Flame of Truth by Archangel Zadkiel

Greetings, I extend angelic blessings to each soul. I am Archangel Zadkiel.
Greetings, I extend angelic blessings to each soul. I am Archangel Zadkiel. It is an honour to be in your presence. I come forth with angelic vibrations and also the Seventh Ray of Light – of violet light of transformation and ascension. I also bring forth the violet flame of transmutation.
It is my purpose to come forth to you today to speak of the fire of truth.
We have two energies which are immensely important at this time; the violet flame energy and the vibration of truth.
The violet flame has numerous dimensions that it exists in harmony with, so we can even recognise the violet flame at a cosmic level. When we recognise the violet flame at a cosmic level, we realise that the flame emanates and radiates truth…the truth of the Creator….the very essence of the Creator.
At a cosmic level the violet flame is not necessarily focused upon transmuting negative energies or misaligned energies. It is more so a beacon of truth – of Creator vibrations.
At other levels, within the Creator’s universe, we recognise more of a mix. The flame cleanses/purifies, while also bringing forth the truth of the Creator.
Now it may be too harsh for you or your environment to call down the cosmic violet flame as this would be like experiencing the heart – the pure essence of the Creator. It may feel uncomfortable to some. To others it may feel immensely blissful, inspiring and enlightening.
I, Archangel Zadkiel, propose that you invite the flame of truth…the violet flame of truth…of the most appropriate vibration and dimension, to support the essence of your soul, meaning the highest vibration of your soul incarnate in your physical body and energetically.
When you receive the flame of truth, it may not be the colour violet. It may be a different colour but it will still have the cleansing, purifying vibrations and the truth vibration. You may be able to grasp, in how it is transforming or transmuting energies and what aspect of truth it is dawning from within your being.
As you sit within this violet flame of truth, it is a deep cleansing and awakening process. It allows for much baggage to be discarded and it reminds you of why you are present, what makes you feel happy and joyous, and a greater feeling of fulfilment, contentment and wholeness.
It is like it is connecting you or reconnecting you to the Creator and allowing everything that is confusing you or distracting you, to flow away…to be dissolved or discarded in a peaceful manner…an inspiration, connection, to dawn within your being.
You don’t need to know from what vibration or dimension this flame of truth is extending. That does not really matter. It’s more so its affect upon you; its impact and the transformation it creates.
Every time you make this request, the flame of truth that you receive may be different. For each flame of truth that you receive, your vibration heightens; you connect more with your soul and the Creator, you release baggage and unwanted energies and confusions, so you are able to accept a higher vibration.
And so you can continue, thus transforming and awakening and transmuting your energies so that a greater percentage of truth – the Creator’s essence – remains within your being, and your attention is more focused upon that truth; you’re more readily able to accept and to see it, thus more readily able to use your truth – your inner truth – in your reality.
I, Archangel Zadkiel, also wish to encourage you to use the flame of truth or the violet flame of truth, to support other people/countries/places/situations/nature, in fact, any being or any scenario. You can call forth the most appropriate vibration and dimension of the violet flame of truth for that upon which you are focusing.
As more and more people download this energy and sit in this space of the flame of truth that is appropriate for them, the more it unlocks energies….stuck energies are unlocked.
Truthful energies that have been forgotten are unlocked, even energies within the land are unlocked.
That word unlocking is very important now in ascension. You may feel yourself unlocking, as if you have been set in your ways and now you are opening the door to something new. As the flame of truth is anchored into the earth, and into all aspects of the earth, by yourself and others, so there will be a very powerful awakening and unlocking.
I leave this with you to contemplate. It is a powerful surge and a powerful energy to experience.
I thank you.

I am Archangel Zadkiel