Soul Retrieval by Andromedans

Greetings, beloved beings of light.
We are the Andromedans, we come forth with our light, our wisdom and love to serve you. We wish to aid you in your Ascension now, to empower your being, to bring power and strength to your spiritual abilities, and to awaken the truth within your being. We are at your service and it is an honour to do so, to help you in any way that we can.
Today, we wish to speak of Soul Retrieval. We wish to support you in recognising and understanding what this means, while allowing yourself to bring shifts, transformation, and healing to your being. When we, the Andromedans, speak of Soul Retrieval, we are speaking of aspects of your energy field that have become fragmented, that have been hidden from view, separated or even contained within a barrier so you can no longer access it or its energy.
Your soul’s energy, your essence fills your entire being as you exist upon the Earth, it fills your physical body, your chakras and your energy field. Your energy field is both within your physical body and surrounds your physical body. There are many labels for your energy field. You can recognise it simply as your essence radiating. Your energy field holds all of your memories and your experiences especially in this lifetime, but also in other lifetimes.
When you have an experience, especially on the Earth, that is challenging or painful, or maybe chaotic, a part of you may push away the experience and all of the emotions and thoughts that you have about it, because it’s too painful to look at, to connect with or to acknowledge. Sometimes there can even be memory loss in the way that you can’t remember a certain experience or circumstance. This allows us to identify how aspects of your energy field or aspects of your essence and soul become separated from your being.
There is often a lack of power with this, and it can mean that when the energy of the Creator does flow through your being, which it always does, there may be blocks in your energy field so the energy can’t flow in the way that it is meant to. This can describe aspects of your soul being fragmented, separated or lost. They are often always in your energy field so we can recognise that they are not really lost, however, they have become disconnected, and you are unable to access the energy or maybe the energy has become clouded or limited. The access may be limited.
Now that we understand how the soul can be fragmented. It makes it easier for us to retrieve aspects of the soul. Retrieval means to bring them back into connection and into use within it your entire being.
It is not necessarily that energy has become disconnected from you and is elsewhere, although it can be elsewhere, and sometimes this energy can be gifted to others or it might have been anchored into a certain place on the Earth. However, the energy still remains within your being.
A question that we the Andromedans wish to invite you to contemplate now, and in the coming days:
What is needed?
Which aspects of your energy field and your soul require to be reunited with you now in order to serve this current stage of your Ascension?
It can be very easy to call back soul aspects that have been lost, separate and so forth. However, this does not serve your being because it can be hard to process these all at once. It is far safer and easier to allow what is needed for this moment to be returned to you and for you to be reminded of. When you work with your energy, call forth the Healing Andromedan Team, the Soul Retrieval Andromedan Team, and the Unity Andromedan Team. Each of these teams you can call forth to surround you to work with you, and they will make the process very easy. You might be reminded of a painful memory, you might feel separated, you might feel sad, you might feel angry, you might have a colour, a symbol, or a sound. Whatever comes into your awareness, invite the Healing Andromedan Team, the Soul Retrieval Andromedan Team, and the Unity Andromedan Team to serve you.
Call all forth to send energy into, whatever you receive, or whatever awareness you receive. Imagine, sense or acknowledge that you are sending your love, your unconditional love, to any awareness you receive or your purpose of allowing what is needed in this moment to be returned to you. Allow love to pour into it until you feel a shift, the energy may dissolve, you may find it becomes brighter in light, you may feel that you are accepting it, or you may simply feel that there is no need to concentrate anymore. Whatever shift you experience, allow yourself to express gratitude and welcome this aspect into your being. Some aspects may be challenging when you become aware of them. If they are challenging, painful or feel overwhelming, you know that you have the three teams with you from the Andromedans as well as your guides. Try to keep a clear focus as much as you can, bringing your attention back to your purpose and to the light and love of your being. Allow any healing and transformation to this aspect, thus accepting this aspect into your being.
We are bringing forth this understanding, and this remembrance, because the Creator at this time, wishes for you to be empowered. There is a need for you to explore power, explore your personal power, and achieve healing in regard to power so that you can live powerfully in the coming months, it is time to explore.
Know that we are with you and serving you, we thank you,

We are the Andromedans.

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