Who Am I? A Profound Discovery of Who You Are


Do you know who you are as a spiritual being?

Do you know who you are as a physical being?

Do you feel their is a part of your understanding about yourself missing?

Give yourself the gift of knowing who you are……… Many people have a deep desire to know themselves fully as their truth, wanting to understand themselves without boundaries on all levels of their being. Some people feel they are missing a part of themselves and are unable to move forward in life and spiritual growth until they can connect with who they really are. The lack of knowingness and understanding can cause deep turmoil and confusion as well as creating blocks that place everything out of your reach.

With a deeper knowingness of self and who you are, your inner confidence and inner knowingness blossoms allowing you to experience a liberating awakening. Suddenly you have a greater understanding of who you are which heals the disconnection with self you may have previously experienced. You are able to draw on the sacred resources and support available to you in the Universe of the Creator and the power and enlightenment within you. You no longer feel stuck in your life and can move forward without resistance and to some extent fear. You become deeply grounded into your self, Mother Earth, your true essence and the Creator, able to live fully and consciously as your truth.

What you will receive:

1. Intro – Who Am I? A Profound Discovery of Who You Are
2. The Fragments of Disconnection
3. The Impact Of Not Knowing Who You Are
4. Healing the Wound and Recognising Your Presence
5. Soul Connection
6. Past or Simultaneous Life Journeys
7. Connecting and Resting in Your Truth
8. Knowing Who You Are
9. The Powerful Impact of Knowing Who You Are
10. Conclusion

How It Works:

You will receive 10 sessions of channeled material through Natalie Glasson delivered to your OmNa Sanctuary Account with 10 videos of Natalie channeling Saint Germain. The material will also be available in downloadable Audio MP3 Files.

You can work through the course at your own pace and the material will always be available to you in your OmNa Sanctuary Account.


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