Your Responsibility of Peace by Celestial White Beings

Greetings beloved beacons of light, we are the Celestial White Beings. We are known as the Celestial White Beings because we exist at the celestial level and often many see our energy as the colour white. We have been in service to the earth and humanity since the very beginning and we are present to be of service now. Please call upon our energies, our presence, to encircle you and assist you, for we wish to be of service to you.
Our love, our bliss, our peace envelopes you and we understand how important this is at this time of earth’s evolution and humanity’s creations. There are many things occurring in your reality and the world around you that may be causing you upset, depression, or uncertainty about your own spiritual growth, as you try to navigate your spiritual reality. While observing or maybe even experiencing chaos in your own reality, or the world around you, it can be challenging to remain in a space of peace, in a space of love and a connection with your truth and the Creator.
We, the Celestial White Beings, wish to share with you that in fact, it is your responsibility to continue to bring your focus back to the love within your being – the bliss, the peace, the truth – and to act as a beacon of light, radiating sacred Creator qualities into the world. If you do not accept this responsibility then maybe others will, however, what will occur if everyone ignores the love, the truth, the peace and bliss within their being? The vibration of the earth would lower and the chaos experienced would become greater.
As a being that is aware – conscious and you might say awake – you have a responsibility of maintaining or even quickening the vibration of your own being in order to maintain and quicken the vibration of the world, even the Universe of the Creator. That which you recognise within your being and you heal and resolve, creates healing in the world around you and in your own reality. Your inner reality is reflected into the world around you. The way that you perceive things may be different to others. The way that you perceive things allows you an insight into that which requires to be healed/transformed within your being.
You are the truth. You are the light. You are the peace. It is your responsibility to choose the light, the love, the peace. It does not mean that you need to ignore circumstances upon the earth or your reality that may challenge or upset you. They do require your attention but not from accessing the same vibration as that which is occurring. You can give your attention from your vibration of truth within your being, thus, you will see things in a different way – be able to share your truth, be able to access your power and your strengths, be able to access your love – and to also recognise how it impacts your being and how it impacts your reality and the world around you.
Every soul wishes for peace – peace within, peace in the reality, peace in the world – connections between all beings, harmony, tranquility and love. These things must first manifest from within your being. You may wonder how you can be peaceful when there is chaos around you. It is for you to choose peace, knowing that this peace will radiate…that it is almost like a healing balm…knowing that you are powerful and what you share has an impact, knowing that as you connect with the peace within your being, it supports you – supports you in navigating through your reality and the world around you.
If you choose to focus upon that which is occurring in your reality or around you, that may be chaotic, then you are choosing to add energy to it, to build and boost it. When you choose peace, love or truth, you are choosing a remedy. You are the remedy, on an energetic level, and you are bringing forth shifts, transformation and change to yourself, to your reality and the world.
This is why you have been placed upon the earth. This is why you have chosen to exist upon the earth now. You are the safety that you seek. You are in fact everything that you seek. When you turn your attention within and ask to activate that which you seek, your inner energy will always respond. It is simply a choice. Sometimes even that choice can be challenging to make. Sometimes it is far easier to focus upon the chaos and how it causes upset and sadness within your being, rather than focusing upon the peace, the love and the truth within your being. This is not a judgment in any way. We understand that it is challenging to accept your responsibility of peace, maybe in a world that seems that others are not.
We, the Celestial White Beings, fully support you, fully love you and fully assist you so that you may accept your responsibility.
We love you dearly.

We are the Celestial White Beings and we thank you.