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Have you been on a spiritual path for a while, yet want to advance your spiritual journey? Do you wish you had a deep knowingness about your direction that never […]

Who Am I? A Profound Discovery of Who You Are

Who Am I? A Profound Discovery of Who You Are Saint Germain OmNa Course

Do you know who you are as a spiritual being?

Do you know who you are as a physical being?

Do you feel their is a part of your understanding about yourself missing?

Give yourself the gift of knowing who you are……… Many people have a deep desire to know themselves fully as their truth, wanting to understand themselves without boundaries on all levels of their being. Some people feel they are missing a part of themselves and are unable to move forward in life and spiritual growth until they can connect with who they really are. The lack of knowingness and understanding can cause deep turmoil and confusion as well as creating blocks that place everything out of your reach.

With a deeper knowingness of self and who you are, your inner confidence and inner knowingness blossoms allowing you to experience a liberating awakening. Suddenly you have a greater understanding of who you are which heals the disconnection with self you may have previously experienced. You are able to draw on the sacred resources and support available to you in the Universe of the Creator and the power and enlightenment within you. You no longer feel stuck in your life and can move forward without resistance and to some extent fear. You become deeply grounded into your self, Mother Earth, your true essence and the Creator, able to live fully and consciously as your truth.

What you will receive:

1. Intro – Who Am I? A Profound Discovery of Who You Are
2. The Fragments of Disconnection
3. The Impact Of Not Knowing Who You Are
4. Healing the Wound and Recognising Your Presence
5. Soul Connection
6. Past or Simultaneous Life Journeys
7. Connecting and Resting in Your Truth
8. Knowing Who You Are
9. The Powerful Impact of Knowing Who You Are
10. Conclusion

How It Works:

You will receive 10 sessions of channeled material through Natalie Glasson delivered to your OmNa Sanctuary Account with 10 videos of Natalie channeling Saint Germain. The material will also be available in downloadable Audio MP3 Files.

You can work through the course at your own pace and the material will always be available to you in your OmNa Sanctuary Account.

Bliss Experience 2 – 2023

Channeled Webinar Event: Bliss Experience 2

Do you want to take your Bliss Experience to a new level?

Would you love to explore and embody the higher realms of bliss?

Do you wish you knew the purpose of your sacred bliss vibration?

Bliss Experience 2 will allow you to continue your process of delving deeper into understanding the magic of bliss, how it can bring forth healing and transform your life. You will be supported to further discover your ability to manifest and experience the most exquisite bliss-filled spiritual reality for yourself.

Bliss is the ultimate truth, it is a higher evolution of love, a journey and awakening of self mastery.

I am offering a unique 5 week live group experience, guiding you through my channeling ability to further explore your own journey to bliss and grow your self mastery. We will be guided by the Celestial White Beings to explore the higher realms of bliss, your constant inner presence of bliss as well as how bliss can accelerate your ascension. You will be guided how to use bliss as a healing process as well as fine-tuning your personal embodiment of bliss. We will complete our journey with bliss by exploring and identifying your unique purpose with the source and vibration of bliss and how best you can be a divine expression of bliss.

Join me as we access a new and higher level of bliss!

Our weekly focus and exploration will consist of:

Week 1: The Presence of Bliss
Week 2: The Higher Realms of Bliss
Week 3: Bliss to Accelerate Ascension and Healing
Week 4: The Embodiment of Bliss
Week 5: Your Purpose with Bliss

Ascension Acceleration and Boosts

Ascension Acceleration and Boosts With Saint Germain Webinar

Would you like to boost, stimulate and nurture your ascension process?
Would you like to know what spiritual practices will most benefit you now?
Would you love to ask Saint Germain a question about ascension?

Everyone has their unique spiritual pathway leading them to ascension but the Creator is also continuously sharing ascension waves of energy and wisdom to guide our ascension as a collective and individuals. When we align with the energy patterns and frequencies being shared by the Creator we are able to accelerate the speed at which we make positive shifts within our being. We gain additional support from the Creator as if we are being swept forward by a wave of new beginnings, enlightenment, healing and inner knowingness.

The guidance and energy vibration shared by the Creator at each stage of the collective ascension journey can have a major influence upon your ascension allowing new discoveries to be made with ease and understanding. With alignment you receive the deep support of the collective consciousness of the Earth and the inner planes who are also anchoring into the Creator’s expressions.

I am offering a 4 week webinar experience guided by Ascended Master Saint Germain to support you in aligning your self and your ascension to the Creator’s distribution of ascension waves, guidance and focused practices. You will learn how to align yourself to the Creator’s ascension waves, receive natural boosts to your ascension and access the support of the collective consciousness to accelerate your own ascension journey.

