Creation of Balance by Sanat Kumara

Greetings, beloved brothers, and sisters of the light, I am Sanat Kumara.
Greetings, beloved brothers, and sisters of the light, I am Sanat Kumara. It is a joy to connect with your soul, to bring forth the light of the Creator and to be of service. I wish to share an insight, which may support you in creating balance within your reality, and within your being. Balance is one of your many purposes upon the Earth, to create balance within your being, to create balance between the inner planes and Mother Earth or the earthly reality, to create balance between yourself and another in relationships. There are many forms of balance that can be created. The most important balance is within your being. When we begin to speak of inner balance, we also recognise the presence of peace, contentment, fulfilment, and connection as these qualities can also create the vibration of balance. 
Why Is Balance Needed?
Balance allows you to be open, expansive and accepting, or receiving of all that is the Creator, while being in a grounded state connected to the divine. Balance allows you the freedom to exist as your spiritual self in the physical reality. It supports you in downloading pure consciousness into your mind, to serve your thoughts and inspire your understanding. When balance is present within your physical body resistance and blockages all begin to relax and dissipate, you allow yourself, emotions, mind, and soul to exist in harmony with your physical body and vice versa. This allows you to experience an existence of being divine in a physical body. When you are in a space of balance you are respecting not only yourself but everything and everyone around you. This respect allows for unity, and unification. An exchange of all that is the Creator. As we recognise the presence of balance and how it is needed within your reality, we then begin to think of how to create balance. There are many ways to create balance, an example is to connect with the presence of balance within your being, radiating balance into your body, auric field, and surroundings, imagining balance as a light frequency or vibration. 
The way I wish to bring forth balance is to encourage you to recognise balance, using your mind. Your mind is such a powerful source of creation. Your reality reflects the state of your mind. If you begin to seek balance with your thoughts, or to recognise that balance can be obtained in certain areas, you will begin to automatically unlock the balance quality of the Creator that is always there. Even in the most chaotic experiences, the balance of the Creator is always there, it simply needs to be recognised, and so you can create balance by recognising balance with your mind. 
You can allow your mind to think of what balance is and to begin to recognise it in your reality. You might recognise that one person feels very balanced, you may recognise that as you walk into nature, there is a sense of balance. You may realise that even within your own being, there is a sense of balance.  
Balance can manifest in many ways. You might recognise balance by recognising that in a situation there is peace but there is also chaos. There is tranquillity, but there is also activity. As you begin to contemplate, what balance is and try to find balance in the reality around you, and within your being, you will become more aware of balance. You will be activating balance in many ways, and therefore, you will be creating balance. 
The most powerful way to create balance, as I have said, is through your conscious thought forms so you may wish to repeat affirmations about balance. For example, if you are in a chaotic situation, you might say to yourself, ‘Even though this feels chaotic, I recognise the presence of balance.’ 
‘Even though I feel completely off-balance today, I recognise that there is a space of balance within my being, and I allow this to emerge.’ 
Even though it is hard to find balance at this moment, I know that balance is present.’ 
You might wish to affirm positively, ‘I am the presence of balance, all my experiences, and emanate the vibration of balance. ‘
When you begin to think with your mind creating balance, you will find yourself automatically, aligning with balance and all of your circumstances and experiences. When you seek, explore and contemplate balance as you go about your daily reality, not only do you understand within your being what balance is, you also begin to recognise it and experience it fully within your reality. I Sanat Kumara, invite you to activate your mind, to search for balance and to explore it, as well as to create it. Notice over a period of a week, how this impacts your being and your reality and how things begin to shift and transform because you will begin to create a momentum of balance, and this will gradually build to impact your being and your reality. 
I invite you to play, to explore, to enjoy. 

I am Sanat Kumara. I thank you.

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