creator.
We have a quality, a momentum and an embodiment. You may be able to recognise that these three phases you experience often in your reality. In fact, every day, and every moment not only in meditation and spiritual practice, but in your connection with others, with nature, with animals, your achievements, your aspirations, your dreams, the actions and the reactions that you create. It is also important to realise that a negative emotion, a negative experience and a negative embodiment, all allow you to take a step closer to your divinity. With this understanding of the manifestation of divinity, you can begin to recognise Divinity within your being, and within your reality. In fact, within all that you are and all that you experience.
Why would you choose to focus upon recognising divinity?
Each time you recognise your Divinity, you remember and access a greater aspect of your whole and complete self. It is as if you are collecting puzzle pieces to make a ginormous puzzle or picture that allows great understanding and realisation, and each puzzle piece brings forth its own understanding. It is important to begin to recognise all aspects of your reality and your being as the Divinity of the Creator, therefore collecting, and remembering aspects of your own Divinity, your whole and complete self your expression of the Creator.
How can you experience this process?
There is first a need to recognise the qualities of the Creator, the momentum of the Creator and the embodiment of the Creator.
Recognise all the Creator’s qualities that you embody that you experience from day to day. Happiness, joy, love, truth, awareness, courage, confidence, faith, and trust.
Recognise the momentum you put into action. Your actions of creation, your actions of care, of supporting yourself, of supporting others, of transformation, of inspiration, of awakening, of healing, and of letting go. Allow yourself to recognise each process as you go throughout your day. You can say to yourself, I recognise this process as my Divinity or carrying my Divinity, or I recognise this process as leading me closer to my Divinity. You can create the words that support and assist you.
Recognise the embodiment of the Creator of Divinity within yourself and others. You may see the most beautiful tree. Take a moment, recognise the Divinity that is present. You may have a beautiful exchange with another being. Take a moment, recognise the Divinity within that being. You may receive a gift; someone may support you or a synchronicity falls into place. Allow yourself to recognise the embodiment of the Creator, of Divinity. The simple taking a moment to recognise this as Divinity is like, you taking a moment to pick up a jewel that was always yours, returned to yourself to your truth.
When you allow yourself to focus, to concentrate on the presence of your Divinity in these three different ways: qualities, momentum and embodiment. You will be recognising your Divinity in action. Not only will your Divinity within your being be swelling up, and magnifying, it will be overflowing from your being into everything that you do, and everything that you say. Therefore, through the process of focus, you will be Divinity in action and through the process of allowing yourself to do that you will be Divinity in action because Divinity will be pouring from you into every action, every aspect of your being.
This is the way of an Ascended Master. A way of accessing your mastery while also accessing the beauty of life. For you are upon this Earth to experience the beauty of the Creator in the physical form. When you recognise the qualities, the momentum and the embodiment within. Or negative, painful, feeling, situations all within your body, or a body of another and you know that they will lead you to divinity. This is a very powerful way of shifting your perspective so that you can recognise the beauty in the world. The presence of the Creator in everything and everyone living your reality as you are meant to.
My love is with you, eternally.

I am Archangel Metatron

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