How to Change Your Reality by the Andromedans

Greetings, we are the Andromedan civilisation.
We come forth in love, truth and peace. We deliver forth through our energy, all that is available from the Creator that we receive. We give this to you now. We invite you to open your energy fields to allow our vibrations to flow like a summer breeze through your being warm, gentle, and comforting. Awakening your vibration, awakening your being, and activating the light present within you.
Today we the Andromedans wish to speak of how to change your reality. There are many of you who are unsatisfied with your reality, maybe it is only certain aspects of your reality, or your entire reality. You are desperate, desire a change, or a transformation, maybe even a new beginning or chapter of your life. Take a moment to recognise if you do have any desires, to change, to alter and transform your reality.
We the Andromedans bring forth the energies, and consciousness, to support you in altering, and shifting your reality. We wish to say to you, that if you change your thinking, your thoughts, and your perspective, your reality will change. We are giving you the answer of how to change your reality. First change your thoughts, not only your thoughts, your perspective and your beliefs.
As we explore deeper we may recognise a victim perspective. What we label as the Victim Mode, the Victim Mode can manifest often or rarely. It can be something that you engage with often and even live your reality from, or it might simply pop up now and then.
When we speak of the Victim Mode, we are speaking of your loss of power. Moments where you lose your power or more appropriately where you think that you have lost your power. That you are helpless and unable to change or transform anything. When you are in Victim Mode, you might feel that you are being attacked, or things are being done to you, like the Creator or the universe, is causing you suffering, and pain. While this mode has its benefits and it’s learning of the truth that exists within your being. When entering into the Victim Mode forgiveness is required. There is a need for you to be immensely gentle with yourself, to cuddle, support, empower and encourage yourself. This will support the change that is needed for you to step out of the perspective and mode of being a victim. As you step out of the Victim Mode you remind yourself of the power within your being.
You create your reality from your thoughts, your perspectives, and your beliefs, you influence your reality from the state of your inner being. If you are able to focus upon love, peace and truth, this will radiate into your reality. The more you practice this, the more you step into it and recognise it, thus the easier it becomes. It is as if you recognise the Victim Mode with greater ease and are able to decide that it is not for you. You do not wish to spend any time lacking in power, but more so wish to energise and empower your power. Your power is your ability to follow your intuition and to make decisions, it is a loving, peaceful, blissful, and truthful flow that is natural from your being. Your power is when you are aligned with who you are. Your power can be described in so many ways and yet, you know, when you are in your power, when you are accessing it for you feel happy, you feel content, and your perspective, your thoughts radiate the same.
Often, it is not so much about creating thoughts to think that are aligned with positivity, more so about recognising when thoughts disempower you and remembering or imagining the power, love, truth, and essence of the Creator within you, allowing this to emanate. Therefore, the thoughts are created from this foundation rather than from your personality. They can also be created from your personality and so the change in perspective and thoughts comes from the essence, the space, the energy recognised within your being, and your choice to emanate it. Affirmations can be repeated however the creation comes more from the well of truth within your being.
As you begin to recognise the Victim Mode in your reality, you will notice how even the smallest of thoughts or actions are actually born from this Victim Mode. It could be as simple as something that you eat might be born from the Victim Mode. It could be a word that you say or even a piece of clothing that you wear that is born from the Victim Mode. The more you recognise the Victim Mode, the more you will step into your power and your truth. This will change your reality.
You can change your reality both from within your being and through the thoughts you create, when these two merge, your entire being is synchronised. That is when the truth, wells, thoughts manifest, and your reality changes. Thus, you are leaving behind the victim mode, which is creating the suffering, the pain, the challenges in your reality and within the reality of others, in truth, the reality of the world.
You might ask yourself or ask us, how a small change within can influence the world around you?
Everything is linked, it is synchronised and synthesised. Each change and transformation you make within your being is like a spark of light flowing to the entire world. However, when the world is involved with so many souls, so many divine plans, it takes precision, timing and patience. Every step you make influences and changes the world around you. This filters into so many realities.
You can change your reality and you have the tools to do so.
We invite you to explore and experiment with our idea. Your life is about experimenting and playing. Play with your thoughts, play with the connection that you hold with the Creator, radiate this play to be creative. See what works, see what does not make the shifts and change what is necessary.
We the Andromedans are present to support and assist you, you only need to call on our energies.
We thank you.

We are the Andromedans.

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