Shower of Awakening by the Arcturians

Greetings and love we, the Arcturians, extend to you now.
Greetings and love we, the Arcturians, extend to you now. We come forth with our light source, our wisdom and our energy from Arcturus. We are an expression of the Creator and we wish to be of service to you in your reality and your ascension, in this moment.
We wish to invite you to focus upon your own inner awakening. We ask you:
What would you like to awaken within your being? What would you wish to, or want to, awaken within your being?
There are so many answers that can be given. Maybe skills or abilities, wisdom or knowledge, maybe even a healing or a transmission of light. We invite you to contemplate this deeply.
If you could awaken one thing within your being, meaning activate it, open it, embody it, express it and experience it in your reality, what would you awaken that would create such a powerful and impactful impact upon you and your reality and your spiritual growth?
We’re not saying you only are required to awaken one thing, but it focuses the mind and allows you to receive an understanding of an awakening and activation that would most serve you in your reality now. You can then, of course, invite and ask for other activations and awakenings occurring within your being.
We wish for you to be focused, determined and to understand that which you are asking for, holding the intention and understanding, so that you can grasp the energy, the quality, whatever it may be, that you wish to awaken within you and understand its journey until it is experienced within your being or your reality. When you are able to understand the journey of intention, then awakening, into manifestation, it is far easier to create these awakenings within your being. You are therefore able to trust, to know the process and create or awaken new possibilities within your being because everything that you require and need is held within your being, waiting to be discovered.
If you have an inkling, an understanding or something you wish to bring forth into your reality, it is most likely that is already present within your being. It is important to take a moment to recognise how magnificent you are – the possibilities, the capabilities that you hold and how you can bring forth anything that you wish from the Creator, through your being.
We, the Arcturians, wish to share with you that there is a shower of light occurring and they are like shooting stars, but rather than shooting up or across, they are shooting down into the earth, into humanity. These showers of light, of awakening, they support an activation, within your being, when you’re ready to receive the light shower. If you have already accessed that which you wish to awaken within your being, then receiving the shower of light – like thousands of shooting stars into your being – will support your awakening and activation process.
If you are unable to access what you really require to awaken and activate within your being, then you can call upon the shower of awakening from the Universe of the Creator, that every being is benefiting from at this moment, and you can ask for it to flow into your being and to bring your attention to that which is the purest awakening process for you – that will assist you in your current reality and spiritual growth. It is a very powerful force of light that manifests in numerous shooting stars. These light vibrations move quickly and they vibrate quickly therefore they will create an activation and awakening within your being because they will increase the speed of your energy vibration thus aligning you on a new level to your soul, to your truth and to the Creator.
This is a wonderful time of manifesting, experiencing and embodying that which is intended to be revealed to you now, from your essence and truth, and it is like a big reveal. Your inner being is revealing to you, the next stage of your ascension or maybe the tools, the qualities, the abilities or skills that you require for the next stage of your ascension. Your truth might reveal to you a new perspective or a new understanding that will support you in moving forward in your spiritual growth and your reality. The possibilities are endless and so it is a very powerful awakening shift that is flowing from the Creator and the Universe of the Creator, into your being. There is a need to call it forth into your being – and you can use your own words – in order to prepare yourself and be open to receive the shower of awakening with its power and its activating speed of vibration and light.
We, the Arcturians wish for you to explore this process. We will be present if you require assistance. You can call upon our energies. Simply say, I request the presence of the Arcturians to support me in receiving the Shower of Awakening from the Creator and the Universe of the Creator. We, of course, will be present to be of service in any way that we can. If you’re feeling stuck or uncertain, or maybe you have a decision to make and you don’t know which way to go, then using the shower of awakening will support in greater clarity, in a release of blocks and allowing you to move forth in a way that serves you from your truth.

We thank you. We are the Arcturians.

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