Remembering & Embodying the Creator Qualities by Sanat Kumara

Greetings, beloved beings of the Earth, I am Sanat Kumara. 
Greetings, beloved beings of the Earth, I am Sanat Kumara. What a joy it is to be in your presence today. I wish to share with you an insight and understanding that supports you in gaining greater Creator embodiment, and recognising Creator qualities within your being that can serve you in your ascension, your healing and your transformation.
I invite you to begin to look around, look at other people, other animals, beings, plants, trees, even buildings. Everything that exists within your reality. Recognise as you observe what you like or are attracted to in your surroundings. You may find yourself attracted to a certain person who has a certain quality, maybe they are immensely enthusiastic or tremendously peaceful. When you are with them, you yourself feel positive and uplifted. As you begin to become aware of people, animals, beings, even buildings that you are attracted to. You begin to recognise the Creator qualities that you are longing for or that require to be activated within your being and embodied.
You may find that you like certain foods, certain colours, certain music, certain pictures. As you recognise that you like or are attracted to certain things in your reality, take time to contemplate what they are conveying to you? Which quality of the Creator is coming forth and is making itself known to you? Which Creator qualities are you seeking? Seeking to embody may be without even knowing. As you begin to recognise the Creator qualities, you can become aware that these qualities already exist within your being. It is only a matter of remembrance and activating. The qualities of the Creator exists within your being because you are one with the Creator and you exist in oneness and unity with all beings. Therefore, it is as if everyone and everything around you is a mirror.
We can also look at this in a reverse way, maybe there are qualities within your surroundings within people that you dislike. It is most likely that these energies or qualities are within your own being and that require your attention and your healing. It may be that these negative or irritating qualities are actually buried very deep within your being. So, you don’t even recognise them on a daily basis, but you see them in others. Everything around you becomes a mirror to look within. It also allows you to recognise the great oneness and unity that is the Creator and that you are a part of and you hold within your being. Meaning that you can access all aspects of the Creator, there are no limitations or boundaries, there is only expansion and connection. Especially when working with the Creator’s vibration. Once you have recognised a Creator quality outside of you, being mirrored to you, one that you wish to remember and embody. Then there is simply a need to create an intention and your intention can be.
I experience a reality of oneness with the Creator.
  I have recognised the quality of………..
I now wish to embody and remember this sacred Creator quality within my own being. I invite my soul, my guides and the Creator to work with me, to show me the same quality within my own being. Thank You.  
Allow yourself to go within your being bringing the attention of your third eye into your being.
Repeat the quality over and over in your mind, and let yourself be drawn to that quality within your own being.
When you discover this quality, whether it is peace, love, truth, excitement, grace, whatever it may be, give and generate your love to the quality within your being to nurture the quality so that the quality becomes so filled with love.
Allow it to expand to fill your entire being and every cell of your physical body. Allow yourself time to sit with this quality, to explore it, to share it with those around you. Let yourself be generous with this quality. Let yourself create this quality in your reality and within the realities of others or within your environment. As you are generous with this quality so, you will embody and remember more of this quality, it may have wisdom or knowledge to share with you. It may create activations or healings within your being. You can achieve this throughout your day. However, allow each integration and activation of a sacred quality from the Creator within your being to be a sacred and momentous occasion. If you are activating numerous Creator qualities, you may not receive the full remembrance, embodiment and benefits that are available to you.
I wish to offer examples of recognising the Creator’s qualities within others and your surroundings. You might see a tree maybe it is deeply rooted into the Earth. It feels strong, grounded and majestic. You could activate the same within your own being, the quality that you are recognising within the tree. Maybe you see a cat that is walking and you recognise the grace within the cat and you wish for the same grace within your own being. Maybe you see a child with great vitality and energy and you wish for the same in your reality. You might recognise a colour that speaks to you of tranquillity and smoothness.
The Creator is everywhere and in everything, you have the opportunity to recognise the Creator, to recognise your oneness with the Creator and to activate and remember Creator qualities within your own being that support your fulfilment and truly supports you in your ascension process.
Thank you for your presence and for your attention. My love is with you always.

I am Sanat Kumara