Awaken Your Channel 2023 Experience


Booking closes on the 19th June 2023

A Master’s Guide and Introduction to Channeling

Do you feel guided to channel but don’t know how to begin? Or maybe you’ve tried before, but were met with silence leaving you feeling stuck?

Would you love to be able to receive and express the wisdom of your guides to support your own ascension and help others?

I believe that everyone has the power to unlock their channel and master using it with flow and ease. Just let that idea sink in for a moment! Already you are expanding and awakening who you are as a being, and aligning yourself with your truth.

Have you ever said something inspirational or profound to someone not knowing where it came from? Daily we channel different aspects of ourselves, whether it is our ego, personality, fears or past/simultaneous lifetimes. Then occasionally without realising we find ourselves aligned with our truth letting enlightenment flow through our thoughts and words. We are blown away with how inspirational we are and yet when we try again it simply doesn’t work.

Each individual is a natural spiritual intuitive communicator, there is simply a need to awaken and fine tune your channel, remembering how to use this incredible powerful tool to receive wisdom and insights.
Alignment, Remembrance and Trust are the keys to awakening your channel.

I am offering the opportunity to work with me and be guided directly by the elevated wisdom of Ascended Masters to awaken and explore your own channeling potential. I have been channeling for over 18 years and understand the process of advancing and developing a channeling ability.

My empowering 6 Session Intensive Live Group Experience is designed to offer you a comprehensive introduction to channeling, creating a sacred foundation of alignment, remembrance and trust to explore yourself as a blossoming channel and to put you on the path to mastery. The Awaken Your Channel Experience only happens once a year and each time is channelled newly with a different Ascended Master guiding you. New and exciting inspirational wisdom is imparted and the experience is in perfect alignment with your needs. We will create a community during our sessions through the channeled wisdom, practices and meditations I bring forth, as well as feedback and sharing. You will be invited to join our Awaken Your Channel Chat Room in your OmNa Sanctuary Account to share your experience and be inspired by other channel activators. Plus you will have the opportunity to set up sharing and/or practice sessions with the other members of the group. You will have the space to work personally with me and I will be available to help you move through and release blocks that come up for you during the experience.

This is a rare opportunity to explore the sacred creativity and divine flow of your being. You will be guided to reawaken new inner abilities and understand how to powerfully express the Creator through your being.

Our focus and exploration will consist of:

Session 1: What is Channeling and How Can I Channel?
Session 2: Discovering Your Truth and Sacred Alignment
Session 3: Building Your Personal Sacred Channeling Community
Session 4: Fine Tuning your Channel and Awakening Your True Expression and Service (Who am I as a channel.)
Session 5: Practice Makes Perfect!
Session 6: Dissolving Limitations and Grounding your Truth Through Sharing and Guidance

We will gather a month after the Awaken Your Channel Experience to check in with each other and receive any additional guidance.

Make sure you don’t miss this wonderful opportunity as booking closes on the 19th June 2023. If you miss the Awaken Your Channel Experience 2023 you will have to wait until 2024 to join again as this event only occurs once a year!


How it Works:

  • This is a Live and Interactive Experience with Natalie Glasson.
  • Each Monday at 3.30pm – 5.30pm UK Time, beginning 26 June 2023 – 7 August 2023, we will gather on Zoom with Natalie Glasson channeling Master Kuthumi and other Ascended Masters who will lead the entire journey. Natalie will offer a short presentation followed by channeled wisdom, meditations and practices.There is time for inner exploration, followed by an open sharing and Q & A period.
  • Natalie will use PSYCH-K to support you in transforming limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs.
  • Once you have enrolled you will receive a confirmation email and can access your joining links in your OmNa Sanctuary Account. In your OmNa Sanctuary Account you will find your password to join the Awaken Your Channel Experience OmNa Chat Room. Joining the group is encouraged as it will support your experience and allow you to inspire each other. After each session in your OmNa Account you will find a replay link to review the session when it suits you. The replays of the Awaken Your Channel Experience will only be available to participants.
  • After each session Natalie will send you an email with guidance of what to achieve and experience in the week ahead to deeper your experience.
  • As a participant of Awaken Your Channel Experience you can email Natalie throughout the process to ask for any guidance or assistance you require.

Webinar Schedule:

  • Session 1: 26 June 2023 at 🇬🇧 3.30PM BST / 🇺🇸 10.30AM EDT/ 🇺🇸 7.30 AM PT
  • Session 2: 3 July 2023 at 🇬🇧 3.30PM BST / 🇺🇸 10.30AM EDT / 🇺🇸 7.30 AM PT
  • Session 3: 10 July 2023 at 🇬🇧 3.30PM BST / 🇺🇸 10.30AM EDT / 🇺🇸 7.30 AM PT
  • Session 4: 17 July 2023 at 🇬🇧 3.30PM BST / 🇺🇸 10.30AM EDT / 🇺🇸 7.30 AM PT
  • Session 5: 31 July 2023 at 🇬🇧 3.30PM BST / 🇺🇸 10.30AM EDT / 🇺🇸 7.30 AM PT
  • Session 6: 7 August 2023 at 🇬🇧 3.30PM BST / 🇺🇸 10.30AM EDT / 🇺🇸 7.30 AM PT


Webinar Recording: Awaken Your Channel will be recorded and shared with each attendee after the session via the OmNa Sanctuary Account.

Permanent Access: When you login to your account you will find an updated link to watch the replay or download the audio of each session.


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