Navigating the Realms of Creation by Archangel Metatron

Greetings and love, I am Archangel Metatron.
What a joy it is to be in your presence today to bring forth the Angelic Kingdom, and to support you in manifesting your dreams, and your desires upon the Earth.
Each being upon the Earth has the abilities and skills to manifest what they wish, each person already manifests in each and every moment of their reality. It is important to understand that you are skilled, and you have the ability to manifest and that you do so now already. With this understanding you may wish to look at your dreams and desires recognising whether they are manifesting or not manifesting in your reality. If they are not manifesting or maybe they are manifesting at a slower speed to your liking, then there may be a reason for this. I, Archangel Metatron, wish to share with you a tool that supports the quickening of your manifestation or the release of blockages.
Upon the inner planes and within your being, there are Realms of Creation. These Realms of Creation are unique. Each realm is like a capsule of energy, intention and light, upon a certain dimension. Each Realm of Creation supports different creations. You have the ability and the possibility to visit a Realm of Creation upon the inner planes or even within your being to absorb the creative energies, vibrations and frequencies that will support you in manifesting your dreams and desires. You may enter into a realm of creation and find that you are being healed or maybe that you are inspired. You might find that you are directed to a certain area of your being where there is a wound that requires to be healed. When you enter into a Realm of Creation the energies within that space direct you as to what is needed for you to create your dreams, your desires, and your purpose upon the Earth. Once this information is given, there may be a time of transition, as you exist within the Realm of Creation absorbing its energies, becoming accustomed to its vibration.
Then there will be a third stage within the Realm of Creation where you are gifted or made aware of the vibrations that are needed to manifest your dream or desire. For example, there may be a need for additional power or courage, maybe greater self-love, maybe the ability to open up to others. There are numerous possibilities of vibrations and energies that could come forward to support you propelling your creative nature. These energies will then be grounded into your being, grounded into Mother Earth, into your reality and into your creations. Therefore, when you think of that which you wish to create, the energies of that Realm will flow through you. You will emanate them, thus acting as an additional power and source of support to propel you forward in manifesting your dreams and desires.
There are also Realms of Creation within your being, Realms of Creation can be found within your chakras, they can be found within your auric field and even within a thought process. To connect with a Realm of Creation within your being, you simply ask to connect with the most appropriate Realm of Creation within your being to support your creation explaining that which you wish to manifest. Allow your attention to go within and let yourself be guided to where your focus is required. You may find that your Realm of Creation is within a connection with a being, with a guide, your soul, your soul group, even the Creator. As you explore this process, the same three things will occur.
You will be guided as to what is needed, whether there is healing needed, a block that needs to be released or something that you are required to think of.
There will be a time of acclimatising to the Realm of Creation where you absorb the energies and embody them becoming one with them.
Then you will be gifted with an energy and inspiration, a word or a symbol that you can anchor into your being, your entire being, into Mother Earth and into your creation. Whenever you think of that, which you wish to manifest, this energy will flow through you, to support the manifestation.
It is the same when you are working with a Realm on the inner planes. You simply ask to be transported by your guides to the Realm of Creation on the inner planes that serve you, then explain that which you wish to create. You will be guided to the most appropriate realm, it may be within the Angelic Kingdom or the Ascended Masters, it may be upon a Star, in the Elementals or you may simply find yourself in a space of energy. There is no need to understand where this space of creation is or even what its purpose is. You will gather its purpose as you enter into it, and as you do so, you will be directed to what is needed. Whether there is a wound that needs to be healed or an energy that needs to be embodied.
Then there will be a time of acclimatising to the energy, and then you will be gifted something that you can ground into your being, into Mother Earth and into your creation.
You may feel like there is a need to visit several different Realms of Creation in order to manifest one goal or dream, or you may find yourself returning to the same place for more embodiment and acclimatisation.
You are using the energy of creation from the Creator to fuel your dreams and desires, to manifest the reality and spiritual ascension that you desire and dream of. This is most appropriate now because the ascension processes are connected to embodying and expressing your personal power.
I invite you to explore, to experiment and discover, I Archangel Metatron will be present with you to serve you and assist you.
I, thank you,

Archangel Metatron.

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