Creator’s Intentions by Archangel Michael

Deep blessings I, Archangel Michael, extend to your being as I come forth with the Angelic Kingdom to embrace you in love, peace and grace.
Deep blessings I, Archangel Michael, extend to your being as I come forth with the Angelic Kingdom to embrace you in love, peace and grace. Today I wish to speak of the Creator’s intentions. 
I first wish to remind you that everything that you are is born from the Creator – a source that is label-less, nameless, formless and in truth, cannot be described and yet, throughout the entire Universe of the Creator and your earthly reality, we see/sense and acknowledge expressions of the Creator in every moment – beautiful expressions – creative expressions. 
Each expression allows us to explore, to integrate with and to understand the Creator more fully. We recognise ourselves as the Creator and our goal is to remember that oneness that we hold with the Creator, as well as ourselves, as a source that is label-less, nameless, formless and in truth, cannot be described. And yet it is infinite, limitless, beautiful, powerful, and holds a direction and intention for growth and evolution.  
As you remember your oneness with the Creator, you realise that every part of your body and being is naturally at one; united and in unison with the Creator. This acknowledgment begins to change and shift your own perspective of yourself, as well as your perspective of your surroundings. You realise that every action that you take, every thought and every experience, is an opportunity for you to express and explore the Creator more fully – as well as uniting in oneness with the Creator – thus gaining a deeper remembrance of all that is the Creator. 
When you begin to recognise yourself in this way, it allows you to realise how in synch you are with the Creator, with higher aspects of your being, with your body, your surroundings and other souls. There is a similarity between yourself and others that is such a sacred and pure truth. When the essence of the Creator is emanating from your being and is being allowed to be expressive and creative, you glow with radiance, with truth, with clarity, knowingness, grounding and understanding.
I, Archangel Michael, wish to invite you to focus your time upon blending your energy with the Creator. In recognising and remembering your oneness with the Creator. There are many ways that this can be explored. You may already hold a deep connection with the Creator and be able to bring the Creator’s energy forth through your being. If not, then ask within, during meditation or quiet time, to seek the essence, the truth of your being that is the essence and truth of the Creator. 
As you ask of this, seek/search within you for an inspirational moment – a light, a colour, a sensation or quality that connects you to the essence of Creator. Then nurture this with your breath, allowing the radiance of the Creator to fill your entire being. You may also ask to experience complete oneness with the Creator.
When you are experiencing oneness with the Creator, or are able to connect with the energy and vibration of the Creator within your being, then I, Archangel Michael, invite you to ask and seek for the Creator’s intention within your being. This means the Creator has an intention for you as an expression of the Creator. This intention can be delivered through you. The intention is beyond limitations and boundaries, beyond beliefs and blocks.  It is beyond your expectations and everything that you know, and even don’t know. It is beyond that which you wish and desire for your reality or your ascension. The Creator’s intention is a pure expression that is uniquely for you and is unique for you to express. It will bring forth the purity of the Creator into your being and your reality. It may bring forth understanding and enlightenment. It will invite you to create an action or an experience in your reality that, when you achieve this, you know you are acting out the Creator’s intention and it will serve you at a higher level, and in truth, it will serve your entire being. However, it may not necessarily be what you expect or wanted. It will be something that nurtures you, nourishes your being and your soul, and supports a greater unification with the Creator. 
Imagine if every being on the Earth united their energy consciously with the Creator and asked to receive the Creator’s intention for their unique expression and existence upon the Earth, and then they express that intention in a way that was appropriate, in an action or an experience. Imagine the high vibrations that would be anchored and grounded into the Earth and the atmosphere, into every being. There would be such an update and ascension within every being as well as a great fountain of enlightenment. 
Imagine that you achieve this every day or maybe once a week – you are bringing forth the oneness of the Creator into your physical reality. You are achieving a service that is your divine right but is also your purpose – a service for yourself and others that is immensely healing that aligns your being and supports limitations in flowing away. This is a unity and a oneness with the Creator, a relationship that you can build and allow to develop, to serve your ascension and to serve the purpose of the Creator. It is your divine right to be in oneness with the Creator and to allow that oneness to flow through your being as an expression, an action and an experience. 
Enjoy this process of exploration, creativity and discovery, for it is time to strengthen and realise your connection with the Creator more fully.

I, Archangel Michael, am present with you to support you. 

I thank you. I am Archangel Michael.