Love of Generations by Archangel Metatron

Greetings, beloved beacons of light, I am Archangel Metatron.
I invite you to inhale deeply and as you exhale, imagine that ribbons of light extend from your being out into the world around you, into the universe. The more you exhale allowing these ribbons of light to extend from all parts of your being, the more you ground yourself into your being, your essence and your truth as well as into the Earth. You can imagine these ribbons of light; they each have a purpose. They are each reaching out and touching an aspect of the Universe of the Creator, and the world around you, gifting love. 
Today, I Archangel Metatron, wish to speak with you about the Love of Generations. Every Soul incarnate in a physical body upon the Earth has experienced love. Whether it is love for another, love for an animal, love for Mother Nature, love for self, or for an experience. Every Soul incarnate on the Earth in your current reality and previous generations has experienced some form of love and so they are able to connect with the love within their being and to share it. Imagine all of those many souls, all engaging in love. How powerful it is that every being upon the Earth knows what love is, they hold love within their being even if it is only a small amount, and if they choose to, they can connect with it, embody it and radiate it. 
In a world where it feels that negativity, chaos, or harm is greater than love. This realisation is immensely important. Yes, we can probably say the same for harm or hurt, every soul has probably experienced some form of pain while being incarnate on the Earth. However, love is immensely empowering, immensely powerful, and so, as we realise that every generation has experienced some form of love, you can recognise that this loving energy is flowing to you now. Not only from your ancestral line, but every ancestral line. You have this abundance of love that is flowing to you constantly. Its purpose is to magnify your love and to support you in embodying love, as well as living as an example of love. Love is a way of connecting to the Creator. We can recognise that every soul that has been incarnate in a physical body has connected to the Creator, whether they realise it or not, and so it is true to realise that the Creator’s energy flows through all ancestral lines, all generations, and that the Creator is present in everyone. 
You may look back at your generations or your ancestral line, and it may be filled with pain and hurt. However, there will be a moment of love even if it is the love of a newborn, and so there is a connection with the Creator. It is important as we realise that every soul incarnate on the Earth has experienced love and a connection with the Creator that you can call this energy force to be embodied within your being. You can then magnify, nurture, and build it, sending it back through the generations and the ancestral lines to empower all love and connection with the Creator. If you achieve this multiple times, then the energy of love within your being and the energy of love within every single person who has been incarnate on the Earth will be magnified as many times as you achieve it. This is a very powerful way of enhancing and developing the connection of the Creator and the love of the Creator within all souls, within all realities and dimensions, thus, you are creating and magnifying love in your own current reality, you are also supporting all beings in their ascension journey. 
I, Archangel Metatron, invite you to call upon my energies and my presence to be with you, and I invite you to recognise your own inner love and your own connection with the Creator. Then to state:
‘My purpose is to share my love and connection with all souls who have been incarnate on the Earth. As I do this, I invite them to send their love and connection to me. I will then carefully nurture and nourish the love and connection I embody, and that is given and shared with me, and send it back to all souls. I invite you to share your energy again with me until the process is complete or I say stop. Thank you.’ 
Imagine that you are sending your love and connection to every soul through every generation through every ancestral line, your own and others. You send your love and connection and invite that love and connection to flow back to you from those souls, allow yourself to receive as your body and being fill with light, love and connection. Breathe it in and breathe it out, focus upon magnifying the energy within your being then send it out again, and you can call it back from all souls. Again, magnified within your own being and continue this process, the love and connection will build within you and within all and you will feel the presence of love growing. This is a wonderful way of enhancing the love and connection of the entire world, not only in this dimension and reality but other dimensions and realities as well. You are creating a love boost and a connection boost and I honour you for this. 
You do not need to worry about any other energies coming to you because your focus and intention is love and connection, and so that is all that you will receive and give. When you are complete you may say stop. Then allow Mother Earth to hold your feet and embrace you as a symbol of grounding you.
I thank you. 

I am Archangel Metatron

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