Links of Creation by Celestial White Beings

Greetings, blessings be with you. We bring forth the Celestial vibrations to embrace your being.
Greetings, blessings be with you. We bring forth the Celestial vibrations to embrace your being. Allow yourself to be showered in pure white light. Let it embrace you and reveal the light within your being. You are safe in our presence.
We have been working with the earth for such a long time, supporting the ascension of many. We wish for you to understand, not only within your mind, but to experience within your entire being, that you are a creator. You have the ability. You have the skills and the power to create.
You might want to see this as a creative energy that flows through you automatically and naturally, and requires a focus. It requires to build something, to form something, to create something. This creative energy that pulsates throughout your being has a power when you begin to focus it.
You can focus the creative energy with your thoughts, with your feelings and your intentions. Imagine that a thought is like a feather that you hold so lightly because you do not wish to crush it. It is the same when you are thinking, feeling or creating with the energy of creativity.
If you are a creator, you have the skills and the abilities to create something. If you have within your being, the creative energy, you have the fuel to manifest those creations.
Often this all occurs naturally, automatically, however you can bring your thought, your focus, your feelings of that which you wish to create, forward into your awareness, to merge with, to link with your ability as a creator and your creative energies.
We see a link connecting everything together. You are a creator. You have creative energy and your thoughts, or your feelings, or your intentions link both of these two energies and abilities together.
So, when you have an idea of that which you wish to experience, you recognise that you are accepting yourself as a creator with creative energy, and that that idea, which is the thought, or the feeling, or the sensation, is the link that connects the creator aspect of your being and the creative aspect of your being together.
When you begin to contemplate yourself in this way, you create connections and links that may have been broken through distrust, pain, or experiences that are unsettling or un-grounding.
You can also create new links. You can create a link by recognising how you wish to be as a creator. So, as a creator who can manifest things in your reality – within your physical body, your auric fields, your reality, your experiences – what kind of skills would you like?
You can also contemplate the creative energy that flows through you; the power. What kind of power or creative energy would you like to experience?
Only you can answer these questions because there is no right or wrong answer, but when you come to an understanding, for example, as a creator, you might wish to express the creative energy through your voice – through singing or sound – but feel unable to. You might want to experience the creative powerful energy of nourishment or enlightenment but feel unable to.
When you have some ideas of the creator abilities you wish to embody and the creative energy you wish to embody, you can then connect within your being.
You say to yourself, I now connect with the purest aspect of my soul. I make and create links to bring forth, from my soul, the creator energy or abilities of________, and the creative energy and power of _______. I invite these energies and abilities to link – to connect with my entire being, especially at a physical level. May these energies bring new thoughts, feelings and intuition into my being so I may create new links in my reality that allow me to prosper spiritually, physically, emotionally and to experience fulfillment.
Then simply sit and allow.
It is interesting to contemplate that, in order to embody an energy or an ability, there is a need to link with a certain aspect of your soul. It is also important to recognise that to bring something from your soul into your reality, there is a need for a link, a connection, to be made – almost like a pathway to be made to allow the energy to unfold.
So what pathways are you making? What links are you creating with your inner soul energy? What links and pathways are you creating from your soul into your physical body and your reality?
Even the manifestation is a link that has been created with a certain energy within your being, and maybe within the Universe of the Creator.
We, the Celestial White Beings, invite you to contemplate yourself as a creator; someone who creates things. We also invite you to contemplate yourself as a creative force – a powerful force – as well as someone who creates links; links within to the soul and links in your reality.
Links and connections – pathways to allow the energy to flow; the Creator’s energy – the powerful creative energy.
When you begin to recognise your reality in this way, new things open up and blossom allowing new experiences, or maybe fulfilling experiences.
We love you dearly.

We are the Celestial White Beings and we thank you.