How to Receive by Master Kuthumi

Greetings beloved light beacons on the Earth, I am Master Kuthumi. It is an honour to be in your presence today and I wish to support you in recognising, embodying and experiencing fulfilment within your being, your reality and your spiritual growth. I wish to support you in creating what you wish to experience for yourself and for the Earth. I wish to guide you so that you may feel more connected to yourself, to those around you, the Earth and the Creator. There is a very special technique, an understanding that I wish to share with you. It is not necessarily something that will blow your mind. It is most likely that you already understand and are aware of what I will share with you. However, I wish to bring it into your awareness. I encourage you to focus in a certain way now because of the Ascension energies flowing at this time from the Creator. 
In order to experience fulfilment, connection, and being more grounded in your being, your reality, and your dreams, there is a need to focus upon receiving. It is very easy to say to yourself that you are open to receive, that you are willing to receive all of the gifts that the Creator wishes to share with you. You are willing to receive gift after gift, you are willing to receive riches and plenty, abundance and prosperity. You are there waiting, ready and willing to receive. However, it may be that you are not experiencing fulfilment in your reality, or the manifestation of your dreams or the advancement of your spiritual growth. Even gaining assistance from yourself and others in your reality might be challenging. Often within your being, there is an energy that is resistant to receiving, and this energy that resists receiving from the Creator can be found in every being on the Earth and even the Inner Planes. I will share that there is still some resistance even within ascended masters. Be aware that resistance to receiving is natural. Every being holds an element of this resistance, and it acts as a doorway to connection with yourself and the Creator.
If within your being, there is a resistance to receiving, how do you overcome this?  You may not even be aware that you don’t really want to receive all the Creator wishes to share with you. I, Master Kuthumi, first invite you to contemplate when someone gives you a gift or shares something with you, How do you feel? What is your first reaction? What are your first thoughts? Do you feel happy? Are you willing to receive? Do you feel supported, loved? Does a part of you say that it isn’t what you wanted, maybe you feel awkward or uneasy and uncomfortable? Maybe you even throw the gift away. When you begin to acknowledge how you feel when you receive a gift you can also acknowledge how you feel when you do not receive, when you ask the Creator or someone in your reality for something or to do something for you. How do you feel when it doesn’t manifest? What is your first reaction?
Through these acknowledgments you begin to recognise the energies of resistance within your being, and this offers you an insight into the beliefs and energies that you are holding on to that are acting as blocks to you receiving. I wish to share an activity with you and you may feel that this might be a childish activity, but sometimes there is a need to access that inner innocence, that joy, that childlike nature in order to soften the energies and open your being to receive. 
I, Master Kuthumi, invite you to sit peacefully or you may stand, whatever feels appropriate. Imagine or call forth the Creator to shower you in light blessings, blessings made of light. Imagine a downpour of blessings made of light that are flowing over and through you.  Imagine or physically achieve the next part. I, Master Kuthumi, invite you to catch each blessing in your hand as it flows over and through your being.
Say, ‘Thank you, I readily receive or I openly receive,’ and place it into your heart space.  You may need to use your imagination, think of it as a game. You may need to imagine presents falling from the sky or you may be able to  sense the energy flowing. You may find yourself imagining it or you may physically find yourself running around the room trying to catch the blessings of the Creator. Catching them, holding them in your hand saying thank you with such gratitude, and then placing them in your heart space. When you have completed the process, when it feels complete, sit for a few moments, place your hands upon your heart space, and feel, sense or acknowledge all that you received, all the light, the blessings like good wishes.
The connection with the Creator, everything that is within your being, let it flood. Let it flood into all aspects of your body and your being and feel yourself opening, expanding to receive even more, and you might even feel yourself receiving. It is that moment where you expand, where you are ready to receive that is most important because in that state of being, anything and everything is possible. You can place an intention of what you wish to receive. You can ask to connect with a guide, ask to receive wisdom. In that moment anything and everything is possible. There is only a need to ask, and to remain in that expansive space, knowing that you are receiving.
Emotions, limitations, beliefs may come up. Observe them, acknowledge them, thank them, and breathe them away. The more you can enter into this space of expansive, openness and receiving knowing that you are safe, that you are protected, that this is a natural state for you, the more it will become a habit. It will naturally and automatically occur because of past experiences. Many people do not remember how to constantly exist in a space of receiving because it feels too exposed, and they are used to cradling, protecting their own energy, withdrawing, contracting their own energy inside, this causes the resistance to receiving.  It is like trying to receive something when you cannot open your hands or extend your arms to receive it, and so there is a need to enter back into this natural way of being where you are, constantly learning and in an expansive safe space of receiving. Then receiving becomes very natural. You create an intention, and you receive, there is a power, there is a flow to it.
I hope that my words and my understanding have served you today.

I am Master Kuthumi. I thank you. 

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