Inner Voice by Venus Beings

Greetings beloved beings of light and love upon the earth, we are the Venus Beings.
Greetings beloved beings of light and love upon the earth, we are the Venus Beings. We are a collective of beings in existence upon Venus. We hold the vibration of love. Our focus, our purpose, is dedicated to the love of the Creator. We wish to ignite this love within all beings, and remind all beings how they are in an embodiment of love.
Today we come forth to speak with you about your inner voice.
We first wish to say that the entire Universe of the Creator is a conversation, a communication. Every being, every existence, every soul is in conversation and communication with themselves, with each other, in fact, with the entire Universe of the Creator.
As you exist in your physical body we, the Venus Beings, invite you to imagine that all aspects of your being are in conversation and are communicating with each other. We also wish for you to be aware that all aspects of your being are in conversation and communication with every being upon the earth and the inner planes, and that every being upon the earth and the inner planes is also in communication and conversation with you.
Imagine for a moment, if you could hear this conversation it would be like a very loud chattering noise – a noise maybe that you would not be able to understand or distinguish. It might sound all jumbled.
Now imagine that this noise is actually silence and all the conversations and communications are experienced to you as silence…as peace…because it is natural for all aspects of your being to be in conversation and communication.
You are connected to all aspects of your being and all beings.
It is a flow of Creator energy that empowers and energises your being. It allows you to be connected, to gain, to receive and to share all that is needed. When you connect into that piece, which is in fact the communication of yourself and all beings, you can access different channels of communication. For example, you might be able to access a part of your physical body speaking to you, or maybe your heart connecting with the Heart Chakra of a being on the inner planes.
There are so many voices, so many communications and conversations that you can connect with, that you can listen to. You might not be able to experience them as a vocal conversation, but you may be able to experience a sound, a sensation, a frequency or a feeling, or maybe something else.
You have access to information, knowledge and wisdom that is present within you and the entire Universe of the Creator. There is simply a need for you to tune into it; to align with it.
With such a wealth of knowledge and wisdom of flow and conversation, it can be challenging to understand where to align. That which is needed for your existence, for your spiritual growth and to serve you, always comes to the forefront to be observed by you.
Often when you’re searching for something and are unable to find it, it is not exactly what is needed for you.
The Universe of the Creator isn’t tricky. It doesn’t create obstacles. It is often the mind and the desires, thinking that you need something when maybe the alignment is slightly off and there is something greater that would be of more service to you. Once you align with that, it offers a greater service to you and it comes very easily.
Your inner voice is actually made up of so many voices, in actual fact, the entire Universe of the Creator.
So how do you know when you’re following the most appropriate inner voice for you, and what is your true essence in a voice?

You can ask to connect with different aspects of your being, like tuning into a channel. You can ask to experience the voice, the inner voice of your essence, or your original spark for this reality.

You can ask to tune into or align with your soul/your soul group/the Creator within you.
As you experiment with this, you will notice the voice with which you feel most comfortable…the one that fulfils you…and that will be the most perfect alignment for you.
It will be like fine-tuning a radio station because essentially, the voice of your soul, soul group and Creator may be the same; they may offer the same wisdom, the same vibrations, the same understanding and guidance.
As you fine tune, you’ll gain the most appropriate vibration that serves you physically/emotionally/mentally and spiritually – one that inspires you, and brings healing and knowingness.
There isn’t a wrong voice within your being because every communication, whether it’s a part of your body…your emotional body, your mental body, your spiritual body…each has something valuable of which to make you aware – maybe to transform, maybe to embody.
When you close your eyes and focus within, and allow yourself to access a peace…breathing that energy of peace in and out through your being…you know you’re connecting to this stream of your inner voice that is so colourful, so abundant, so wise and so connected to the entire Universe of the Creator.
You also realise that you have tremendous support and that you are never alone, that the answers you require are always within you, and that all of your being and this conversation and communication that you experience, it is for you to support, to love and to nurture you.
It is time to explore this; awakening this vibrant and abundant truth within your being.

We are the Venus Beings. We love you, and we thank you.

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