How to Connect with the Unknown by the Andromedans

Greetings, beloved beings of light.
Greetings, beloved beings of light. We are the Andromedans, we extend our energy throughout the entire universe of the Creator, we are present to support your ascension and your spiritual evolution. We are here to assist you and you may ask of us in your own meditation time anything that you wish, for we are listening, and we are present to bring forth insights, understandings, and creations. 
Today, we wish to speak of the unknown. We are creating a momentum of energy, as guided by the Creator to support others in exploring the unknown vibrations of the Creator. Now, this may seem somewhat impossible. There are unknown vibrations of the Creator, these are vibrations and energies that we do not recognise or realise, and yet, they are constantly present, and create the whole and complete vibration of the Creator. 
We can recognise that the Creator is unknown. We recognise the truth of the Creator as formless, label-less, limitless and infinite. It can be challenging to describe the Creator in the ultimate truth. In your existence upon the Earth, you have a wonderful luxury because of your physical nature and because of your mind, you have the opportunity to describe the Creator, and this description of the Creator allows you to connect on a deeper level with the Creator. Your physical being and your mind cannot really fathom that the Creator is a formless, label-less, limitless and infinite. You have this moment in time where you can explore the Creator as love, truth, peace, joy, laughter, running, walking, and as sunshine. You have this beautiful ability and opportunity to recognise the multiple forms of the Creator or the multiple forms that the Creator can embody, it is important to take advantage of this and allow yourself to recognise the multiple forms of the Creator, not only within your being, but within the reality around you. As you recognise all the multiple forms of the Creator and the different, diverse ways that the Creator manifests, you begin to experience the fullness of the Creator. You awaken different and diverse vibrations of the Creator within your being. In fact, some of these vibrations are unknown vibrations because you have not realised them before in this reality, or in another reality, and so, when you recognise all the multiple forms that the Creator manifests as you also activate from within you the formless, the label-less, the limitless, the infinite vibrations of the Creator, the unknown. You are more able to enter into that space of the unknown feeling comfortable. Recognising that the Creator does not have a name, that the Creator does not have a form and yet you have the ability to connect with the Creator and to experience the Creator fully. When this begins to happen and when you experience it, you have a wonderful opportunity because you can begin to ask that the unknown vibrations of your being that support your ascension are revealed to you and the unknown vibrations of the Creator that support your ascension are revealed to you. In doing so you will feel sense, and acknowledge new vibrations coming forth ,which will quicken your vibration, expand your mind and consciousness, and allow you to access a deeper understanding and a deeper connection with all that is the Creator. 
What do you discover when you connect with the unknown vibrations of the Creator? 
You discover truth because as you connect with these energies, you are connecting with the vibration that is beyond illusion, beyond mind, thought patterns or habits. You are connecting with the purity, the truth of the Creator, with an energy you might say that is beyond the world, the physical world, and supports the awakening of your essence, and a deeper understanding of your essence. It is a beautiful experience to allow this opportunity of the physical reality and recognising the numerous forms of the Creator within your being and your reality, allowing this to draw you closer to your explorations of the unknown. 

You may wonder why the Creator is encouraging us all to connect with the unknown vibrations of the Creator. This is because when you connect with the unknown vibrations of the Creator, especially when you are in a physical form, you dissolve, you disperse, you breakdown thought patterns, habitual thought patterns, repetitive thought patterns and thought patterns of Illusion that are holding your vibration in one space and hindering, the quickening of your vibration. Therefore, blocking your ascension. Accessing the unknown, not only fills your mind with a greater sense of freedom, liberation and new understandings but it liberates you from illusions and limitations created by you and created by humanity that no longer serve.

Imagine a thought pattern that has been passed on through generations and imagine that you think of something or someone in a certain way, or maybe you think of yourself in a certain way. This seems so natural to you, but what if it is simply a habit that has been passed down through the generations. If it is released, you then have the freedom to think from your essence, to view yourself as others and your reality from the essence of truth within your being, rather than the constraints of other people’s thought patterns. You may notice that some of your thought patterns, even the way you perceive yourself and others and your reality do not serve you and do not seem aligned to your truth you wish to bring forth. As you recognise the forms of the Creator, you activate the unknown Creator vibrations within your being. When you then take time to meditate consciously on the unknown vibrations of the Creator within your being you will begin to explore these unknown vibrations, receiving new insights and understandings. Thus, accepting a greater liberation which dissolves thought forms, judgments, opinions that no longer serve you, and offer to you a space of freedom and liberation for the essence, the truth of your being and the Creator to come forth.
We invite you to contemplate this to explore it, and to discover.

We are the Andromedans and we thank you. 

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