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Minimum Donation: £0.00

Minimum Donation: £0.00

Natalie has been on maternity leave for the last 8 months to focus on the birth of her third child. In celebration of returning to her role at the OmNa Sanctuary Natalie is hosting a Free Webinar.  The birth of her third child has been a whirlwind of spiritual challenges, growth and insights. Natalie wishes to share this with you as a way of reconnecting with the OmNa Family and creating healing for others. She will invite the Celestial White Beings to channel their wisdom and support. 

Join the Free Live Webinar to:

Discover how Natalie has grown spiritually and the insights she has gained.

Discover what Natalie is currently focusing and healing within herself.

Explore what needs healing and focus within yourself and how to instigate a transformation. 

Recognise your perfect imperfections.

Explore living from the heart. 



How it Works:


On Thursday 6th June 2024 at 3:15pm – 4.00pm UK time, we will gather online with Natalie Glasson channeling the Celestial White Beings.

Natalie will offer a short presentation followed by channeled wisdom, meditations and practices. There is time for inner exploration.

Once you have enrolled you will need to login to your OmNa Sanctuary Account, clicking on Downloads to reserve your space and receive the joining link for each session. It is important to do this straight away. 

Each person registered will receive a replay of the session whether they attended or were unable to attend. The replay can be found in your OmNa Sanctuary Account under Downloads. 

You can join the webinar even if you have missed previous sessions as you will receive the replay of the session you have missed.


If you are unable to pay the minimum donation, OmNa Scholarships are available for this course, OmNa is dedicated to offering this sacred opportunity to all. When we work together we can change the vibration of the Earth to create a reality of love for all.


Webinar Schedule:

  • Session 1: 6th June 2024 at 🇬🇧 3.15PM BST / 🇺🇸 10.15AM EDT / 🇺🇸 7.15AM PT


Webinar Replays: A replay of each webinar will be available a few hours after the session in your OmNa Sanctuary Account.

Access to Webinar: If you are unable to join the live webinar but have purchased and reserved your virtual seat you will receive the replay a few hours after the session in your OmNa Sanctuary Account.

Permanent Access: When you login to your account you will find an updated link to the recorded webinar sessions, this will be available for you to access whenever you wish to.

2 reviews for From The Heart Free Webinar

  1. Miroslava xxx (verified owner)

    Hello Natalie! I was very touched by what you shared, I cried most of the time… I loved how you delivered it, feeling your inner transformation and strength… It was so heartbreaking that I would have gladly taken my time to come visit and help you… So many suggestions popped up in my head! What about a night time nanny for your newborn? Or a daytime one for your other children? How do you feel about home birth? What would change if you delivered at home (e.g. water birth)? If you chose yourself how the baby is delivered, negotiating with a baby? Being helped by a chiropractor, a dula, or a nurse?
    I love the name River, as it evokes a fluid energy, a healing energy of water, fluidity of connectedness with Source, alignment, source of life, as well as happiness, joy, and an effortless flow (and it makes me understand better why the baby chose to be “lifted up” from the tummy…:-)
    To cheer you up I want to tell you about a famous influencer on social media, stay at home mom and a model, a young girl whose name is Nara Smith, her husband’s name is Lucky Blue. She just gave a birth to a girl Whimsey Lou. Her other children’s names are Rumble Honey (girl) and Slim Easy (boy).
    I understand how important is our mind, perception, and energy, ultimately creating everything happening in our reality… It reminded me of the book The power of positive thinking from Norman Vincent Peale. Your exercises to conquer fear are excellent. And definitely, this is a daily practice, a daily choice… And we all need to be inspired in order to revisit the theme of fear versus love and alignment.
    Thank you!

  2. glennyv (verified owner)

    This was heavy for sure 😛 A most beautiful talk from Natalie about approaching fear and traumatic events. I feel this was as important for you as it was for us to watch and listen. I am glad you will keep channeling, Natalie. I will be there to listen.
    Thank you

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