Divine Communication Awakening by the Unicorn Kingdom

Greetings, we are the Unicorn Kingdom.
We come forth as a collective energy. We are of similar vibration to the Angelic Kingdom and our purpose is to be of service. We work with the Elemental Kingdom, Mother Earth, the inner planes and of course, we work in service and as guides for souls upon the Earth. Today we wish to bring forth an awakening energy, to support a clearer, more defined communication for you with your guides, your intuition, your soul, and soul group, the Creator and any other energy you wish to connect with.
We first wish to speak of a trio of chakras, the Crown Chakra, the Causal Chakra, and the Third Eye Chakra. Your Crown Chakra at the top of your head is like a lotus flower, supporting you in receiving the divine and sacred energy of the Creator. You can draw energy through your Crown Chakra, into your body, and your being, you can also draw forth wisdom, sacred geometry, templates, and downloads. As the energy flows into your being from your Crown Chakra it enters into your Causal Chakra. Your Causal Chakra at the back of your head, transforms light and energy into a form that your mind and your brain can understand. Light transforms into a vision, a symbol, a colour, a word, or a sensation. There are so many ways that light can transform so that you may understand or gain a summary of the purpose of the light you have received.
Your Third Eye Chakra at your brow area, supports you in seeing or sensing an understanding of the light. As the light transforms into a form within your causal chakra, it is projected into your brow. Your brow is almost like a television screen that you can watch. It allows you to see into your own reality and other dimensions. An example of this might be that you receive an energy through your Crown Chakra, it enters into your Causal Chakra. This energy may be aligned to a certain dimension as it is projected from your Causal Chakra into your third eye, you may see into that dimension. You may connect with the dimension, the wisdom given or the energy shared. We can recognise that the brow, the Third Eye Chakra allows for a connection with the energy that you have received, and also allows you to investigate deeper. It’s as if a spotlight has been activated on a certain energy pattern, wisdom, dimension or sacred space. With the presence of your Third Eye Chakra, you are able to investigate and explore further, accessing the truth of the Creator. Each person can use their Third Eye Chakra in a different way, in service to their own purpose and mission upon the Earth.
This beautiful trio allows for greater clarity in your communication with the divine. The more that you become aware of the way that this trio works, the more sensitive you will become and aware of the information, the knowledge, the communication that flows through it.
We, the Unicorn Kingdom, wish to share with you our awakening energy and to allow it to flow into your Crown Chakra, your Causal Chakra and your Third Eye Chakra, we wish to concentrate the energy into each chakra for as long as is appropriate and needed. As you concentrate upon the chakra, we will share our awakening Unicorn energy, you may feel, sense or acknowledge a shift, you may recognise the chakra opening. As you take time to focus first on the Crown Chakra, then the Causal, then the Third Eye Chakra, we will then send the energy down through your Chakra Column and into Mother Earth. Thus awakening, all of your chakras.
Our purpose is to awaken to greater communication. Therefore, we will send energies, light patterns, and sacred geometry into your Causal Chakra, your Crown Chakra and your Third Eye Chakra. It will be communication information that supports you now in your current Ascension. After experiencing the awakening process, let us send first into your Crown Chakra our communication energy, information and knowledge that supports you. We will then send it into your Causal Chakra and then your Third Eye Chakra. At each stage be aware and observant of any insights, feelings, sensations that come to your awareness. Once this energy is flown into your Third Eye Chakra, let it flow down to Mother Earth through your chakra system, then return to the Third Eye Chakra and rest there. Experience this energy for as long as feels appropriate, if you wish to continue with the process, you can call upon wisdom and guidance from your soul or soul group or even the Creator to flow in the same way. Beginning in your Crown Chakra, moving to your Causal Chakra and projecting into your Third Eye Chakra. Take time to simply be with the energy. Being aware of any insights or understandings, knowingness or remembrance that comes to your awareness. This is a very simple practice. However, it is deeply awakening and supports your development of your divine communication.
We are present to support you, to share with you our awakening, remembering and healing energies. As you work with this process and tool, you will find that you are more able to understand your own intuition and more able to see, sense and acknowledge the truth of the Creator that is within your reality and within your being. Recognising what is illusion and what is not?
We thank you for your time today. Please call upon us to be present with you.

We are the Unicorn Kingdom.

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