Saint Germain will share special sacred practices and insights as well as being available to answer questions during the live webinar concerning ascension.

Join me and Saint Germain to harness spiritual guidance, assistance and support that is readily available for you to ground and embody within your being now.

How It Works:

Each Thursday at 3:30pm – 5pm UK time, beginning 7th September – 28th September 2023, we will gather online with Natalie Glasson channeling Ascended Master Saint Germain.

Natalie will offer a short presentation followed by channeled wisdom, meditations and practices. There is time for inner exploration, followed by an open sharing and Q & A period.

Once you have enrolled you will need to login to your OmNa Sanctuary Account, clicking on Downloads to reserve your space and receive the joining link for each session. It is important to do this straight away.

Each person registered will receive a replay of the session whether they attended or were unable to attend. The replay can be found in your OmNa Sanctuary Account under Downloads.

You can join the webinar series even if you have missed previous sessions as you will receive the replays of the sessions you have missed and the links to join the remaining sessions.

Investment Donation: £40 for all weeks

Minimum donation for the 4 week course is £40, if you can and wish to invest more you are welcome to choose any sum that feels appropriate for you. All donations are gratefully received and support the ongoing channeled material and meditations available.

If you are unable to pay the minimum donation, OmNa Scholarships are available for this course, OmNa is dedicated to offering this sacred opportunity to all. When we work together we can change the vibration of the Earth to create a reality of love for all. Please fill in the questionnaire below stating how much you are able to invest or if investment is too difficult for you at this time.

If you are unable to pay the minimum donation, OmNa Scholarships are available for this course, OmNa is dedicated to offering this sacred opportunity to all. When we work together we can change the vibration of the Earth to create a reality of love for all.

Awaken Your Channel 2023 Experience

Awaken Your Channel Experience 2023

Booking closes on the 19th June 2023

A Master’s Guide and Introduction to Channeling

Do you feel guided to channel but don’t know how to begin? Or maybe you’ve tried before, but were met with silence leaving you feeling stuck?

Would you love to be able to receive and express the wisdom of your guides to support your own ascension and help others?

I believe that everyone has the power to unlock their channel and master using it with flow and ease. Just let that idea sink in for a moment! Already you are expanding and awakening who you are as a being, and aligning yourself with your truth.

Have you ever said something inspirational or profound to someone not knowing where it came from? Daily we channel different aspects of ourselves, whether it is our ego, personality, fears or past/simultaneous lifetimes. Then occasionally without realising we find ourselves aligned with our truth letting enlightenment flow through our thoughts and words. We are blown away with how inspirational we are and yet when we try again it simply doesn’t work.

Each individual is a natural spiritual intuitive communicator, there is simply a need to awaken and fine tune your channel, remembering how to use this incredible powerful tool to receive wisdom and insights.
Alignment, Remembrance and Trust are the keys to awakening your channel.

I am offering the opportunity to work with me and be guided directly by the elevated wisdom of Ascended Masters to awaken and explore your own channeling potential. I have been channeling for over 18 years and understand the process of advancing and developing a channeling ability.

My empowering 6 Session Intensive Live Group Experience is designed to offer you a comprehensive introduction to channeling, creating a sacred foundation of alignment, remembrance and trust to explore yourself as a blossoming channel and to put you on the path to mastery. The Awaken Your Channel Experience only happens once a year and each time is channelled newly with a different Ascended Master guiding you. New and exciting inspirational wisdom is imparted and the experience is in perfect alignment with your needs. We will create a community during our sessions through the channeled wisdom, practices and meditations I bring forth, as well as feedback and sharing. You will be invited to join our Awaken Your Channel Chat Room in your OmNa Sanctuary Account to share your experience and be inspired by other channel activators. Plus you will have the opportunity to set up sharing and/or practice sessions with the other members of the group. You will have the space to work personally with me and I will be available to help you move through and release blocks that come up for you during the experience.

This is a rare opportunity to explore the sacred creativity and divine flow of your being. You will be guided to reawaken new inner abilities and understand how to powerfully express the Creator through your being.

Our focus and exploration will consist of:

Session 1: What is Channeling and How Can I Channel?
Session 2: Discovering Your Truth and Sacred Alignment
Session 3: Building Your Personal Sacred Channeling Community
Session 4: Fine Tuning your Channel and Awakening Your True Expression and Service (Who am I as a channel.)
Session 5: Practice Makes Perfect!
Session 6: Dissolving Limitations and Grounding your Truth Through Sharing and Guidance

We will gather a month after the Awaken Your Channel Experience to check in with each other and receive any additional guidance.

Make sure you don’t miss this wonderful opportunity as booking closes on the 19th June 2023. If you miss the Awaken Your Channel Experience 2023 you will have to wait until 2024 to join again as this event only occurs once a year!