Awakening Manifestation by Archangel Metatron

Greetings and love I, Archangel Metatron, extend to your being now.
Greetings and love I, Archangel Metatron, extend to your being now. I come forth with the love of the Angelic Kingdom. I come forth with the love of the Creator. These I share with you in order to boost and enhance your own creative vibrations within your being. Today I wish to delve deeper into manifestation.
I invite you to think of something that you wish to manifest. Let it be something that you have not yet manifested. It may be a dream or a goal that seems impossible, or seems tricky or challenging to manifest. Maybe you only started focusing upon it recently, or maybe you have been manifesting it for many years.
I draw your attention to a dream or a goal, or maybe even a wish that, at this moment, feels impossible or unobtainable.
I, Archangel Metatron, invite you to sit with this dream, goal or wish…whatever it might be…to think about it and to let its energy fill your body and your auric field, so that you become this dream, goal or wish. It is important to allow the energies to radiate as they are, so if the dream, goal or wish feels impossible, that will also fill your body and your auric field.
It is not necessarily thinking about the positive – that which you wish for – but more so thinking about what you wish for and how you feel about it; whether it feels easy, whether you feel empowered, or maybe it feels unobtainable, or blocked. You honestly think about and embody this dream, goal or wish.
As you sit in this energy to contemplate, as if you’re searching through the energy to begin to understand it, you may recognise that the outcome, the manifestation of the dream, goal or desire…whatever it may be…might be positive. It might feel empowering. It might feel like freedom or wealth, or fulfilment and success.
There might also be some fear that’s stepping into that energy fully, and embodying that energy fully, that may cause tremendous change within your being and in your reality. You might recognise there are areas where you’re blocking yourself because of beliefs. Maybe there are generational beliefs that have been handed down to you and you’re living those at the moment.
It is often when we have a dream, a goal or a wish, that there is a lacking in something. So you may wish to discover what that is. You feel as if you are lacking in something.
As you go through the energy, searching for different aspects, thoughts, beliefs, wounds, emotions, parts of the manifestation, you embody it as a whole – all that it is – the challenging aspects and the positive aspects. You embody it in your physical body and your energy bodies.
As you’re embodying it, and as you’re searching through the energies, you’re actually transforming the manifestation, or more accurately, you’re transforming the way that you feel about it; the projections and the thoughts and beliefs that you have about this wish…this manifestation.
Gradually you begin to recognise that there might be one belief, one energy or one wound that is clearly blocking you from manifesting this dream. You can begin to ask yourself, where does this come from? How did I accept this belief or this emotion or this wound? How did I create this wound/emotion/belief/thought… whatever it may be?
As you say that…how did I create it…you are taking responsibility. You are accepting that it is a possibility and part of the manifestation. You can begin then, when you’re ready, to transform it into another energy. You can ask yourself, what is the opposite of this energy or what do I need instead? How can I bring healing to this energy/wound /thought/emotion…whatever it may be?
You can invite that energy in from your soul because your soul houses all forms of energies of the Creator, so everything is always available to you. If you’ve recognised a fear, then you might want to create the energy of safety, grounding or support. Often we do not manifest what we wish for because we feel unsupported, maybe physically or by ourselves, or by our guides or soul.
You can draw all of these energies in and begin to create a core that’s filled with success, fulfilment, momentum, creation, a grounding…an anchoring support…and safety. Then you can let that energy fill your entire being because remember, you are sitting in the presence of what you wish to manifest.
Then observe how that transforms the aspects of your being, the manifestation that you’re sitting in. You might see your manifestation differently. You might see a pathway that needs to be unfolded.
The more you sit in the energy of your manifestation, the more you will recognise it coming into your reality, and that you are showing up as your manifestation, therefore the universe is responding to you with supportive energies or experiences that allow you to physically, as your manifestation, step into the reality of your manifestation.
This process is called awakening manifestation, because sometimes that which we wish to manifest is blocked, closed up, ungrounded, unsupported and feels unsafe. Its origins can be this, and so we need to awaken the manifestation, ground it, bring safety, bring support, bring love, and then allow it to almost re-grow, creating that journey from the original energy of the creation to that which we wish to manifest, and then allowing the universe to respond to this.
Thus, you are awakening manifestation for you because often it is not your ability to manifest that which requires healing or awakening. You are in this reality, and one of the greatest tools that you automatically achieve is manifestation; the creating of the reality that you are experiencing.
In many ways, there’s no need to doubt your manifestation skills. It is just that, sometimes, manifestations are created, we might say, from uncertain energies that do not have the grounding, the safety, the support to assist them.
I, Archangel Metatron, will leave you to contemplate this. My love is with you always.
I thank you.

Archangel Metatron