Great Release by the Arcturians

Greetings, we are the Arcturians, we come forth as a collective energy.
We bring forth our light and advanced technologies that are embedded within our vibration, essence and frequency. We bring forth our love and truth so that you may draw upon our energy and support to guide and assist you through your ascension process.
It is important to realise that everything is quickening in this moment, time even though it is an illusion upon the Earth is quickening. The speed at which you evolve spiritually is quickening even the vibration of your body and being moves at a greater speed. When everything is quickening, this means that you are accelerating through your existence and your journey, especially upon the Earth, this can seem overwhelming. It may seem that you understand one aspect of your ascension and even before you have completed that aspect another aspect has come forth to be acknowledged. The speed at which you are obtaining your ascension is natural and it is appropriate. You will become accustomed to the quickening momentum of your energy vibration. However, there are stages and phases where you get used to and become accustomed to the vibration. In these stages, sometimes your body and being, even your mind and emotions can experience some stress. You may feel that there is a blockage in the energies that you are releasing and that you cannot release vibrations, wounds, perspectives quick enough to keep up with the speed of your vibration. This can create confusion and stress, it is important to focus upon releasing energies that no longer serve you. If you have been experiencing your spiritual evolution for some time you will know that the process of releasing is integral and that it is a continuous process in your everyday life. The process of releasing unneeded energies seems like a very basic thing to encourage, almost like saying it is important to focus on cleaning your teeth.We, the Arcturians wish to encourage you to release with the energy and perspective of simplicity.
First of all, can you imagine that your spiritual evolution and ascension was simple. Imagine you can understand every aspect of your journey and pathway forward and it was so simple that you did not even need to contemplate it. It simply was, it simply happened.
Imagine existing as the vibration of simplicity, even within your spiritual evolution.
The vibration of simplicity is immensely important to draw your focus back to because it holds a knowingness. The vibration of simplicity states I know, and I understand what I am doing or what I am being or creating. This brings forth a faith, a confidence, a grounding. It is so beautiful to imagine that you are experiencing your spiritual evolution with the vibration of simplicity and that you know and understand everything that you need to. When you align with this vibration, you become the vibration and frequency of simplicity. With simplicity, the process of releasing and letting go of unneeded energies becomes immensely easy. Therefore, all the stress, all the confusion is let go of and you are made aware of what is important.
What is important for you to create? What is important for you to let go of?
Everything in your reality and being become aligned, aligned with who you are, what you wish to create and with the Creator. With the vibration of simplicity, we can contemplate further the process of releasing.
We the Arcturians wish to bring forth a very simple technique.
We wish for you to imagine, sense, acknowledge, everything that requires to be released. You may understand aspects, habits, perspectives that are required to be released, or you may not. Imagine these energies that need to be released as tension, stress, and confusion. We the Arcturians invite you to tense your body and being as much as you can, If it is possible, continue to breathe as you hold the tension, realising that this is the stress, the confusion, the blockages, the wounds, everything that needs to be released. When you are ready on the exhalation, simply allow your body and your being to relax and each time you exhale deeply create an even deeper relaxation, especially within your body and all parts of your body.
Once you feel that you are deeply relaxed, then bring your attention to the tension once more. Tense your body and your being once more and when you feel ready, only when you feel ready on the next exhalation you relax your body, and continue to do that on each exhalation.
Return to tense in your body once more and continue this cycle, until you invite your body and your being to hold the tension and release that your body and being still feel relaxed. You will recognise that the tension and more importantly the unneeded energies have been released. This is a very powerful way to release energy, especially energies that you are aware of and those that you are unaware of. When you go to tense your body, you may find that your body does tense even after you have released, this is because you are giving a command to your body. It will not hold the same energy or impact and it will just feel as if you are tensing your body and nothing else.
We the Arcturians are devoted to the ascension of all beings and so, we wish to encourage you to achieve this simple practice which we know as the Great Release for all humanity, Mother Earth and all beings. When you are ready, you can call us forth, the Arcturians to support you in this as it is not appropriate to achieve this on behalf of all beings on your own. State that you wish to achieve the Great Release on behalf of all beings to aid the ascension. As you state this, you imagine that you are embracing all beings, all aspects of the Earth. You become all beings, all aspects of the Earth. You are not taking on the energy; you are just connecting with it. Tense your being and then when you are ready and only when you are ready on the exhalation release, relax, let it all go and continue this process until it is achieved, until you feel the process is complete.
You may find that you wish to focus on a certain topic or subject connected to the world as this may be easier. It is important to give time to this if you wish to achieve it on behalf of the world.
This is known as the Great Release with the vibration of simplicity and guided by the Arcturians.
It is an honour to serve you and to support you through your ascension.
We thank you,

We are the Arcturians

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