Healing with Freedom by the Celestial White Beings

Greetings beacons of bliss and light, we are the Celestial White Beings.
Greetings beacons of bliss and light, we are the Celestial White Beings. We come forth as a voice of many however we are one. We are from the celestial vibrations. Our light is the colour of white and we bring forth bliss. Bliss is our purpose – it is our essence.
We, the Celestial White Beings, wish to invite you to experience a healing with us in our celestial chambers on the Inner Planes. We invite you to our Healing Celestial Chambers on the Inner Planes. For those who feel guided to attend, we, the Celestial White Beings, will be present with you and the healing that we propose is connected to the vibration of freedom. It is often when you are in existence upon the Earth that you contemplate freedom as an experience however, it is a vibration – a frequency of light that exists throughout the entire Universe of the Creator. We wish to draw from our solar essence, the Creator’s vibration of freedom – like a beaming light. We wish to work with your body and your energy fields, in fact your entire being, delivering this frequency of freedom which is flowing from our beings and from the Creator.
As you are bathed in the vibration of freedom, remember that this is not necessarily freedom as you would recognise it upon the earth. It is freedom with the Creator’s perspective. As the vibration of freedom flows over and through your being, we guide it to areas of your being, intensifying the vibration of freedom in those areas in order to create transformations and shifts. As we achieve this, energies will unlock – blocks will disperse. We will create a flow – an easiness within your being – allowing the vibration of freedom to be present and co-create with your entire being. While you are experiencing this healing with us, the Celestial White Beings, you might become aware of certain areas of your body or your being and ask yourself, what would these areas of your body or your being do with the vibration of freedom?
For example, maybe you are drawn to your Heart Chakra and maybe there is a block that is being lifted from your Heart Chakra, and so you contemplate – your Heart Chakra, embodying and holding the vibration of freedom. How would this impact your being? How would it impact your Heart Chakra?
You will gain your own understanding but an example of this could be that you are able to give love and receive love from others because there’s a freedom there to do so. Or maybe the love that you share becomes more expansive because it is free to expand, radiate and connect. You might find that your Heart Chakra softens – that you are able to experience more wisdom, more insights from your Heart Chakra.
While we are bathing you in the vibration of freedom, you can contemplate how freedom will impact certain areas that you are drawn to. If you are not drawn to any areas then simply contemplate with the vibration of freedom within your being – how would that impact your being? It is most likely it creates a greater flow and ease of flow so that energies can move, can create and can manifest. You will also increase the expansion of your being and your energy, maybe even the power and strength of your being. It may support you in setting yourself free from limitations you’ve placed upon yourself.
There are so many ways that the vibration of freedom can support you, and we, the Celestial White Beings, invite you to come work with us in our healing chamber. Simply create the intention and we will be present with you, transporting you to our healing chamber, and beginning to synthesise and bathe you in the vibrations of freedom.
You can achieve this practice as many times as you feel guided. Take time in between each healing to allow its impact to synthesise into your awareness and your understanding.
We, the Celestial White Beings are present to be of service.
We love you deeply and thank you.

Celestial White Beings

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  1. Estimada Natalie.

    Mi ser se conmueve dentro de mi corazón al leer este mensaje tan bello, total gratitud a los Seres Blancos Celestiales, debido a que deseo formar parte del grupo que necesita esa sanación. Siento que este mensaje llega en el momento que más lo deseo, sólo quiero expresar mi gratitud Natalie.
    Siente mi amor incondicional y una gratitud total hacia todo lo que nos ayudas,

    Un abrazo de luz.

    Una pregunta: Qué es y cómo está conformado del consejo de la Luz Radiante? Es que yo te encontré porque me puse a investigar cuando recibí este nombre en una meditación y nadie me ha dado respuesta. Disculpa si te hago esta pregunta tan personal.

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