Eyes of Wonder by the Andromedans

Greetings, we are the Andromedans, we come forth as a civilisation and a collective energy, which we share with you.
We bring forth to you the most sacred crystal, a crystal that is and appears as an eye. It is clear in the shape of an eye, and it glistens and shines radiating light. We invite you to imagine, sense or acknowledge the crystal the shape of an eye above your head. When you are ready, we invite you to slowly allow the crystal to move down through your chakra column. We invite the crystal to especially hesitate and stop at your third eye chakra, your throat chakra, your higher heart and heart chakra. When this crystal from the Andromedan civilisation, holding our energies, stops for a moment in these chakras, it will blaze its light into your chakra bringing forth clarity. Its purpose is to change the perspective of your sight, your ability to see, to view yourself and the world through these chakras. The crystal will support the release of judgment, criticism, and doubt. You may recognise that you use judgment, criticism, and doubt as tools to view the Earth and yourself.
It is the time to begin to dissolve your inner judgement, criticism, and doubt, allowing clarity and the true vibration of your being to flow forth to emanate and radiate. As this takes place, you will begin to retrain yourself in gazing at yourself and your reality through the eyes of your true vibration, the essence of your soul and expression of the Creator. When you view yourself and the world around you through the eyes of your true essence, we call this the Eyes of Wonder. You view the world and yourself from a space of wonder, curiosity, love, peace, and contentment. As a baby and a child, you did this automatically. You viewed the world through Eyes of Wonder because everything was new. You didn’t have the opinions, the judgments, the criticisms, and the doubts of others within your mind. You were clear, with the joy and purity of the Creator within you. You gazed at the world and yourself from this space, and this allowed you to see the truth.
You saw the truth within your being, and you saw the truth outside of you. The joy, the wonder, the love that is present because that is the vibration that you were using as your foundation. When your foundation is the truth of your being, your soul, the Creator presence, the essence that exists within you, you radiate this. You view yourself and others from this space, and so like attracts like, you see, sense and acknowledge that which equals your own vibration. It is not that fear, pain or suffering in the world goes away. You might not see it so clearly in your reality or it might not be attracted into your reality. Therefore, it may appear to you that there isn’t any suffering or pain in your reality. Some may say that this is unrealistic, and that pain and suffering will always be present to some extent, but if you view from the foundation of truth within your being, you will have the power, the strength, the Creator presence to support, to heal, to release any pain or suffering that is present. When we say support, we mean that you will be able to cradle the suffering and pain in love and truth in order to bring forth a healing. When you view from the space of judgement, criticism and doubt this is the reality you create for yourself, this is how others react to you. When you view it through the Eyes of Wonder, you create wonder in your reality, you create joy and love and others react to you in that way. You activate the same within their being.
You have the strength to deal with pain and suffering when it does come into your reality. We have shared with you the Andromedan Crystal filled with our energy, clarity, love, peace, and contentment. We call the crystal, the Eye of Wonder or the Eyes of Wonder.
Allow the crystal to settle in your being, to move through all your chakras, down into your root chakra, into your earth star chakra below your feet and gifting it to Mother Earth. You are gifting a new perspective, a new foundation, a new way of being to yourself and to others. You are able to view into other dimensions of yourself and the reality around you. You are able to be your truth and to live your truth. The crystal, the Eye of Wonder, is deeply cleansing.
You can allow it to sit within certain chakras for as long as feels appropriate creating a deeply cleansing experience.
Once it has moved through, you can allow yourself to connect with your own soul, and Creator presence within you.
Imagine, sense, or acknowledge you are viewing through the heart chakra then through the throat chakra, through the third eye, then come and settle in the higher heart chakra.
When you feel ready, open your eyes and view. What do you see/perceive?
It takes time, courage and a small amount of discipline to remind yourself that you hold the Eyes of Wonder, you can approach and exist in your reality with wonder. Judgment, criticism, and doubt does have a place, simply not a constant place. If you perceive the world as wrong, fearful, maybe that it attacks you, filled with hatred, pain and suffering, then we the Andromedans invite you to work with the Eye or Eyes of Wonder. There is more to see, so much more of the Creator to see. We invite you to notice how your thoughts, and mind are very much linked to what you see, perceive and view around you. Often your thoughts will dictate what you actually see.
You can try this practice: Look at a tree or an object, it can even be a person in your mind. Say something judgmental about this tree, object or person and then view it through your eyes. Observe how you feel? And other thoughts that come.
Then close your eyes, say something positive in your mind about the tree, the object or the person, then open your eyes and view once more and notice if there is a difference.
We, the Andromedans will leave you to experiment.
We thank you for your presence, we love you.

We are the Andromedans.

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