How to Protect Your Environment by Pallas Athena

Greetings, beloved beings of light, I am Pallas Athena.
It is a joy to be in your presence today and to bring forth some ideas and tools to serve you in creating an energetic environment that supports your Ascension, your healing, transformation, and of course, the manifestation of the Creator.
Your environment, where you live, where you work, where you exist is immensely important, it acts as a source of nourishment and inspiration for your Ascension journey, and your expression of the Creator. Therefore, it is important that your environment reflects your inner beauty, your inner balance and divinity, propelling you forward to achieve your goals. Your environment, it is important for it to be harmonised with your being. So, that you feel comfortable, content and at peace in your surroundings. With the tools that I, Pallas Athena, wish to offer to you today, you will be able to create the most perfect environment for you, wherever you go.
Now I, Pallas Athena, am the overseer of the golden energy of the Creator, the Christ Consciousness light, and unconditional love. The golden vibration is at the 12th Ray, it is not connected to religion in any way, it is simply a pure expression of the Creator’s Love as well as activation energies that serve you in quickening your Ascension. Many of you are aware of the Violet Flame of Light overseen by Lady Portia at the Seventh Ray. This Violet Flame of Light is an energy of transmutation, it dissolves negative vibrations, stagnant or blocked energies. It sucks them into its flame and dissolves them. I, Pallas Athena, believe that the foundation of the creation of your most important, most perfect environment should begin with the Violet Flame.
I wish to describe and share with you many other flames that are available. It is also important to know that you can blend the flames to create a flame of light or multiple flames of light in one that promotes and supports an environment that serves your Ascension. The Violet Flame can be blended with other flames of light to serve you. If you begin by calling forth, the Violet Flame of Light of the most appropriate vibration and colour to exist in your environment locating it before you or in a certain room, space, building, area or even scenario. Allow the Violet Flame to settle, you may feel that it is beginning to work already. While there are other flames of light that you can call upon, it is important to begin to understand the flames of light that will serve you. You can go within your being, taking your focus inwards, asking what qualities you need to anchor into your environment to serve you now. You may experience an understanding of qualities, or you may simply hold the ability to sense or to know. You can even imagine the qualities that you might like, maybe peace, love, safety, security, happiness, joy, even ecstasy and bliss. You are creating a multi-dimensional and multifaceted flame of light to serve your environment. The flame represents light in action, it constantly burns, constantly absorbing energies or radiating energies to serve you. It will be active, changing, transforming and shifting with you. It will have a consciousness of its own and its intention will be to serve you.
Before you begin, you may wish to simply state your intention, what you wish the outcome will be by using the flames of light.
You may also wish to call upon Archangel Michael’s Protective Flame. You can use Archangel Michael’s Diamond Cleansing Flame as well. This is a cleansing Angelic energy that holds millions of diamonds, like crystal diamonds within the flame. As it radiates outwards, it creates balance and equilibrium, and supports a deep cleansing as well. When you call upon the Angelic Kingdom, there are many flames available, Archangel Raphael’s Healing Flame, Archangel Gabriel’s Creative Flame. You can call upon Angelic Flames of Love, Peace, Joy, all and many qualities. There are flames connected to the Ascended Masters. Saint Germain has a very beautiful flame of light that holds some of the qualities of the Violet Flame but supports transformation, and the evolution into a greater spiritual path. Master Lanto holds a very bright White Yellow Flame of Luminosity, and it makes everything shine brighter, allowing you to see, sense and acknowledge the light in everything and everyone. Master Kuthumi holds a flame filled with ancient wisdom. Master Yeshua holds a flame devoted to love. You may also call upon my flame Pallas Athena and this will allow you to access the golden Christ Consciousness, Unconditional Love Flame.
Master Serapis Bey holds a beautiful flame that supports mental clarity. While Master El Morya holds a flame that is connected to power, willpower, self-esteem, and confidence. In fact, all of the Masters of the Rays of Light, hold flames that you may call upon to serve you. Even the Star Beings have flames of light, the Venus Beings hold a beautiful flame connected to love, the Arcturians hold a flame that supports light technology development and the development of anything into a greater light vibration. The Andromedans hold a flame filled with knowledge of the universe of the Creator. Mahatma holds a flame that encapsulates the entire Universe of the Creator, a brilliant sparkling high vibration. You can call upon a flame of light from the Nature Kingdom should you wish to experience more grounding, more of a connection with Mother Earth. Even Mother Earth herself, holds a flame of light. You can invite a flame of light forth from your soul and your soul group into your environment, holding the qualities that most serve your Ascension now.
Each time you call upon the flame of light of your choosing or simply invite the most appropriate flames of light forth, you invite that flame to blend with the Violet Flame of Light, and any other flames of light that you have anchored. They synthesise becoming one flame of light that serves you. I would advise no more than five or six flames of light integrated at each time. Each time you integrate a flame of light, you can hold that flame of Light within your being and have them integrate within you, and then place them into your environment or you can simply place them into your environment. Each time there is an integration of flames, take a moment to feel the energy flowing. Does it feel appropriate? Does it serve you? Does it inspire you? Does it allow you to feel content and safe? If it does not, then ask for it to be removed and try something else. You are creating a mixture of energy to serve your environment and to act as a foundation for you. You will find that you create a flame with multiple qualities that you use again and again. Until one day you realise that it needs to be transformed, altered or changed because it has served its purpose or you may enjoy creating different flames so that different areas of your environment serve you.
This is a wonderful practice to explore and experiment with, it encourages you to be more sensitive to your environment and the energies within your environment, as well as working with the flames trusting the energies and trusting how they serve you. You will be raising the vibration of the Earth as well as your own being and existence upon the Earth. You can create flames that support protection, cleansing, healing, peace, security, and safety, these will all serve you well.
It is time for me to depart, my love is with you always.

I am Pallas Athena, I thank you.

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