Are You Uncomfortable in Your Physical Body? by the Andromedans

Greetings and love, we the Andromedans extend into your being now.
We wish to embrace you with unconditional Divine Love, we invite you to receive this unconditional Divine Love, absorbing it deep into your entire being and especially your physical body.
Throughout this Ascension process each being upon the Earth is absorbing sacred vibrations, activations, keys, and codes from the Creator, while activating deep knowingness and remembrance from within, from the soul, soul group, and the Creator. This means that your physical body is upgrading all of the time. It is upgrading its energy vibration, the knowledge and wisdom that it holds, and the truth grounded in your cells. This upgrading process of the physical body is due to you seeking, developing and discovering your Ascension process. Your body and being hold the purpose of accepting all that is the Creator so that you may exist upon the Earth as an embodiment and an expression of the Creator.
With all these activations and upgrades within your physical body there is still an energy, a programming, which is hindering the complete, and absolute success of these upgrades within the physical body. This programming may allow you to feel uncomfortable in your physical body. Let us, the Andromedans, describe to you what this might mean, feeling uncomfortable in your physical body. You might find that each day you are searching for things wrong with your physical body. You may be worrying about your physical body and your health, worrying about ageing or the future. You might find that you are deeply judgmental about your physical body, your body might not be the same as others, maybe you feel like you don’t fit in. You might feel that there are parts of your physical body that simply aren’t working appropriately or that there’s something wrong with your physical body, but you don’t know what it is. You may have the desire to change aspects of your physical body.
In the civilisation you are currently existing within it is set in the belief systems that you judge, hate or dislike your physical body in some way. What is needed for the physical body is self-love and empathy. The way that you feel about your physical body is born from wounds within your being, within your energy system, within your emotions, and even your thought process. Much of your thought process is adopted from others; past generations, family members, those that surround you or the media. Many of these beliefs encourage you to seek out and search all that is wrong with your being. Thus, the wounds, the emotions, you might say the pain within you activates and you focus it upon your physical body.
The thought processes and programming are suppressing the divinity of your physical body, as well as the health, the vitality, and the use of your physical body. It is also limiting the connection of your physical body with the Creator and your divine self. Therefore, you may wish to discover what you feel about your physical body. You may wish to recognise on the deepest of levels how you truly feel about your physical body, recognising these as reflections of energies, wounds, emotions, and pain that is unresolved within your being as well as programming from the outside world.
The remedy is self-love and empathy.
Are you willing to first recognise that you are uncomfortable in your physical body?
Are you willing to recognise some of the mirrors that you are projecting into your physical body?
Are you willing to gift to your physical body self-love and empathy?
Even if you are not ready for this, we invite you to contemplate it.
We invite you to cultivate the energies of self-love and empathy within your being, to feel, to sense, and to acknowledge self-love and empathy within your being.
Expand them like a colour or energy, or even a sound into your physical body, and embrace your physical body. Embrace all the areas that you feel uncomfortable with. Maybe you simply feel that it is uncomfortable to live on the Earth.
The more that you can gift self-love and empathy to your body, the more you will dissolve the programming, dissolving the feelings of being uncomfortable.
What you will realise is that these thoughts, these areas that you were uncomfortable with or felt uncomfortable about, you will recognise that they were simply an illusion, and that you are the perfection of the Creator right now. You will recognise that it is so natural to love yourself and that you had been misguided in hating yourself or thinking that something was wrong. Recognising the illusion will feel like a liberation.
More uncomfortable feelings will come to the surface to be released. However, the foundation of self-love will allow all the upgrades and activations that your physical body requires to move through, to take place with success with totality and completeness. Your body will thrive with this simple shift. Thrive in so many ways that you can’t even imagine.
We hope that you will accept our words with the love that they are given. Focus within your being to allow the transformations to take place.
We the Andromedans will be with you to support you and assist you.

We thank you, we are the Andromedans.

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