Lost in the Source by Master Kuthumi

Greetings, beloved beings of light, I am Master Kuthumi, my energy explodes and blossoms with love.
I share the love of my being, the love of all the ascended masters, and the Creator with you, to embrace you and act as a healing balm for all that you are moving through in your Ascension process on the Earth. We love you dearly and we are present to support you in all ways that are possible.
I, Master Kuthumi, wish to speak of being lost in the source of the Creator today. As you are accelerating your Ascension, your heart chakra is expanding. You are grounding more fully into the presence of your truth as you exist upon the Earth. You are navigating your reality from the space of truth within you, while also expressing the vibration and frequency of the Creator through your being in a way that is unique and appropriate for you. The speed at which you are ascending is quickening as we are entering into new realms of Ascension. You have been moving through your Ascension process through many lifetimes. In this lifetime you are achieving more advanced initiations and activations than you have in other lifetimes, and so, the pathway that you walk upon now is new. There are new energies, understandings, skills, and abilities to become accustomed to.
You are entering into a more expansive nature of your being therefore, a more expansive vibration of the Creator. When you step into new vibrations of light, you can become very disorientating because of the expansion of light, your body, your physical body, and your energy bodies, even your chakras are not accustomed to the expansive nature that is available to you. It is the light that is expansive, that continues, and is limitless. Therefore, your thoughts, your emotions, everything that you are becomes more expansive, more able to connect with the limitless nature of your being so, new possibilities arise.
As you enter into an expansive vibration, where everything around you is expansive and everything within you is expansive, you may feel as if you are lost. All of a sudden maybe you cannot connect with the people around you or even yourself in the same way. Maybe meditation does not work as it used to, skills or abilities or healings that you give may seem more powerful or less powerful, your reality becomes topsy-turvy and things that you relied on, that you anchored yourself into no longer serve you or work in the same way. It may feel as if everything is moving around you and there is nowhere to hold on to, to stabilise yourself. You might find that the reality you once loved no longer has the same appeal or a dream that you were aspiring to no longer seems to captivate you in the same way. You might find that your body is tired or weary or that it becomes ill in some way. When you make a change of expansion, which you do and are doing several times now through your Ascension because of moving so quickly, you enter into this space where you may feel lost, disorientated or confused. It is very important to acknowledge this because it is the first step in entering into the new expansive vibration of your being and of your reality. Once you accept that you may be lost, you may be confused or disoriented. You will find you feel more settled, then there will be a need for grounding which is immensely important.
Many people believe that they do not need to ground themselves. However, each time you ground yourself, especially now in this Era of Ascension, you are grounding yourself into all of the energy frequencies, all the skills, tools, and all the dimensions that you are accessing. It is as if you are collecting with them all and grounding them into your current reality. Each time you ground it is like anchoring everything that you are in that moment. Due to everything that you are being in a constant momentum of change and evolution, as you anchor, as you ground, you are bringing more and more of the life, the love, the truth of the Creator into your being and into your reality. You are allowing yourself to meet Mother Earth, to be supported by Mother Earth and assisted so she may serve you in your Ascension upon the Earth. As well as grounding and anchoring, this process also supports you in realising your truth. It brings you into a space of clarity and stillness so you may understand the new you that is dawning. With this understanding, recognition and acknowledgement, so you do not feel so confused or lost, you begin to become accustomed to the new expansion within your being and the new expansion of your reality. With grounding you collect everything that you are, all the vibrations, skills and dimensions. You sit in that energy and you become clear. You understand everything, you embody it. You become the embodiment of your Ascension thus you no longer feel lost. The remembrance, the knowledge, and the wisdom that you require is within you and you are able to access it with greater ease and greater perfection. You feel loved and love. Thus, you feel supported, comforted, assisted, healed and revitalised. A new aspect of yourself downloads into your being, and this new aspect of yourself enjoys the expansion, supports you in understanding how to use the expansion of your being and reality, so that you may serve yourself and serve others.
I, Master Kuthumi, invite you to observe yourself and your reality at this time. I also invite you to observe others around you. Observe whether others are hysterical, whether they are running around confused, whether they are unsettled or uncomfortable. Whether they seem lost or maybe they are walking upon a pathway that is inappropriate for them. Maybe they are being governed by habits, or negative thoughts are causing great anxiety. They may be lost. Allow yourself to observe, to acknowledge, to realise on their behalf. They may be lost in the new transition of expansion. If you recognise this, I invite you to ground yourself, to feel the floor beneath you, to be so aware of the ground, the soil, the Earth, whatever is beneath you. As you focus on grounding yourself, extend your energy to the other and invite their being to ground also. You can do it silently, they do not need to know. Remain in that focus until you feel them letting go, letting go of that energy of being lost. It may even feel that they come down onto the Earth with a thud. Then give them space and observe them another time and if needs to be then practice this again until you notice them stepping into the expansion. You will realise when they step into the expansion because they will be happy, they will be relaxed, and they will be more grounded.
You may worry about achieving work with others without their consent, you can always ask for their consent energetically or physically. However, be aware that if you practice this and they do not give their consent, it may not result in the outcome that you wish for. That is fine because they have free will. When they are ready and willing, they will accept that energy. It is almost as if it has been stored waiting for them.
It is time to observe the expansion within your being and reality. It is time to support yourself and others so that you can feel secure, centred, and filled with clarity as you enter into the vibration of expansion.
My love is with you always, I thank you.

I am Master Kuthumi.

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