The Rainbow Tint by Archangel Gabriel

Greetings, I am Archangel Gabriel.
I bring forth a charge and a force of energy from the universe. This vibration is currently known as the Over Lighting Project. It is a river of light flowing into the Earth, and throughout the entire Universe of the Creator. It anchors into the cells of all beings and activates wisdom. Some wisdom is ancient and familiar while other wisdom is new and unspoken. This activation of wisdom within your cells is creating a deep cleansing as well as igniting enlightenment within your being. Therefore, you have and will gain the knowledge, the understanding and remembrance that is required for you to navigate through your reality and spiritual growth at this time.
It is important at this time that you ask questions. Ask the questions that you have always wanted the answers for, as the river of light flows, the answers are activating from within your being. A question at this time of ascension is like an intention, it draws, attracts and activates the energy and wisdom that is most necessary to be embodied within your being and for you to become consciously aware.
At this time with the light flowing, there is an ascension shift known as the Rainbow Tint.
The Rainbow Tint is the Rays of Light that extend from the Creator, especially the 1- 7 Rays of light, each are an expression of the Creator. These are flowing forth as a collective to shower over and through your being, and to be embodied within your being. The Creator is sending for the Rainbow Tint of Light known as the Seven Rays of Light to support your deeper connection with the Creator.

For example, the 1st Ray of Light supports the power and the Divine Will of the Creator. You may require in your ascension process to accelerate your spiritual growth, the divine will, and power may need to be embodied or expressed. The Rainbow Tint gifts the Creator qualities that will support an acceleration in your ascension. It is a time to contemplate how you wish to express the Creator as well as the qualities or aspects of the Creator you wish to express.

The 2nd Ray of Light is focused upon love, the connection with, expression and embodiment of love. You may feel lacking in love in your reality at this time, and so, an alignment with this energy would support and complete this current stage of your ascension process.

The 3rd Ray of Light focuses upon mental clarity, mental mastery, mastering the ego, the mind, the thoughts, and aligning these with the Creator.

The 4th Ray of Light focuses upon Creator expression, discovering creative ways of expressing the Creator.

The 5th Ray of Light focuses upon focused upon exploration of the soul, soul connections and grounding the science of light.

The 6th Ray of Light is focused upon your intuition, trust, faith, and your belief.

While the 7th Ray of Light is focused upon transformation, connection with higher dimensions of your being. Exploring your spiritual self and soul self with deep understanding, connection, and sensitivity.

Imagine that you are shopping for the appropriate qualities of the Creator that would create a completion of your current spiritual reality, the stage of your ascension that you are currently embodying and experiencing. What would you imagine, sense or acknowledge? What would you require to move to the next stage of your spiritual evolution?
It is completely appropriate if you do not know what you require, this is where the Rainbow Tint comes forth, because as you call forth the Rainbow Tint from the Creator, you will be Over Lighted with the 7 Rays of Light, which means they will align with your being. They will flow over you and through you, you will embody all 7 Rays of Light at once. Then you can ask your soul, body, energy fields, chakras, and all aspects of your being to absorb from the 7 Rays of Light, the Rainbow Tint for everything that you require to complete this stage of your ascension and accelerate you upon your spiritual journey. Simply allow this to take place in meditation or quiet time.
Take as long as you need to embody these energies, focusing upon your breathing. With each inhalation, focus upon grounding the energy into your being. Feeling it filling your being and your energy fields. Experience this for as long as is appropriate and feels necessary and of course as many times as you wish. What will be occurring is that you will be strengthening your own existence as the Creator on the Earth and as a Creator expression. You will be strengthening your connection with the Creator, as well as empowering your expression of the Creator. It is a completion. It is as if you are tidying up your energy and preparing your energy for the next stage of your spiritual evolution, creating a completion, a wholeness, a togetherness with the Creator within your being.
I, Archangel Gabriel feel this is immensely important at this time. It will bring foundation, solidarity, support, encouragement, inspiration and of course a feeling of connection and oneness. You can call upon the Rainbow Tint from the Creator to anchor into situations or creations, ideas, things that you are manifesting such as paintings, or experiences for others, buildings, in truth anything.
It is time to experience a greater oneness with the Creator. Enjoy the Rainbow Tint of the Creator, the Over Lighting of the 7 Rays of Light within your being.

We thank you, my love is with you eternally.

I am Archangel Gabriel

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