Soothing to Aid Ascension by Venus Beings

It is a delight to be in your presence today. We are the collective energy of beings from Venus.
It is a delight to be in your presence today. We are the collective energy of beings from Venus. We share with you our love, our peace and connection. We wish to be of service to you in your current journey of ascension and therefore, we bring forth information to support you.
You are moving through your own personal ascension process. You are also moving through an ascension process with all beings upon the earth. It is as if you are experiencing two journeys at the same time and yet these journeys interlink and appear as one.
You can recognise this by asking those around you about their own ascension journey and what they are experiencing in this current moment. You can recognise the similarities and the differences as well.
The Universe of the Creator sends forth energy waves constantly to direct you personally, and as a collective on the earth, to move forward, to grow, to expand, to experience your greater oneness and connection with the Creator to develop your ascension process.
It is always valuable to understand the energies and the waves of light that come forth. Your body and your being automatically connect with some of these and download them into your being however, some energies need you to focus upon them in order for connection to be made, or at least be aware of them.
We, the Venus Beings, wish to share an energy wave that is flowing forth. It is of a pink and violet colour. It holds a deep sense of love and cleansing for letting go. It speaks of acknowledging anything in your reality that needs to be let go/released, and in achieving this, the love within you will grow far greater than you have ever experienced before.
Sometimes there can be fear in letting go of that which no longer serves you, but you wish to keep close to you. When you allow yourself to achieve this, the love you experience is far greater because the love is given freedom within your being to be expressed and experienced.
The challenging aspect can be to realise what needs to be let go. What are you holding on to too tightly that actually is not of service to you? You can ask yourself…What am I holding on to, maybe too tightly than I should be, and does this offer me a service? What am I getting out of or receiving by holding on too tightly? What would happen if I was to let go of my grip, of whatever it is I am holding on to, and acknowledge that there is love within my being waiting to unfold?
Many beings upon the earth are holding on to old ways, old practices and experiences of the past – ways of thinking, even seeing or doing. As your energy within you is shifting and the energy around you is shifting, you have new areas of anchoring…new things that you can hold on to as tightly as you wish…and therefore there are aspects of the past – habits/thoughts – that actually do not have a place in your current reality and no longer serve you.
Now the process of letting go: we wish for you to imagine that you are holding on to something very tightly with your hands, with your mind, with your heart.
We invite you to inhale deeply, and exhale deeply, and imagine that you let go. You can even have your hands/fists clenched really tightly, as you think about that which you are holding on to that no longer serves you.
As you inhale, you tighten your hands even more. As you exhale, you allow them to relax. As you continue to breathe deeply, you allow your hands to relax, and relax…all the muscles…with an open palm. This is a symbol of letting go of that tight grip.
You can imagine that with each breath you exhale, you are exhaling love and it’s like a loving wind that gently carries away all that is no longer needed.
It’s not so much that you’re disconnecting or you’re separating yourself because, in many ways, that cannot take place. It is more so that you are simply allowing it to be carried away, in love, as if it’s no longer planted or rooted into your being or your reality.
Maybe it can exist elsewhere. This is not that you’re sending it to anyone, simply that it may exist elsewhere. Then allow yourself to recognise the love that is within your being and allow it to grow, to fill your entire being. Let it grow in a way that serves you. It will grow as guided from within your being.
You will notice the lift, the freedom. This will be immensely soothing because it is stressful; it creates tension to hold on to things that actually are no longer grounded or necessary. Notice how your entire being is soothed by the process.
This energy wave of pink and violet that is coming forth, when you allow yourself to connect with it, when you ask to sit within its energy, to have it flow over and through your being, you will notice its beauty, its energy of the Divine Feminine.
When you sit in its space, there are Goddess beings dancing in the pink and violet light – dancing in celebration, in circles…around and around…celebrating love, celebrating the growth and the anchoring of love.
There is also the vibration of the Unicorn Kingdom – of beauty, of grace, of clarity, brightness of light and truth. The angelic vibrations of freedom and expansion are also present.
Sitting within this pink and violet ascension wave is immensely soothing on your nervous system, if fact, on your entire being. It resets your being; regenerates, rejuvenates. It allows you to relax deeper into your truth, into that Creator presence within your being.
We, the Venus Beings, invite you to sit in this presence of pink and violet light, to enjoy its presence in grounding and expanding greater love within your being, and to feel…to experience fully…the soothing impact upon your being, on all levels of your being.

We are the Venus Beings. We thank you.