Cleansing Residue Energies by the Crystalline Consciousness

Greetings beloved beings of light. 
Greetings beloved beings of light. We are the Crystalline Consciousness. We are the spirit, the soul, the essence on the inner planes of crystals, that you experience upon the earth. We are a collective consciousness. We come forth today with rainbow light, but specifically with violet light. Our purpose is to cleanse. We wish to cleanse residue energies from your being. 
You may wonder what residue energies means. We are speaking of the energies that no longer serve you; the thoughts, the emotions that no longer serve you. We are speaking of scars or energies, blocks that have been left behind after a wound has been healed. We are speaking of roots that get into your being from different experiences – even from different connections and relationships that no longer serve you. There may even be roots from other lifetimes that you simply don’t need in your current reality. When we speak of residue energies, we are also speaking of negative energies that have been collected within your being, from your outside environment; negative impacts from food, or water, or drinks that you consume. We are speaking of blocks, limitations, baggage that maybe you are choosing to carry with you, but it is simply not needed anymore. Sometimes you can have imprints from certain relationships or lifetimes or experiences, there can be an imprint that remains, even within the cells of your being. You might wish to take a moment to ask/acknowledge/understand or become aware of any residue energies within your being that are no longer required.  
In truth, all residue energies are no longer required. There is not necessarily a need to understand the residue energies, there is simply a need for the intention to cleanse and clear. It is like cleansing the dirt and the dust within your being, your auric field and your cells. This can even take place within organs and aspects of the physical body.  
Now we, the Crystalline Consciousness, are powerful cleansers, and we invite you to call upon our rainbow and violet light to flow over and through your being, with the purpose of cleansing residue energies that are no longer required. You might wish to achieve this when you are close to water, in the shower or a bath, or even if you simply have your feet placed in water. The water energy and spirits support the cleansing process and work beautifully with our energies. As you open to allow us to flow through your being and achieve with you, all that is necessary, you may simply relax and enjoy the process.
You can imagine a rainbow of violet light flowing over and through your being.  Be aware of any insights, memories, understandings, even aches or pains that come about, and if they do come about, direct our energy to them to support a deeper cleansing. 
This is something that can be achieved once a month to support your vibration in remaining high, clear and pure.  It can also be achieved after a traumatic experience, or after upset of any form.  
The outcome of this is that those residue energies will no longer impact your being. It is as if you’re no longer carrying grit or grime around with you and so you create from purer vibrations of your being, rather than from the residue energies. It also means that you might find meditating easier, focusing easier, putting manifestations into action, and creations – all easier and more flowing. You might find your body is more vibrant and bright, your emotions more settled and your mind more peaceful.  
We encourage you to work with us, at this time, to experience a deep cleansing.  It is often that we cleanse things that you didn’t even know were present.  
We encourage you to work with us, at this time, to experience a deep cleansing.  It is often that we cleanse things that you didn’t even know were present.  
We love you dearly.  

We are the Crystalline Kingdom and Consciousness, and we thank you.  

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  1. Thank you felt the loving flow of this channel.As is the way of synchronicity I am in the perfect place to work with water spirits.Holidaying by the ocean. (Sunshine Coast QLD. Australia.)Looking forward to truly cleansing in the coming days surrounded by sparkling nature. Love 💕 to all.

  2. Thank you for this channeling. Every channeling you do seems to come exactly at the right time. This one hit the spot. I was stuck and this channeling and a hot tub of water did the trick.

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