Connection, Openness and Illusions Energy Shift by Saint Germain

Greetings wonderful beings of light, I am Saint Germain.
Greetings wonderful beings of light, I am Saint Germain. It is an honor to be in your presence and it is an honor to bring forth a greater understanding of the energies that are now beginning to anchor throughout the entire Universe of the Creator.
These energies flow through all dimensions and planes and into the earth…Mother Earth…and all beings. They will continue throughout the coming year and they have immensely potent, powerful and encouraging energies which are coming forth from the Creator – and each being within the inner planes is adopting this energy and purpose.
There is a great enthusiasm building within beings – ascended masters, star beings, angels and so forth – an enthusiasm to support the earth and all beings in their ascension process. This is because the energy and qualities coming forth from the Creator are of connection and openness, so all beings upon the inner planes are actually opening up their being and enhancing their connection with all aspects of the Creator, throughout all dimensions, including the earth. This means that every being on the inner planes is expressing openness and connection to the earth.
There is a great exhilaration, enthusiasm and support that is flooding in abundance into every being upon the earth. It is a magnificent time because never before have those in physical beings or physical bodies, felt or been able to feel so connected to the divine presence of the Creator, to the inner planes, to the inner realms and dimensions. There is a closeness, a connection, an integration, a synthesis that is taking place, and as these beings open up their energy to you and all beings upon the earth, they are sharing – sharing their wisdom, their love, their healing, the Creator qualities that they hold and anchor within their being.
For those upon the earth it is a magnificent time because you have so much wisdom, knowledge, love, healing, Creator qualities, support and guidance available to you from now and throughout the coming year. It is a year of transformation where the connection and links between those upon the earth and the inner planes intensify and strengthen immensely. This also means that the connections between those upon the earth and the Creator, in fact all aspects of the Creator, strengthen as well.
Thus, with this openness, with this connection and great enthusiasm flowing from the earth or from the inner planes to the earth, it is a wonderful time to really focus upon manifesting what you wish to experience in your reality – asking for help, holding intentions – because there are so many beings looking at you, wanting to help and support you, including the Creator. There is a great strength and power that will fuel any creation, manifestation, intention or request that you make especially when this request comes from a space of openness and connection within your being.
As the beings on the inner planes open their energies and connect with you on a deeper level, they’re inviting you to do the same – to begin to focus upon opening your being, opening your energy system, opening your mind, your perspectives, and connecting – connecting with yourself, with your soul, your soul group, your guides, the Creator – connecting with the Universe of the Creator. One way to recognize openness within your being is to recognize openness as liberation – as an expansive energy that moves through boundaries and limitations. So practicing radiating your light beyond boundaries and limitations that you set for yourself, and others set for you, will support openness within your being.
You may also wish to focus upon connection. Do you find it easy to connect with the inner plane beings? Do you find it easy to connect with those around you – physical beings – or maybe it is more challenging?
In this new energy shift you will be invited to recognize what connection really is, to contemplate and explore within your being how you can live fully connected, to recognize where you are disconnected – maybe with an aspect of yourself, or the Creator, or loved ones around you. What would it look like, feel like? If you had a fulfilling connection, would it be a divine flow of energy, of grace, of love? Would you be able to love unconditionally and also allow yourself to be loved?
When you begin to explore what connection is and what it would look like in your reality, as well as where disconnection is present, you’re beginning to invite the flow of the Creator into your entire being and to be expressed through you. You will notice in the coming years, that everything is connected to your connections – your relationships with people, souls, beings, the Creator, yourself. You will notice that you will be challenged to remain open – to trust in your own being and to allow the energy of the Creator and your source to flow through your being, moving through limitations and boundaries.
When the energy of connection and openness is present, it can be challenging, especially when it’s flowing as an energy wave and shift from the source of the Creator because it will awaken and activate everything within your being that is not aligned to openness and connection. Thus old wounds, fears, pains, sufferings may come to the surface, connected to loneliness, disconnection, feeling isolated, stuck, unable to achieve what you want in your reality – like a friendship or lack of support. There are so many wounds that may come up to be cleansed and purified and to be replaced with the vibration of connection, and replaced with the vibration of openness, expansiveness, liberation and, in truth, the energy of infinity – a freedom that allows your truth to be expressed with ease and perfection.
As the energy of openness and connection comes forth, from the core of the Creator, and vibrates through the entire Universe of the Creator and your own being, you will be made aware of illusions. You will be invited…because of your openness and newfound connections…you will be invited to recognize whether something is an illusion, or it is not. An illusion is often created from the ego, the mind, the personality, from fear, pain, and suffering. The truth comes forth from your own source – the energy of light and radiance within your being. You might say from your soul and your soul’s connections with the Creator.
Because of the presence of connection and openness, you will find that illusions are all of a sudden very visible to you – things that you’ve been holding onto from the past and also illusions that others have imprinted into your being such as fears or a perspective that is limiting and creates boundaries or suffering in your reality. When these illusions come into your awareness, because of the presence of connection and openness, you’ll find that the truth also emerges which will make it very easy to let go of the illusion because it is as if the truth will rise up beside it and you will be able to see very plainly – the illusion and the truth – and be able to adopt the truth as a new way of being.
When we are speaking of truth, we are speaking of the presence of your soul – your essence – within your being, or the presence of the Creator within you – purity, a divinity. You’ll find that many illusions alongside enlightenment will rise allowing you to shed, almost like a coat of illusion, thus you will find yourself acting, reacting, being and existing in your reality in a completely new way, because of the presence of truth emanating from your being.
There will be times when you will need to really access the truth within your being as a sanctuary, as a space where you can determine clarity for yourself. This will almost feel as if you are letting go of the entire world around you, and all the opinions and judgments – ideas of others. You are focusing within yourself as if you’ve entered into your own sacred temple where the book of truth is present. This will not only allow you to know yourself more fully, to trust yourself more fully, but to allow yourself to exist from a space of peace, of love and clarity from within your being, thus, in many ways, letting go to the energy of confusion, not knowing, or chaotic thoughts.
An inner knowingness will be born from within your being that will act as a guiding light. This inner knowingness will be specifically for you and, in each person, the inner knowingness may be different and that is appropriate and necessary. With the inner knowingness activating, the greater Creator presence comes forth and is embodied within your being. Feelings of safety, being able to support yourself, understanding what is needed and necessary for you – all these qualities and energies will dawn as well.
The Creator is asking each being, especially upon the earth, and throughout the entire Universe of the Creator, to ensure that every decision that you make is a purposeful decision – it is a decision that has a purpose, and a purpose is something that fills you with joy, with bliss, with love, with openness and connection. When you make a decision in the coming year, ask yourself, ‘Is this a purposeful decision or am I making this decision because it feels as if it’s the only option, or I feel as if I have to?’ You can also ask yourself in another way, ‘What is the purpose of this decision? What outcome does it bring and does that serve me in my quest of openness, connection and the dissolving of illusion, to manifest the truth within my being?’ You may find, because you’ve asked this question of yourself, your being naturally opens and connects with new opportunities and allows new insights and understandings to come forth.
There’s one more thing the Creator invites you to acknowledge. Due to the energy of openness and connection, there are new opportunities and possibilities available to you in your reality and new opportunities of connection with new skills within yourself, and new aspects of yourself that you have yet to recognize. So allow yourself to be open to recognize these new opportunities and possibilities.
This is a splendid, magnificent time with so much support coming forth to you right now from all aspects of the Creator. Allow yourself to inhale this support and know that you are deserving.

I thank you. I am Saint Germain.